The drug of prostatitis: the most effective medicines and their description

The medication of prostatitis can be found in almost all pharmacies. The choice of these drugs is really impresses by its size and its diversity. But each of them has its pharmacological action on the patient's body, for this reason, the specific selection should be exclusively an expert and take the required remedy, strictly following the doctor's prescription.

treatment of prostatitis the most effective drugs

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, it is fairly common disease in men over 40. However, in recent years, it is more often diagnosed in young patients who do not monitor their own health and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and do not feed correctly.

Many representatives of the stronger sex, trying to ignore the symptoms of prostatitis. The fear of the disease and the reluctance to publish problems of intimate nature pushed the men to the entire neglect of the inflammation of the prostate. Finally, only the disease progresses, and its treatment requires a lot of effort and time.

Specialists in one voice, insisting that the prostatitis should be treated in the early stages of development, don't be ashamed of the situation.

Today against prostatitis there are a very large number of drugs of the modern kind. They are available online pharmacies and differ with respect to low-cost.

A lot of patients who have been diagnosed with prostatitis, ask what medication prostatitis is use to cure this dangerous disease male sexuality. Drugs a lot, they have different forms and patterns of receipt. The tool can show a high efficiency for a number of patients, but to be completely unnecessary for some patients.

All cases are unique, therefore the treatment must be based on a set of studies of each patient.

This article will help the readers to understand the great sentence of a drug and the specificity of their receipt. To begin, let's talk about, what are the forms used in the chronic prostatitis drug.

Types of drugs

Today, in the pharmacies, you can buy the types of drugs that can effectively cure prostatitis:

  • The tablets and capsules, or. The first have a dense texture, and the last is a gelatin shell and the medicine. The two options apply to the inside of the front, at the time or after the meal. Some of them require to receive large quantities of water.
  • The solutions for injection. Thanks to the injections, the medicinal product quickly penetrates directly to the interior of the body.
  • Candles. Have antibacterial properties and analgesics, and anti-inflammatory properties. The eggs are introduced into the rectum in a supine position, after which the patient should not get up for about half an hour, during this time, the drug ad hauriendum the mucosa. The scheme of treatment involves 5-10 days of the application of the preparation.
  • The instillation. The database of medications are delivered to a focus of inflammation through the hole outside of the urethra, which means symptoms of prostatitis goes.
  • Microclystères. These drugs show great efficacy in prostatitis. They are created on the basis of decoctions of plants that have an anti-inflammatory effect. However, all of the skilled professionals which recognize their full-fledged medicine, referring more often to the category of remedies for domestic applications.
treatment of prostatitis the most effective drugs of name

Before the diagnosis the doctor prescribes the patient to diagnostic tests and ralise the visit.

What are the symptoms of the disease are inherent to the human, at what stage of the prostate, and how it works, and determines the type and treatment regime.

For each form, the prostatitis, the therapy and topical medications are excellent. It is important to take into account the following factors:

  • acute or chronic prostatitis sick man;
  • what is the causative agent led to the emergence of prostatitis: infection of the pathogen;
  • an individual intolerance of some components or medicines, etc.

Pharmacological group of drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate is the following:

  • Antibacterial drugs. Their action aims to eliminate micro-organisms, which have become the etiological agents. They apply only when the cause of prostatitis recognized by the infection. Antibacterial drugs are divided into 3 groups: penicillins, tetracyclines , fluoroquinolones.
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers. Promote relaxation of the smooth muscles of the prostate tissue and facilitate the flow of urine in the patient. They can completely remove the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, causing uncontrolled compression of the smooth muscles of the internal organs. Drug tools in this group have an impact on the sympathetic nervous system, particularly, stopping only its impact on the prostate.
  • Non-steroidal means of an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. These medications stop the symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate, decreases the tonus of the musculature of the authority and of the perineum.
  • The medication hormone-based. Are intended for the treatment of inflammation, reduce the swelling of the authority, the standardization of the process of excretion of urine.
  • Drugs, herbal. Are made with natural components of the plant-like nature. They are a great way to reduce inflammation, relieve swelling of the prostate, reduce the pain and discomfort.
treatment of prostatitis the most effective pills

Thanks to the high interchangeability and the ability to combine between them, all the drugs in the prostatitis contribute to operational and complete healing of the patient.

Starting with the causes of prostatitis, evolution and treatment options of the disease.

For the treatment of vaginitis inflammation of the prostate caused by infection, apply antibiotics. A particular drug is assigned after the definition of laboratory, what is the antibiotic the pathogen is sensitive the more. The most effective today for the treatment of prostatitis is a bacterial show of the antibiotics of the group of tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones.

Viral prostatitis need of anti-retroviral drugs. To eliminate the inflammation of the authority, as well as to relieve pain, apply anti-inflammatory non-steroidal. They remove the heat from the body of the patient, and the swelling of the tissues of the prostate, while this helps eliminate inflammation of the prostate. To relieve the muscle spasms of the body to apply muscle relaxants.