Prostatitis in men — symptoms and treatment

Not the prostatitis

Prostatitis in men can be diagnosed at any age. It is a disease that occurs as a result of the infection and the onset of an inflammatory process. The signs of prostatitis are pronounced and varied, but they can sometimes totally absent. It is useful to note that the symptoms of prostatitis may manifest themselves immediately, but only after the passage of the chronic disease. This is why it is important to know when and how to treat the prostatitis.


The inflammation of the prostate is a disease that affects men, whose age exceeded 45 years. Often, the disease of the prostate may manifest in young people 18 years of age. The most common causes of appearance:

  • the penetration of the infections;
  • the stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body in relation with inactive life;
  • wounds of the genital organs.
Smoking a man with prostatitis

All this can lead to the onset of the disease, and in the absence of appropriate treatment to the transition to a chronic form. This is why it is important to have the time to make a diagnosis. For the time of treatment in the medical institutions you will need to know the early symptoms of prostatitis. They are characterized by:

  • constant, the more often, the manifestation of the cause without weakness;
  • headaches;
  • difficulty urinating, accompanied by pain and burning that occur at the beginning and at the end of the process;
  • frequent urging, because of the incomplete emptying of the bladder. The urine is distinguished with a low jet in small quantities;
  • the complete absence of the flow of urine due to pressure on the urethra;
  • painful sensations in the lower back, pelvis and groin areas. The main characteristic is that the pain extends from the crotch to the abdomen and the back. In this case, it can be localized as in a certain place, and extending to the entire pelvic region;
  • the emergence of problems in sexual life, including the total absence of libido. In the initial stages of the erection remains the same, but may be premature and spontaneous selection of sperm. Little by little, she becomes lethargic and orgasm low. In some cases, during ejaculation, there is pain in the area of the head;
  • nervous system disorders, which are characterized by excessive irritability constantly be in a state of stress, aggressiveness or apathy.

During the transition between acute and chronic, the symptoms may vary. Appear:

  • persistent pain, who are both keen and pulling out the nature;
  • spotting during urination;
  • all the symptoms of fever, including chills, increase of up to 40 degrees of temperature, the increase of perspiration.

It is useful to note that the symptoms of the chronic prostatitis is manifested only in the period of exacerbation, while the rest of the time, the disease is asymptomatic.

If the time is not to treat prostatitis, there may be complications such as:

  • acute retention of urine, which can be solved only in the context of a surgical procedure;
  • the constant evolution of the cystitis;
  • diseases of the kidneys (pyelonephritis);
  • an abscess that is treated only with the help of the operation;
  • a sepsis. In particular, the case of death;
  • the sterility.

When the manifestation of the first symptoms of prostatitis, you should immediately ask for a medical opinion and a review. Only after this, the doctor will be able to properly treatment and prescribe medications.

To cure the prostatitis

As primary therapy, men can use folk remedies.

The most common ways:

  1. pumpkin seeds are a great addition to main treatment. The day you need to eat up to 35 seeds. For more convenience, you can chop them and mix with honey, after which form small balls and take a day 30 minutes before meals;
  2. juice of fresh fruit. In the day you have to drink up to 500 ml For the best of cucumber or carrot juice, contains many of the trace elements. They can be used separately or as a mixture;
  3. a variety of stains to base of honey. It helps reduce the pain sensation and reduce the inflammation. When the prostatitis acute should take of the flowers of calendula, horsetail, of the root of elecampane, nettle leaves, sage, and mint. Mix everything. Three tablespoons of the mixture, pour boiling water, to insist in a warm place for about 3 hours, then add the honey. In the day, you should drink a third of a cup before meals.

Also at home the most effective way to get rid of the pain of the symptoms of prostatitis, including chronic, are of bath using medicinal plants. The most often used chamomile, as it is able to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, which will help at the prompt to get rid of the disease.

An additional treatment of folk remedies is valid only after consulting a specialist, otherwise, it may lead to complications.

Attention. In case of signs of disease it is necessary immediately to the hospital. In any case, you can't take care of the house of self-medication. Only the full respect of all the recommendations of the doctor and regular intake of medicines will help to forget about the problem forever.

Modern methods of treatment of the prostate during prostatitis

When the diagnosis of inflammation of the prostate, it is important to determine the cause, because they can indicate a more effective method for the treatment of the disease. Treat prostatitis need in a comprehensive manner. The treatment should include:

  • the receipt of medicines and vitamins, whose action is intended to reduce the pain, eliminating inflammation, and bacteria, has triggered it, the strengthening of the immune system;
  • massage;
  • the procedures of physiotherapy;
  • curative physical education;
  • traditional medicine, including the various decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Only with a treatment at the full a man capable of getting rid of the prostatitis and prevent the transition to a chronic form, and the appearance of the adenoma of the prostate, which often accompany the disease.

The most common and effective modern physiotherapy:

  1. the laser treatment. The whole process shouldn't take more than half an hour. The rays that come from laser, act directly on the prostate tissue, and of cells nearby. Through this procedure eliminates blood stasis, which is one of the causes of the disease;
  2. the treatment of a medium vacuum. During a vacuum treatment of the sexual organ is installed a special device, which has reported a firm erection due to an influx of blood. This method allows to improve the quality of erections, but also eliminates the process stagnant due to the improvement of the blood circulation in the genito-urinary organs. Better combine vacuum therapy with other methods of physiotherapy;
  3. care to ozone. The treatment is administered special of saline, pre-filled with ozone. The fluid is introduced into the urethra, as well as inflamed the authority through the anus. The solution has a beneficial effect on the prostate tissue, helping them to recover, and destroys harmful bacteria. The number of treatments depends on the extent of the disease. On average, for the complete liberation of prostatitis need to visit the office of a specialist of 6 to 10 times;
  4. the radio-frequency thermal therapy. This method involves the use of high temperatures. The positive impact of heat on the internal organs of the man has been proven a number of years. Now the device and the way of improved procedures. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes. In the time she has with the help of a special device turns out to be the thermal effect on the tissues of the prostate, the collapse of damaged cells, and destroys all the harmful affecting microflora. With time, occurs the tissue regeneration of the prostate;
  5. the massage of the prostate. The massage is a compulsory procedure, through which pass all of the men with prostatitis. It helps to get rid of the stagnation of the process. However, this method does not support all the doctors. This is due to the fact that, in the course of massage can be included the infection, which will increase the inflammation, damaged, or died from disease of the tissue;
  6. the electrostimulation. During this procedure on the prostate gland turns out to influence through the low frequency current. Thanks to this, it decreases, which helps to eliminate stagnation, formed during the inactivity. With time, the process of blood microcirculation improves, which contributes to the prompt to get rid of the disease.

Attention. All procedures are to be used only by a doctor after the filing of any analyses, as well as a personal interview.

Treatment of prostatitis is a long process that requires attention on the part of the physician and the patient. Only the strict observance of all the rules of help to get rid of the disease. To prevent the recurrence of the need to respect the principles of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.