Types and purpose of drugs used to combat prostatitis

Prescription of medicines for prostatitis

One of the most common diseases in men is prostatitis. The disease is very common in the male population, but in many cases its symptoms have been absent for a long time. Without taking comprehensive measures, it is nearly impossible to achieve full recovery.

Signs of prostatitis, with which you should go to the doctor

Inflammation of the prostate gradually turns into a chronic form, full of unpleasant complications:

  • Infertility.
  • Bladder neoplasms.
  • Power problems.

It is important for a patient to select a treatment regimen together with a doctor, as only he can make a final diagnosis and find out the root cause of the disease that has arisen.

At first, the disease almost does not manifest itself in any way, and a person can feel only slight fatigue, weakness and nervous stress. Many people experience similar symptoms and consider them to be absolutely normal and natural. This approach to health is wrong and can lead to undesirable consequences. The first sign of prostatitis in men that you should pay attention to is the feeling of discomfort and pain that occurs when urinating. The patient cannot sleep normally and gets up several times during the night to go to the bathroom.

Further excruciating pains appear in the rectum, prostate and above the pubis. Often patients have such a symptom as a rise in temperature to 38 degrees. It is with these drawbacks that people begin to sound the alarm and sign up for a doctor.

It is recommended to notice bacterial inflammation in your own body as soon as possible, since in the early stages the disease can be truly cured with the help of pills, avoiding severe exacerbations.

Complex treatment guarantees a successful result

To reduce the risk of relapse, pills alone are not enough, it is still better to resort to complex therapies.

The most famous variations in the treatment of prostatitis in men:

  • Antibacterial effect.

    Antibiotics are taken for a long time. The doctor prescribes pills with a high temperature and increased pain at the injury site.

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Suppositories to restore the functions of cellular structures, to protect and relieve inflammation for a short time.

  • Maintain the immune system.

    With high immunity, the patient's body will more successfully "extinguish" foci of inflammation and prevent the appearance of an adenoma (tumor). It has been shown that these people heal much faster than everyone else.

  • Treatment of the affected area with massagers.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Taking vitamins.
  • Physiotherapy.

    Low-frequency current and ultrashort radiation are used to improve blood circulation and increase the effect of drugs on the body.

  • Laser therapy.

    The prostate gland is heated with a light source (laser). During the course of the procedures, the pain disappears completely.

Prostate inflammation drug

Types of dosage forms, their pros and cons

One of the most effective treatments is injection. Most often they are prescribed for very severe pain in order to eliminate unpleasant attacks as soon as possible. Injections are prescribed for both acute and chronic prostatitis. The disadvantage of injections is the need to contact a specialist for the procedure.

The solution may contain both antibiotics with analgesics and vitamin complexes to support the immune system.

Tablets and capsules are prescribed more frequently. These include anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Unlike injections, which begin relieving pain after ten minutes, the pills do their job only an hour after taking them inside. Another disadvantage of drugs is a decrease in the functions of the immune system and a negative effect on the liver due to the strong concentration of the drug in one tablet. The benefits include their availability, as well as the ability to reduce the consequences with a well-designed treatment plan by the doctor.

In the treatment of prostatitis the use of suppositories is mandatory. Due to the proximity of the candle to the center of inflammation, the effect is felt very quickly and helps to minimize pain.

Ointments and creams can be called another type of dosage forms. They affect the prostate more mildly than antibiotics in injections and tablets, but at the same time they are only an auxiliary means, since the lesion is internal and not external.

Indications for taking drugs for prostatitis

Drugs in various forms for prostatitis are prescribed during the period of acute and chronic course of the disease. The main indications are: pain syndrome, genitourinary dysfunction, development of complications, concomitant pathology, identification of infectious pathogens, congestion, presence of stones, secretion with pus and blood.

Criteria for selecting an appropriate drug and method of administration

Distinguish between prostatitis, complicated by the presence of infection, and a less alarming type of disease - non-infectious. To correctly choose the right drug, dosage and method of administration, you need to contact a specialist.

During treatment it is necessary to combine several medicines at the same time.

To determine the disease, the doctor prescribes an ultrasound of the prostate and rectal palpation of the gland.

In infectious prostatitis, antibiotics are used to get rid of pathogens and thus directly deal with the healing of the inflammatory focus. For non-infectious diseases, antibacterial agents are not prescribed.

The next criterion for choosing a drug is the symptom complex. With severe inflammation and pain, alpha-blockers and antispasmodics are prescribed. Ointments and creams for external exposure are used as auxiliary preparations.

Groups of drugs used

It is very effective for treating prostatitis in men with drugs, as many drugs with a very different spectrum of action have currently been developed.

For inflammation of the prostate, the most common drug groups are:

  • Antimicrobials.

    Broad spectrum antibiotics. The choice of a specific drug depends on the patient's personal tolerance of certain compounds, as well as the sensitivity of the pathogen.

  • Painkillers.
  • Enzymes.

    Protein molecules, with the help of which all processes in the body are accelerated.

  • Antispasmodics.

    Relieves spasms and pains, but the effect of drugs is only temporary. In terms of their effect on the body, they are similar to pain relievers.

  • Alpha blockers.

    Beneficial effect on metabolism, can affect a specific part of the body without affecting others.

Local remedies

Local remedies include suppositories, ointments, creams, bath solutions with herbal decoctions and enemas.

Popular types of suppositories:

  • with prostate extract;
  • with medicinal herbs;
  • with the effect of normalizing the immune system.

On the recommendation of doctors, suppositories should be injected before bedtime and continue this course of treatment for about three weeks. In the first days, the result will already be noticeable - pain in the prostate will decrease and the body's resistance will increase.

There are recipes for making a candle at home. This requires the intake of rye flour, raw egg and a spoonful of honey. All products are mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained, placed in foil and placed in the refrigerator until completely frozen. The price of homemade candles is several times lower than the purchased ones, and this does not negate their positive impact.

The ingredients for homemade candles can range from potatoes to lamb fat. It is also helpful to add a variety of herbs to enhance positive effects and achieve optimal recovery in the shortest possible time.

The periodic enema is equally effective as a topical remedy. Due to hydrogen saturation and the introduction of medicinal water into the rectum, inflammation in the groin decreases and unpleasant pains when urinating disappear.

In addition to taking a hot herbal bath, it is important to use a contrast shower, alternating cold and hot water. The body temperature rises slightly and the blood circulates faster through the body.

Oral preparations

Antibiotics are often prescribed for oral administration for prostatitis.

To relieve spasms and severe pain, you can take pills prescribed for gastritis and stomach ulcers.

To better understand the effectiveness of drugs, you can read the reviews of drugs taken for prostatitis in men.


In order for the treatment to proceed without complications and with the maximum speed of recovery of the patient, it is necessary to resort to the aid of aids, many of which can be made by hand, spending only money for the purchase of products. These include various ointments, creams, vitamins, dietary supplements, and more.

Ointments can have warming (to accelerate the blood flow of the body in the immediate vicinity of inflammation), antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Vitamins play a very important role in recovery, which give the body additional strength and restore lost immunity, because the later prostatitis is detected, the more strength is needed to fight it.

Of all the options for auxiliary products, vitamins are the most harmless medicine, as they do not change the structure of cells and do not affect important human organs. With prostatitis, a man needs to maintain the level of vitamin E in the body. This vitamin has a positive effect on hormones and reproductive activity, preventing stress, nervous breakdowns and nervous breakdowns.

Vitamin A is the second most important, it prevents severe inflammation of the mucous membranes. In addition to medicines, it is found in carrots, liver and eggs.

Vitamin C, obtained from ascorbic acid, is necessary to strengthen the body's defenses. Improves the quality of a man's seminal fluid. Don't forget the zinc. Its lack in the body can be one of the reasons for the development of cancer.

food supplements

Food supplements based on natural products have an extremely positive effect on men's health. Food supplements are not necessary for the treatment, but if the person being treated leads a wrong lifestyle, eats poorly and moves little, they are very useful in eliminating the negative consequences that arise when giving up bad habits.

The main functions of food supplements are:

  • Normalization of testosterone production.
  • Increased speed of blood flow at the focal point of inflammation.
  • Better sperm composition.

One of the most popular medicinal supplements has a positive effect on the function of the bladder and reduces pain in prostatitis. The composition of the preparation includes: zinc and vitamin E, as well as parsley and dwarf palm.

Supplements, known for their positive effects on men's health, normalize sleep, speed up metabolism and improve tissue regeneration at the site of inflammation.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies can be used for both acute and chronic prostatitis, they do not harm health and have no side effects. One of these drugs eliminates redness and intense pain, and also normalizes the functioning of the bladder.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and have an extremely positive effect on men's health.

Treatment of prostatitis without drugs: it is possible

Doctors strongly advise against treating prostatitis alone, as it increases the risk of complications. Almost every specialist prescribes a number of drugs to eliminate the ailment as soon as possible in complex treatment.

If you notice prostatitis early in its development, you can try to get by with homemade ointments, homemade candles and herbal decoctions, but this does not guarantee a successful recovery. There are a lot of reviews about the burdock root, which quickly relieves swelling, and its cost is extremely low.

Treatment of prostatitis without drugs is possible, but only at certain stages of the development of the disease. In order to prevent progression, medications will still be needed.

Medicines you can drink to prevent disease

Since prostatitis is a very dangerous disease with many possible consequences, it is best to take care of your health in advance and minimize the risk of the disease. The goal of any prevention is to maintain the body's immune system.

One of these drugs is prescribed if the patient is in poor health and is prone to infections. The course usually lasts about two weeks. The drug helps to eliminate the negative effects on the human body.

Homeopathic medicines are also suitable for prevention. During the first few weeks, the pain in the groin is greatly reduced and the inflammation is reduced.

Prostatitis prophylaxis is a must for every man, even if there are no symptoms. Taking care of your health early will reduce the risk of disease or relieve pain and recovery will be twice as fast.

Many people do not pay due attention to their health and this threatens with unpleasant consequences. Prostatitis progresses more and more every decade, and if only older men previously suffered from it, now they are found younger and younger with the same diagnosis.

However, modern medicine is constantly evolving, and with complex therapy, recovery will happen quickly and as painlessly as possible. By connecting drugs for the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men, massages, folk decoctions and ointments, you can defeat the disease and recover.