Treatment of prostatitis

The prostatitis is called an inflammatory process, which affects the tissues of the prostate and provocative of his swelling. The inflammation of the prostate can suffer only the body of the man by reason of the fact that the body only the representatives of the stronger sex. Treatment of prostatitis – the necessity, which, after having overcome a man of 30 years of a stranger can occur at any time, especially if he is abusing bad habits and his life is characterized by sedentary, stress, excessive, or extremely rare sexual activity. The risk of inflammation of the prostate high in cases where the person suffers from urinary tract infections regular constipation and problems with the immune system.

How to deal with the prostatitis in the various forms of

what is prostatitis

Begin to treat the prostate should be timely, with the advent of the first unpleasant feelings, and until they economic really in the painful symptoms. The more a man pulls with a visit to the doctor, the lower is the likelihood that we can cure prostatitis without consequences for the health and the life of the patient.

And as, in some cases, the disease is asymptomatic, it is important to remember the need to attend regularly a specialist, so as not to miss a step, which is to treat the inflammation of the prostate gland in men is not too late.

The inflammation normally goes in the forms:

  • acute, with sudden onset, stormy pronounced symptoms (painful and difficult urination, pain in the different departments of the pelvic area, a whitish "threads" in the urine);
  • chronic, with a slow, slow, with symptoms (the same as in an event), visible low or even absent.

These methods that experts use to treat chronic prostatitis, differ from the methods of treatment of prostatitis of the acute form. If in the second case, it is often sufficient to remove the symptoms and pass quickly the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland in men, the chronic form requires a deep and varied impact on the prostate gland. The choice to fight against the disease, the concrete definition and the more effective treatment of prostatitis is conducted by the treating physician on the basis of the results of a survey.

How to properly treat prostatitis acute current

To determine how to deal with the prostatitis in the acute form, with a maximum of efficiency, the doctors in the first place is to identify what is the factor that caused the inflammation of the prostate. According to the results of the survey is system to a particular drug, you help to combat the pathogens of the disease:

  • antibacterial;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antitrichomonal;
  • antiviral;
  • antifungal.
how to properly treat prostatitis

"Dotted" chosen, but because the most effective tool of prostatitis is able to suppress the activity and reproduction of enemies, micro-organisms in the tissues of the prostate and urethra, and the fight with the most unpleasant and painful symptoms to supplement the services of healing. For these objectives – to reduce the spasm of the smooth muscle of the prostate and the bladder, for the relief of the pain of urination – you can use the following tools for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • analgesics;
  • antispasmodic;
  • thermal microclystères;
  • the spark plugs (a pain reliever plus anti-inflammatory);
  • the massage.
  • NSVP (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • immunomodulators;
  • the complex of vitamins.

Once the drug treatment of prostatitis acute of the will relieve the pain, you can supplement and enhance the therapeutic effect of the additional procedures:

  • rectal electrophoresis.
  • UHF and MICROWAVE therapy;
  • the massage.

Also, as long as the treatment of the inflammation of the prostate, patients are encouraged to adhere to:

  • of food restrictions;
  • abstinence from bad habits;
  • bed rest;
  • sexual peace.

All of the tools and methods of treatment of prostatitis in men in the complex helps to speed up healing, by providing:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anti-edema impact;
  • the analgesic effect;
  • the improvement of the microcirculation of the blood in the tissues;
  • the strengthening of immunity.
the surgical treatment of prostatitis

Important: in some cases, it occurs as a complication of prostatitis, and the treatment requires an additional intervention. Thus, during the severe, acute inflammation can occur a delay of urination, in which the most efficient – troakara cystostomy (puncture of the bladder (puncturing) in the suprapubic area). Sometimes also, for example, during the development of an abscess, the treatment of prostatitis, medication, and physical therapy, you must complete the surgery of the dissection and drainage of purulent inflammation of the tissues of the prostate.

On the way to heal the prostate in men, what is the effectiveness of therapeutic actions and manage to avoid the serious consequences of acute inflammation, it may be judged of tissue regeneration of the structure of the prostate, normalization of its operation, the return of the optimal composition of the juice of the prostate, neutralization and disposal of the body have caused the inflammation of the pathogens, which is manifested in the analysis of biological fluids.

A way of treatment of chronic prostatitis

The drug treatment of the chronic prostatitis is crucial in the treatment of this disease. In the framework of the therapeutic effects apply effective methods to have an impact on all of the links in the chain:

  • stop the spread of the infection;
  • re-establish a normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • return to optimal hormonal balance;
  • strengthen immunity.

Treated during the chronic form of the disease, doctors recommend the following medicines:

  • the antibiotics (after the specific identification of the microorganism responsible for the excitation of the disease);
  • NSVP (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • anticholinergic agents (antidepressants);
  • immunomodulators;
  • the angioprotectors;
  • vasodilator drug.
physiotherapy in prostatitis

On the question, than to treat prostatitis in men with medications, specialists meet: a complex of medicines, the base of which are the antibiotics. Choose more often means of the group of fluoroquinolones – broad-spectrum drugs having the maximum ability to penetrate into and accumulate in the tissues of the prostate, working on almost all groups of disease-causing micro-organisms.

The second paragraph of the addiction treatment of prostatitis includes the use of alpha-blockers, which may cure you of the pass – one of the main causes of inflammation. These drugs enhance the contractility of the prostate, normalize the pressure to the interior of the gland, contribute to the removal of muscle spasms of the authority, relaxes the sphincter of the bladder. The receipt of these funds, in combination with NSVP help to cure the main symptoms of the "chronic" – pain in the perineum and in the groin, instability, rapid and painful urination, frequent (usually unnecessary) night recommend. Heal the prostate, it is also possible to condition the use of drugs for the relief of the pain, and not just painkillers, but the tricyclic antidepressants, which block the histamine receptors.

The task of immunomodulators, that modern medicine unconditionally includes effective for the treatment of prostatitis, is to correct the functions of body protection, restoration, and strengthening of immunity. When the inflammation of the prostate gland is very important: before treating this disease, transmitted on the background of viral or infectious attack, it is necessary to establish a sufficiently powerful functioning of the immune system.

Chronic inflammatory defeat of the prostate develops in case of problems with the blood flow in the pelvic region, in particular, of the flow of the blood in the capillaries, blocking of l', which gives pathogens the opportunity to "saturate" tissue of the gland. This is why the treatment of prostatitis in men includes a reception angioprotektorov and vasodilators (drugs vasodilators): the ministers reinforce the walls of the blood vessels and relieve swelling, restore the composition of the blood and, in general, to contribute to the normalization of metabolism, and the second "revitalizes" the capillaries and to "clean up" the obstruction. The services of these tools will help you to improve the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, and cleanse the tissue of the prostate.

But before you heal chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland completely, you need to follow a course of physiotherapy, and PHYSIOTHERAPY, as well as to accept these methods of treatment, such as restriction of food, refusal of bad habits and the normalisation of sexual activity. Important: thinking of the fight against the chronic prostatitis, it should be remembered that this disease, even cured, requires a regular follow-up by the treating physician.

To cure the prostatitis are not traditionally

In considering the question about what is the prostate, and the way to combat it, it can not be said about this phenomenon, such as the treatment of prostatitis at home. A great popularity in this field use the pumpkin seeds, where a large margin of trace elements beneficial to the male body, and the most important of them – the zinc. The daily needs of the organism in this element can be filled daily with the consumption of seeds of 30 pieces, and already some time later, the man feels that the disease is receding.

If this is not to cure the prostatitis, at the very least, prevent a worsening of succeed with the help of the prescription of a simple tool to use which can be once per year for prevention:

the pumpkin seed at the prostatitis
  1. Take 500 grams. peeled raw pumpkin seeds and 200 grams. honey bee.
  2. The seeds pass through a meat grinder and mix with honey, after which shape small candy-balls, which send the storage in the refrigerator.
  3. Eat therapeutic of the candy should be 1-2 pieces before eating, dissolving, or chewing for some time.

Describes the "goodies" can not only defend the prostate from inflammation – they are often used to strengthen the immunity and improving the mood, that must also be considered important if you perform the self-treatment of prostatitis in men at home.

Important have an effect on useful honey candles with a toned body impact and its complement in the treatment of lesions of the prostate anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. To prepare these tools, it should be:

  1. Take honey (15 gr.) flour (3 tablespoons) and egg (1 piece), and then thoroughly mix them.
  2. The resulting mass to form small candles, and send in the freezer for the "fixing".
  3. Apply the honey candles for the treatment of prostatitis it is necessary two times a day for a month, while continuing the treatment after a break of 10 days.

At the house of diseases of the prostate also deal with with the help of conifers valves, through the body are eliminated, the inflammatory process, relaxes muscles, relieves pain. Before battle with chronic prostatitis of the same method (and therapeutic baths are appointed during long-term therapy of the disease), it is necessary to prepare a conifer infusion:

  1. Take a young, tasty, healthy needles (fir, pine or pine-cone – 50 gr.) rub into a smooth paste.
  2. This mass pour the boiling water (950 ml) and insist in the dark for two hours.
  3. Ready-to-brew pour it into a basin with water, warmed up to 37°C (water must be enough seating), the procedure to perform every night, continue until 15 to 20 minutes.

Important: in fact, the treatment at home, you must know that not only treat prostate cancer in men and how to get rid of prostatitis ever, but when such a treatment is authorized. All activities must be in agreement with the treating physician – they can not replace conventional medication and physiotherapy of the tool, but only to supplement them.

Self-treatment prostatitis is unacceptable

The inflammation of the prostate is a very delicate health problem, it's difficult for all men, both in terms of physical and psychological discomfort. The patients, even starting to feel the manifestation of unpleasant and painful symptoms, are reluctant to see a doctor, unconsciously fear of diagnosis. Don't do it, then how to treat prostatitis can not, on the sole condition of early onset of therapeutic effects. And as this disease is very often accompanied by complications, it is important to remember treatment and the inadmissibility of self-medication without the supervision of a physician.