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  • Prostatitis is an inflammatory lesion of the prostate gland in men that significantly impairs the quality of life.
    9 November 2021
  • How does prostatitis manifest itself in men? The main signs of the disease, the initial and subsequent symptoms.
    29 December 2020
  • The most effective remedies for prostatitis: types of drugs and features of their use.
    20 November 2020
  • Correction of nutrition and dietary rules for prostatitis in men: healthy and unhealthy foods, an approximate menu for the day.
    4 October 2020
  • The treatment of male impotence at an the development stage of the problem gives quite effective results. The most important thing is to follow the recommendations of your doctor, strictly observe the technology of preparation of each recipe and their dosage.
    4 April 2019
  • The main property of the male body is the power. How to keep the virility: natural medicines and remedies.
    28 March 2019
  • This article is devoted to one of the methods of prevention of this disease as prostatitis. This method is the prevention of prostatitis in men.
    2 November 2018