The prevention of prostatitis in men: the basic exercises

As is known, prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, is the most dangerous effect on the health of men have effects of the disease, and not the possible symptoms. On the average of the data, in recent years, the disease has increased by half, and now most at risk are not only men 50 years of age, but twenty years of age the young man. Therefore, need regular prevention of prostatitis and the use of a doctor for advice.


The prevention of prostatitis in men at the present time is a necessary procedure, because almost half of boys are exposed to this disease. It is for this reason, every young man and man must be verified for the purposes of prevention.

The symptoms and the causes of the disease

First sentence to understand the symptoms and the causes of the onset of this disease, and then to speak of the work of prevention.

There are the symptoms of the prostatitis:

  1. The violation of the functioning of the urinary system, sexual function, strong irritability and anxiety.
  2. The acute form of prostatitis is caused by the presence of high temperature, chills or melting in the heat. Occurs a swelling of the thyroid gland, which leads to fix and painful to urinate.
  3. The chronic form of prostatitis occurs without visible symptoms. If the harmful effects can occur in a worsening of the disease.

There are several causes of the formation of prostatitis:

  1. The appearance of infections, the causes of the urethra and passing in the prostate. They include cytomegalovirus, mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Activity of working, where you always sit (for example, a secretary, a driver, a bank employee, doctor, civil servant).
  3. The long absence of sex, unfinished business of the sexual act.
  4. Permanent cooling, in particular those who are engaged in extreme sports.
  5. The failure of hormonal level.
  6. Physical fatigue, psychological depressions.
  7. Decrease of the immunity.
  8. Not a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements in the body of a man.

The reasons above do not focus on the fact that the employee of the bank or of the amateur diving suffer from an inflammation of the prostate. They just have the penalty to reflect and to consult a doctor in order to prevent at least once per year.

The steps of the prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostatitis in men conditionally consists of two phases, each of which is important for full health of sex:

  • Primary. The period in which the main task is to prevent the occurrence of the disease in those who are not sick. Reflect on this question goes for all men of thirty years.
  • Secondary. Step, in which you must think of someone affected by this problem. The main task of secondary prevention of pass of the action, excluding the re-development of the inflammation or prevent the passage to the chronic state.
symptoms of prostatitis

In the medical terminology often use the expression, the risk of inflammatory diseases of the breast, it is in particular for the following jobs:

  • The office employees and the bank.
  • People whose work is related to the humidity of the air.
  • Truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and tram.
  • Workers whose employment relationship is subject to frequent cold.

The primary prevention of prostatitis in men involves a good nutrition, diet, sleep, occupation, sport activities or grammar exercises, frequent stay in the open air. Also daily sexual activities with a single partner is one of the methods of protection of the disease of the prostate. The doctors are convinced, the prevention of prostatitis – a healthy lifestyle as the best way. Many representatives of the stronger sex prefer a sedentary way of life or there are those who have had to constantly is in such a situation, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting prostate disease. This is why it is necessary to think about the consequences and begin to perform exercises for the prevention of prostatitis. With their help, is driven by the flow of blood and headed towards the problem area, which improves the muscle tone within.

Prevention activities under the name of Kegel exercises have been designed and developed for women after childbirth. But as it turned out, then for many men, they have become indispensable in the process. The essence consists in a training of the muscles of the anus. For the essence is clear, you can do some exercise during the process of urination. To retard the flow for a few seconds and relax, then repeat the procedure without the relationship with the urine. For the positive effect is worth to perform exercises with the interval:

  • The first-day, seven-make 5 approaches 10 contractions.
  • The following weeks, increase the load up to 150 cuts per day. The holding of such an event does not need additional training to begin, you can at any time and anywhere.

A few exercises for the prevention of prostatitis in need of space and the special provision. Here are the most common examples of sporting events:

  1. Take a position, based on the right leg. The left foot to produce a hundred broad stroke. The same with the other leg.
  2. Dressed in sports clothes, who does not give a movement and started the high jump. The number of not less than 100 times.
  3. Stand straight, feet set shoulder-width apart and reproduce the slopes to the right and to the left 15 times.
  4. Lying on back, raise straight legs and run "birch". Then, from this position perform the activity "cycling".
  5. A similar provision, lying on the back, on the queue to move the legs towards the belly, and take them in different directions.
  6. Take a deep breath, then exhale and hold his breath for about ten seconds.
  7. Take a sitting position, legs extended in the knees. Try hands to reach out to the toes.
  8. With the help of the ball through the ground, making the use of the hand.
  9. Lie on your back, legs up and perform the cross-motion.
  10. Before sleeping, take a shower, 30 seconds of use hot water, 15 seconds, cold.

These exercises are not performed solely for the purposes of prevention of prostatitis, but also to strengthen the general state of men.

The secondary prevention of prostatitis among the representatives of the stronger sex consists of the following activities:

  1. The use of medication prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Visits required specialist, irrespective of the onset of symptoms.
  3. After treatment, the patient is observed in the urologist time in three months, then every six months.
  4. Each young person who has reached the age of 40 years, is the procedure for ultrasound of the prostate.

Your doctor may recommend that you apply to the traditional medicine. Namely, the adding in the diet of most of the walnuts, honey, persil, dried fruit, meat, fish, apples, and other foods rich in vitamins and trace elements.


Is not to the hypothermia, stress, excessive exercise, without sexual contact with the different companions, you should compose your daily routine, a healthy lifestyle, the time to visit a clinic and then not of prostatitis will not prevent to live and enjoy life.