The candles are used for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is very unpleasant and fraught with serious complications of the disease whose treatment requires and emergency.

the candle of prostatitis

The candles are recognized as an excellent remedy that helps to relieve inflammation and pain. They may not act as a sole and primary means of treatment of prostatitis, but it can complement the basic treatment, in order to improve its efficiency and accelerate healing, as well as to remove a nasty symptoms.

Every man needs to know what type of spark plugs for the treatment of prostatitis to note, therefore, the list of titles at low cost, and effectiveness of drugs will be presented below. This dosage form is considered to be one of the best in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, because it offers the more active the sorption of useful substances and rapid transport in the tissues of the prostate.

Bases of the treatment of prostatitis

The treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive and include:

  1. Products that improve the vascularity of the prostate.
  2. Of the physiotherapy.
  3. Antibacterial drug that is designated under the control of the sensitivity of their pathogens of the disease.
  4. Drugs that increase the body's defenses (adjuvants) are appointed only after a special study of blood immunogram.
  5. The prostate massage, gymnastics, medical.
  6. The local treatment with the help of candles.

The doctor may prescribe some candles with an anesthetic or antibiotics, candles with propolis or plant oils, etc

After a course of treatment rectalis candles decreases the swelling of the prostate, disappear from the pain, restore the function of the prostate, prevented the development of a thrombosis, recovery of normal voiding.

Candles with propolis prostatitis

Candles with propolis are considered to be the most effective for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate. Propolis, entering into their composition, contain a lot of nutrients, such as amino acids, chrysanthemums, resins, trace elements, thanks to which has several effects at once.

candles with propolis

Candles with propolis when the prostatitis medications are number one when it comes to the prevention or treatment of a chronic form of inflammation of the prostate.

Candles with propolis prostatitis, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and analgesic action. Contra-indications of these suppositories almost not, except to the intolerance to components of the preparation and allergic reaction to propolis.


During the treatment of prostatitis, an important condition is the elimination of pain, which gives the height of the discomfort. Analgesics are able to enjoy a broad spectrum of action. The best here will help you suppositories promedolom. The treatment similar candles brings a significant relief.

Candles, relieve inflammation

Effective action on inflammation, in this case, a non-steroidal substance. Active Substance of these candles is diclofenac.

Used for acute and chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoids. Well relieve the inflammation in the pelvic organs, when the use of a rectal is not too toxic to the digestive system.


Have an antiseptic, a disinfectant, an anesthetic (such as diclofenac). In addition, Ichthyol suppositories improve the blood circulation in the area of impact. Ichthyol candles for the treatment of prostatitis have a peculiar smell. Contra-indications, with the exception of the intolerance of the components, has not been revealed.


This type of medicine called on to solve 2 problems – the presence of micro-organisms in the prostate gland (well, if there are microbes – and the wanted to nature) and the elimination of spasm.

candles with the antibiotic

As an antibiotic in these suppositories uses rifampicin (group ansamycin), which prevents the synthesis of RNA within the bacterial cell and does not act on the replication process of the man.

The spark plugs of beta-Sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol – a substance effective protection of the prostate. The substance contained in rice bran, wheat germ, soybean and corn oil. The candles apply independently and in combination with other drugs for prostatitis.

All these suppositories rectal are introduced into the rectum. The active substances of the candles penetrate into the prostate and have on it's medicinal action.

All drugs, including candles, must be designated an expert, after examination of the patient and the diagnosis of prostatitis. Every drug has contraindications and side effects.