How to improve the strength of the men after 40 years

Generally, erection problems and libido occur in adulthood (usually at the age of 40-50 years). This contributes to a number of factors, including the male menopause. Older men who is often wondering the pills to increase potency in men after 40 the most effective?

power after 40

Certainly, the more rapid is the drug of the group inhibitors PDE-5. They help to restore the natural mechanism of the occurrence of the erection. But these drugs there is a significant drawback – a short term effect.

As an alternative to the can occur the adaptogenic plants, naturopathic tools, and dietary supplements. Also a good therapeutic homeopathic medicines.

The causes of erectile dysfunction

Why occurs a decrease of the activity after 40 years? Usually, the reason is simple – the male menopause. In this period, reduced the level of free and total testosterone in the blood, due to which develops erectile dysfunction.

Among the causes of impotence in men 40 years of age, you can select an unhealthy lifestyle. The use of alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption, and leads to violations of the hormones, the blood circulation in the pelvis and the function of the prostate. Accordingly, it is a decrease in potency and libido.

The possible reasons of erectile dysfunction can be attributed to:

  • The chronic diseases of the urinary system. The breach of the activity and of the libido may occur in patients suffering from adenoma of the prostate, prostate cancer and prostatitis.
  • Psychological problems. Often, the reduction of potency in men of 40 years is due to unstable psychological. The patient can itself be considered as impotent, and subsequently, it develops a syndrome of expectation of failure. In this case, you want a psychological help.
  • The physical inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle leads to the violation of the blood flow of the pelvic and reduce the levels of testosterone in the blood. Yet physical inactivity is a heavy obesity. Together, all these factors can cause erectile dysfunction. But there's a flip side of the medal, impotence may occur as the result of too intense exercise.
  • Diabetes 1 or type 2. If the hyperglycemia is the cause of impotence, then the main task of the treatment is to get the stand of the compensation of diabetes.
  • The prolonged use of hypoglycemia medication anxiolytics, sedatives drugs. Yet a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction may be due to the consumption of inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors and anti-androgens.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • An injury to the groin or penis.
  • Anatomical deformation of the penis.
  • The hormonal disorders. Need to monitor the level of free testosterone, the rate of total testosterone of FSH and DHT. If there is a deviation from the norm, it is necessary to pass an appropriate therapy.
  • The sexually transmitted diseases. The characteristic sign of chlamydial infection, candidiasis, syphilis and other STDS is erectile dysfunction.
  • Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and other disturbances in the functioning of the cardio-vascular system.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult with specialists (urologist, sexologist, endocrinologist). Why do you need it?

This is necessary because the physician must identify the root cause of erectile dysfunction, and assign therapy on the basis of the results of the investigation.

Inhibitors of PDE-5

Solving problems of impotence in 40 years, you can achieve by using drugs from the group of inhibitors of PDE-5. How do they act? To understand the principle of the action of drugs, it is necessary to remember that the mandatory condition for the appearance of erection is a relaxation of the structure of the penis.

For this to happen, must happen, the local release of nitrogen oxide and the accumulation of cgmp in sildenafil. Drugs aggravate the effects of nitrogen oxide and inhibit PDE-5 (it is this enzyme that is responsible for the decay of cgmp). Therefore, the medicines help natural offensive power.

In addition, the medication may help to improve male potency only if there is a sexual stimulation. No impacts on hormones or sex drive such pills do not have.

Homeopathy and naturopathic tools

the treatment of the power

How to improve the strength of the men after 40 years, and get a long-term effect? To do this, it is appropriate to use homeopathic preparations. Unfortunately, most of the tools in this area are the placebo.


Many patients are interested in how to improve the power of men in a natural way after 40 years? Do it without the use of drugs is almost impossible. Use the traditional methods impractical. The efficacy of decoctions and infusions a very particular – is not to all men, and they will help you to heal phenomena unpleasant in the form of the stagnation of the erection and the libido.

If there are health problems, it is best to use of food supplements herbal. By their power, they cede a few inhibitors of PDE-5, however, food supplements can help keep the the effect of curative treatment for 6-12 months. In addition, many tools make it possible to strengthen the health of men, particularly for improving the work of the prostate and stabilize the hormones.