An increase of the power in men after 50 years

The question of the improvement of the power is very often disturbed by men after the age of 50 years. For any man it is very important to stay human in all areas of life, and sex life for the male part of the population that is much more valuable than for women, because subconsciously, they feel much more comfortable when can meet his beloved. An increase of the power in men after 50 years, is the most urgent problem, that is why many interested, what to do, when will come the old-age, and strength are not the same?

Because of what is happening as well

increase in power after 50

To begin with, you need to understand the causes of the reduction of potency in men. In fact, the problems of powerlessness can occur not only because of old age, but because of other anomalies in the body. A lot of men and 60 years are full of strength and energy for sex. Why some happening otherwise? The definition of the source of this disease is already half-way to the recovery of its forces. The main causes of impotence problems:

Decreases the production of sex hormones

From the age of 25-30 years, the body begins to change, namely variations produced by the body of sex hormones. This is not due to the disease, and is the only feature of any organization. Some men, after the age of 50 years begins to secrete too little evidence, which involves a gradual decrease of the power.

Changes in the vascular system

With age, blood vessels wear out and become much thinner than before, due to the loss of elasticity. Because of this alters the permeability of blood through the vessels, the vessels, less blood can pass. In this case, problems with power stem from the fact that the blood is in insufficient quantity rushes to the sex authority.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

In addition to aging of the blood vessels, can appear, and the diseases which prevent the normal muscular and vascular functioning of the body. For example, the high rate of cholesterol in the body affects the heart and the tone of all the muscles in general. The cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels, which, in turn, prevents the flow of blood in the body. As a result, the violation of muscle activity and the saturation of the blood leads to a decrease of the power.

Sexual disease

The adenoma of prostate, urethritis are the causes of the reduction of potency in men.

The mode of life

Many in his youth, believe that the use of tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food, do not bring a lot of trouble, but this is a big mistake. The back-thought of some people to the erection occur at the age of 50 years, and some ten years later. Frequent stress, depression, lack of physical activity, slowly but surely lead a person to only one – the loss of power.

In addition to the bad habits, on the power of the impact of a profession of men. If the work is sedentary, the muscles, with time, wither and become inactive, which leads to a decrease in the power.

How to fight it

A snapshot of the ways and means to improve the power, there are many. But in order not to push the tablets and pills, it is better to understand the reason, and try to eradicate it.

To prevent problems before they occur, it is necessary to maintain the physical fitness. 20 minutes of exercise per day reduce the chances of encountering problems with the power.

exercise to improve the power

A result of problems with the cardiovascular system occurs atherosclerosis, blocking the flow of blood in the sexual organ. To prevent hemorrhoids, you must exclude fatty foods from your diet, smoking, as well as get rid of excess weight.

To increase your power, you need to adjust the quantity of appropriate solutions to the organization of the elements, and it is the amount of calcium, zinc and protein in the body. Zinc is the most important, he is responsible for the release of testosterone, this is why you need to do in solving the problems. In the cedar wood and the oreškah, buckwheat contains a large number called element. And here's with the intake of foods rich in protein need to be careful – she may not be in a great number of people take people with hypertension and heart problems.

Impotence problems can result in of the taken drug, so that even when the selection of conventional sedatives, you should consult your doctor and investigate the side effects.

To strengthen the erection, there are specific exercises. They are in what the man interrupts the flow of urine during urination, and then the tensions and relaxes the muscles of the pelvic floor, is about 40 to 50 times per day.

If this does not help to solve the problem of power, in the course are tools for improvement of the power. All the ways to improve may be divided into two groups: the medication of the tool and of the traditional medicine. Need to know more about each tool, their advantages and disadvantages.

Folk remedies

The traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation, even ancestors used such methods. Before the use of any tool, it is recommended to consult your doctor in order to avoid health problems.

Strengthen your erection may be of the tincture of Ginseng. It is already ready to use, you can buy from the pharmacy, and prepare them by hand. For cooking it will be necessary to pay 70 per cent alcohol (300 g) chopped Ginseng root (20 g). Insist two to three weeks. Then, the stain must be filtered, and take 20 to 25 drops twice a day for two weeks. It is then a week break, and the course is repeated.

The treatment of tincture of siberian ginseng, proceed as follows: – the first day in a glass of water add a drop of stain, and each day the number of drops increases. The course of treatment should be to spend 28 days, then it is necessary to do three months of pause and you can resume the course. The tool takes over the manhood, improving the erection.

To help in this case, the dye of grass of Marrube. To prepare the dye needs a litre of white wine, pour a hundred grams of grass. Let it rest for two weeks, shaking, after that, you can use three times per day 50 ml.

An ancient recipe to enhance the power is to use the Fenugreek. For the consumption of need a tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds, pour a glass of hot milk, mix well and drink. You can apply it every day. The receiving curative tool allows you to improve the power for 2-3 weeks.

Contrast of the treatment of the water will help to stretch the blood vessels and increase the permeability of blood to the genital organ, which will increase the power. Need to cook two basin, with water: one with hot water, the second with the cold. It takes the queue to sit in the pans for 15 minutes, 30 seconds in each basin. The course of treatment is two weeks. During this time, we can see a good result.

If the impotence problems, occur as a result of overwork and fatigue, it is possible to use arts and crafts, a method of taking a bath with a bay leaf or Camomile. To do this, you must boil the leaves in a pan, and after pouring in filled the bathroom. It is recommended to take such bath for 15 minutes before bedtime.

Using drugs

the traditional recipes of the power

In the first place, it should be recalled that the main objective of drugs to increase the power lies in the enlargement of the vessels for the blood flow to the penis which erections. If the problem is not in the vessels and in the diseases listed below, the drugs can be helpless. Before taking any medication you need to consult a doctor, because each drug's positive properties and side effects.