The most effective drug of prostatitis in men

The men outside of the age are exposed to many diseases, one of the most serious, strenuous, and painful, it is the inflammation of the prostate, prostatitis. The main treatment is an effective treatment of prostatitis. Necessary when the first symptoms of the inflammation that you consult a urologist to define the stage of the disease and its cause, has appointed the necessary treatment.

what is prostatitis

What is prostatitis

Prostatitis is a purely male disease, the inflammation of the prostate. Diseases of the prostate suffers from eight percent of the male population, pharmacists have always in the pharmacies of the availability of effective drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. The us national institute of health has divided the disease to four main stages: acute, chronic bacterial, chronic (persistent pain in the pelvic area), and asymptomatic prostatitis. Prostatitis, often accompanies diseases such as vesiculitis, and urethritis, and older men can be the education of the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Non-infectious prostatitis

This kind of disease is the most common. It may be submitted to men of their low immunity. Non-infectious prostatitis may be the result of hypothermia, sedentary, and a sedentary life occur during the reduction of the physical activity, the result of the long abstinence from sexual intercourse or, on the contrary, excessive sexual activity. Alcohol is also a source of promoting inflammation of the prostate. An effective remedy against the prostatitis in men with non-communicable diseases in, appoint a doctor, and himself the man for the prevention should avoid going out in the winter without pants, in the position to conduct a sexual life, not to abuse alcohol, the gym.

Fight against infections of the prostate

This type of prostatitis more often contributes to the disease, which are sexually transmitted. This is a variety of viruses, microbes, bacteria. Also guilty of the infection can become a long process of inflammation in the men of the other organs of the is of the sinusitis, tonsillitis and pathology of the kidneys. Need time to begin treatment of prostatitis. The most effective medication against this disease must be taken with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory means. If the prostate has become a consequence of infection through sex, then you need treatment in collaboration with a partner, in order to avoid reinfection. An effective remedy for prostatitis infectious prevention and safety. Treat any inflammation at the time, hold the of a sexual partner, use the tools of prevention. This is the best way to avoid the disease.

Symptoms of prostatitis

Frequent urination, painful or uncomfortable - the first sign of prostatitis. Accompanied by the sensation that the bladder is not completely empty, in the lower abdomen appears the pain and pain. If, at the time of ejaculation there is pain in the rectum, it is also a symptom of an inflammation of the prostate. Can also be a weak erection, loss of sexual desire and closeness. The sick men prostatitis, nervousness, anxiety. This inflammation may be chills, fever, increased sweating. If you have manifested at least one symptom, do not pull, go to the doctor. The disease itself will not disappear, the need for an effective remedy against the prostatitis already on the early stages.

the medication of prostatitis

Remedies for prostatitis

Many doctors advise the men to treat prostatitis is not only drugs, but also to apply traditional methods. The most effective drug of prostatitis will be much more effective, if the help in the fight against the disease with the help of Granny recipes. To use one or the other method, consult a doctor, in order not to hurt.

An effective remedy for prostatitis the pharmacy

To heal the inflammation of the prostate, you need to honestly undergo a full course, as prescribed by the doctor. An effective remedy against the chronic prostatitis or customary must include many elements. It is the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory medicines (drugs of prostatitis necessarily contains an antibiotic, but the doctor may prescribe additional injections), medications, care of relaxation of the musculature of the prostate, pain killers. During the treatment, you must avoid alcohol, avoid cold and currents of air, to abstain from sex during the course.


Many are wondering what are an effective remedy for prostatitis buy. The doctor, the writing of the recipe, may prescribe costly drugs that may not be affordable. Then, you can use alpha-blockers are drugs that help relax the muscles of the prostate gland, eliminate pain, facilitate urination. The effect of the drug is intended only to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms but does not cure the prostatitis.

Also need to buy anti-spasmodics. These pills are very strong, fast, has an analgesic effect.

The muscle relaxants

Their worth buy to relieve pain in the perineal area. They are aimed at relaxation of the muscles, the urethra and the bladder. With their help, the pain become smaller, and voiding easier. This is not a must, but to help you cope with the disease more easily, just spend the money and buy it.

the year when the prostatitis

Herbal preparations for the treatment of prostatitis

In pharmacies, there are many medications of prostatitis herbal treatment is approximately one month with a good reception. Read the instructions carefully before starting the treatment. In any case, do not exceed the dose.

If you can't buy a loan based on plants, herbs, you can buy in pharmacies individually, prepare for the basis of decoctions and infusions at home. Advise the good herbs, the roots and the bumps help you with a doctor and a pharmacist, herbs are sold freely, without the need of the prescription from your doctor. The most powerful decoction for the treatment of prostatitis is a decoction of the flowers of tansy, wormwood, succession, yarrow, leaves of st. john's wort, root of elecampane and hop cones. You can add the celandine, nettle leaves, raspberry and cranberry. All the components are taken in equal parts, grind in the dough. Four or five tablespoons of the mixture, pour a liter of boiling water, leave overnight. Drain, drink a third cup three times a day, for six months. More effective will accept medication, do not rely solely on the grass.

The recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of prostatitis

The simplest way to get rid of prostatitis known our grandparents, because their time was not ready drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer. They had to invent its methods, drawing on centuries-old traditions and skills of their ancestors. And indeed, all living and in good health, have been, could cope with this disease.

The first recipe is the most simple: half a kilo of pumpkin seeds, pass through a meat grinder with the skin, add two hundred grams of honey, knead the dough. From this chews need to make small balls, measuring not over dried fruit, the remove in the cold for forty minutes. Before each meal, about a half-hour, eat a ball. It takes very well and chew slowly and swallow. This test enough for the whole course of treatment - it is the strongest popular drug of the manufacture for the treatment of prostatitis.

Honey candles for the treatment of prostatitis: the half raw egg mixed with a teaspoon of honey, add the rye flour, to obtain a paste. This mass of rolling an inch of the stick of the candle. Store it in the freezer, each morning and each evening, after having gone to the toilet, insert a candle into the anus. Be treated by the method of prostatitis in a month. Through a week of break repeat rate.

The persil of prostatitis: seeds of persil to the number of four coffee spoons, pour a glass of boiling water, put on a small fire, boil for fifteen minutes. Once the broth has cooled, strain and take before eating a tablespoon of broth, up to six times per day. This treatment is continued during the week, this time is sufficient. In addition to the treatment of prostatitis this broth promotes the recovery of the strength of the men, even in old age!

folk of the grass at the prostatitis

Brown shell with spikes need to be cut, take three tablespoons and pour half a liter of boiling water, infuse all night, in the morning, drain and the bath water evaporate the broth up to two hundred grams. Take thirty drops, three times per day, on an empty stomach. When the broth is finished - a break of a month, repeat the treatment.

Hazel will help you to deal with the prostatitis: ten strands of hazelnut directly with the leaves to put in enamels, pour water so that the branches hidden. Bring to a boil and cook twenty minutes. Insist decoction before it will acquire a reddish hue, and put it on the fire. When the broth is hot, drain and pour into a bowl, put in a bain-marie. Breathing the fumes from this broth of fifteen minutes, every day. The week of these inhalations will be sufficient for prostatitis is past.