Methods of treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

causes of prostatitis in men

Most diseases that affect the human body develop against the background of improper lifestyles we lead.

Try to change your habits, turn to the gifts of nature.

Beekeeping products, medicinal herbs and plants are often chosen for the treatment of prostatitis.

Prostatitis and its symptoms

Although there are many reasons for its development, the onset of the disease results from a lack of movement. With a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, blood stagnation occurs in the pelvic organs, microcirculation in the organs and muscles of the lower body of a man is disturbed. Stagnant blood becomes a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms, when pathogenic microorganisms enter the human body through the urinary system, inflammation begins to develop.

The symptoms of prostatitis are familiar to almost all men over the age of fifty. This:

  • urination disorder;
  • pain when going to the toilet;
  • aching pain in the lower abdomen;
  • violation of ejaculation;
  • decreased libido.

Many men are ashamed of the problem that has arisen, they consider it natural for their age and do not rush to see a specialist. This leads to a deterioration in health, the transition of the disease to a chronic form and the appearance of serious complications.

Prostatitis is a rather dangerous disease that can cause prostate adenoma and even prostate cancer.

If the unpleasant symptoms worsen over time, you can resort to the experience of traditional medicine. Folk remedies for prostatitis are time-tested and will not harm, however, before using them, it is necessary to consult a doctor in any case.

Physical education is the first remedy for male diseases

It is necessary to eliminate stagnation of blood in the small pelvis. For prostatitis and prostate adenoma, ordinary squats will help.

physical education as a method of treatment of prostatitis

But if the inflammation of the prostate gland is caused by bacteria, that is, pathogenic microflora, exercise alone will not be enough.

Squats should be done correctly. To do this, put your legs wider than your shoulders, raise your arms and do a deep squat. In this case, the buttocks should drop below the knees. Breathing also plays an important role: when you exhale, you have to go down and when you inhale, go up.

One hundred squats is the minimum to start. As soon as the muscles are strengthened, the number of squats should be increased or different approaches should be performed.

Scissors and lying leg lift are effective in treating blood stasis. Such classes start 20 times and run up to 50.

If the disease is recent, such physical activity will cure the disease without medication.

Antibiotics for bacterial inflammation

Doctors usually prescribe complex drugs. Medicines have been known for decades and help in cases where other therapies are powerless.

Honey and bee products

Treatment of chronic inflammation by folk methods is also possible, and honey helps best at this stage of the disease. This healing product complements drug therapy, supports the body when taking antibiotics, improves immunity and heals the body.

The only contraindication to such treatment is an allergy to bee products, diabetes mellitus: they can cause severe reactions, even cause the patient's death.

Honey must be natural, linden or herbal. For treatment, you will need at least ten kilograms of product.

How to treat prostatitis with honey? The daily dose ranges from 100 to 200 grams.

Traditional herbal remedies, which can also be supplemented with honey, help against prostatitis

It is best to eat "bitter" honey with tea. It will take several days for the symptoms of the disease to begin to disappear.

First, the urination problems disappear, then the pain subsides. But although the signs of the disease disappear, the treatment must be completed and therefore honey must be introduced into the daily diet. For prevention, 1 teaspoon of honey per day is enough.

Folk recipes based on medicinal herbs that can be supplemented with the help of honey from prostatitis. At the end of the medical course, you can consolidate the results obtained with honey and celandine.

A decoction of celandine is prepared like this:

  1. 3 tbsp. L. dried herbs are poured into 0. 7 liters of boiling water, put in a water bath and simmer for about a quarter of an hour.
  2. Allow to cool at room temperature to 50-55 degrees and filter, eliminating the remnants of the herb.
  3. 0, 5 kg of natural honey are dissolved in the resulting liquid.
herbal decoctions for the treatment of prostatitis

Such treatment with alternative methods gives good and lasting results only if the patient has completed the entire course and adhered to all the rules of therapy

The resulting drink is poured into a glass container and kept cold. Take it three times a day, one tablespoon before meals. Such treatment has limitations: complete refusal of alcoholic beverages and drugs.

This prostatitis treatment should be supplemented with oatmeal. You need to drink it three times a day, regardless of the food in a glass. The broth is taken according to the scheme: 5 days of treatment and 2 days off for two months.

During this therapy, intense physical exertion of the pelvic floor muscles and massage of the prostate gland are prohibited. You can jog, swim and walk.

Treatment with alternative methods gives good and lasting results if the patient has completed the entire course. An improvement in well-being occurs within 7-10 days, and after two weeks the symptoms of the disease completely disappear.

According to the patients, this therapy also cured those men who, apart from surgery, could not help.

Pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

The basis of pumpkin seeds is zinc, which is essential for male health. The first way is to eat 30 seeds each before dinner. This quantity of seeds contains the daily dose of the trace element.

You can combine the seeds with another healing product - honey. To do this, 0. 5 kg of seeds (fresh, not fried) are peeled, ground in a blender or meat grinder and mixed with 200 g of beekeeping product. Bean-shaped balls are rolled from the mixture and placed in the refrigerator. Some are left at room temperature, replenished daily, to keep the balls warm. Such "grain" is eaten every day 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

The pumpkin honey ball should not be swallowed immediately, it should be chewed slowly and kept in the mouth for several minutes.

The course of treatment is unlimited. The effect of such treatment is persistent, long-term, therefore it is recommended to carry out this therapy once a year. Better to do it in the fall.

Trees protect human health

hazelnut for the treatment of prostatitis in men

The infusion of hazelnuts will also help to overcome prostatitis. For the broth you need the hazelnut bark or its dried leaves. These components can be used alternately, so they complement each other with useful substances.

For the infusion you need 30 grams of dried bark or leaves, pour 200 ml of boiling water. If the leaves are prepared, then the drink must be infused for 30 minutes, for the bark it will take at least an hour. The drink is filtered through gauze and drunk in four doses throughout the day. The leaves should be taken fresh each time, and the bark can be brewed 3-4 times. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.

Aspen gives a good effect in the fight against prostatitis.

To prepare the tincture, you need 3 tbsp. bark. It is folded into a glass container, 0, 2 liters of vodka are poured so that the liquid completely covers the bark. The container is hermetically sealed with a lid and removed from sunlight for 14 days. Then the tincture is filtered and placed again in a glass vessel.

It is necessary to take the diluted infusion: 20 drops of the medicinal liquid are mixed with 2 tbsp. spoons of water or unsweetened tea and drink before meals three times a day. The prepared amount of tincture is sufficient for the entire course of treatment, which usually lasts about three months.

Medicinal herbs for prostatitis

How to cure chronic or advanced prostatitis? Absinthe copes with any inflammatory process, regardless of the reason that caused them. It is effective for the bacterial nature of the disease, fungal and pyogenic infections.

Only 100 grams of finished dry product are required for treatment. Dried stems need to be kneaded with your hands, grind them into a fine powder. The resulting mixture is sieved through a sieve, divided into two parts: the finest powder will be consumed inside dry, from the larger particles it will be necessary to prepare an infusion, which serves to irrigate the urethra.

The disadvantage of this treatment is the bitter taste of the herb. These bitter components combine with the juice of the digestive system, helping to destroy the pathogenic microflora and purifying its remains.

This herb successfully treats any inflammatory process, regardless of the cause

treatment of prostatitis with wormwood

Swallow a pinch of sifted powder for three days. In the mouth it is combined with saliva, then washed down with water or unsweetened tea. Such techniques are performed every two hours during the day, even at night. Then take a break for four days, after which you can use wormwood powder again, but already 5-6 times a day.

Oral administration is complemented by washing the anus and urethra every evening. An enema is prepared on the basis of the largest particles of weed left after the sieve. A teaspoon of herb is mixed with 1 liter of boiling water, covered with a lid and left to cool to 40 degrees. The resulting infusion is cleaned of the remnants of the herb. 50 ml of liquid is injected into the anus, another 50 ml into the urethra.

Injections into the urethra are performed as follows: the tip of a syringe of the smallest diameter is pressed firmly against the opening in the head of the penis and sharply squeezed the bulb of the instrument. Too hot temperature will damage the mucous membrane of internal organs, too cold - will have no effect.

A dark yellow or brown discharge will appear within a few days from the urethra. This is how stagnant pus comes out, the main companion of chronic prostatitis. Washes are done within a week or until the infusion is finished.

Therapy will not be easy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, increased fatigue, joint pain are possible in the course of treatment

Treatment with absinthe requires compliance with dietary rules. All products of animal origin, preserves, sweets, milk and its derivatives are excluded from the menu. Bread should be replaced with crackers or crusty bread, no more than 200 grams per day. Alcoholic beverages and nicotine are prohibited. The basis of food should be cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil.

Therapy will not be easy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, increased fatigue, joint pain are possible. But these symptoms quickly disappear, as well as the manifestations of a serious disease.