The symptoms of prostatitis are acute and chronic forms

Prostatitis is a condition very prevalent among the men (the women of this disease are not threatened, because the prostate is an organ that is exclusively male genito-urinary system). Only one of the five representatives of the stronger sex, never life is not confronted with a similar problem.

the symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease of the urinary tract of the human sphere, a required attribute of that, is an inflammatory process localized to the prostate.

Prostatitis is so widespread, that almost with absolute certainty the sick to him to a certain extent can be considered as any man, crossed the threshold of 45 years.

Why at this age are driven by problems with the men in your health?

In fact, it all begins much earlier, with the pace of modern life, full of stress, less practicing a way of life, work in an office in front of a computer, a bad power supply, the routine use of alcohol and have sex with often changing partners, use of contraception, and is by the same factors, whose presence is gradually and results in an inflammation of the prostate.

The symptoms of prostatitis, which mainly attracts the attention of the man generally the following:

  • At the beginning of the disease, when the prostate is only started to increase in volume, it is only slightly compresses the urethra, which surrounds it like a ring on your finger. Therefore, one of the early symptoms of prostatitis will be considered as a slight contraction of the ureter, and, therefore, an obstacle to the accomplishment of the urine — difficulty passing urine.
  • Result is a problem — increase of urination. First of all, this event is not a source of concern, the man, questus before the night, can get up to emptying the bladder once or twice in the night, and delivers it over a cup of tea for dinner. But, over time, the pauses between the impulses to urinate will decrease.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen is one of the first symptoms of prostatitis. They may be different by the sensation of: a printer, pressing, arching, bother, they are usually at the end of the day, or after any of the charges.
  • The minor illnesses of erection and ejaculation, of course, deliver that man and his partner a certain amount of concern, but it is also often blamed on fatigue and stress.


These insignificant at first sight, a disorder of urinary human sphere, without a lot of attention, both on the part of the patient, and the part of the doctor, certainly certainly great challenges, name that the chronic prostatitis.

The inflammation of the prostate gland may be acute, the form and, in the case of the execution of the disease, its complications, the chronic form.

The symptoms of prostatitis in the acute phase of bacterial origin of the form:

  • The temperature of the body, time located in the neighborhood of 39 degrees.
  • Chills.
  • Weakness, body aches, unhealthy condition.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea, in particularly complex cases mchancet arriving at frequent vomiting.
  • A sharp pain in the perineum, abdomen, as well as intermittently in the lower back and testicles. Often, the pain increases at the time of defecation, during defecation may appear on the mucous membranes of the urethral.
  • When the rectal Paltseva the survey doctor can be revealed by an increase in the volume of the prostate, the change of its structure is often palpable, different education, and scars.
  • Frequent, difficulty urinating. Due to the fact that painful prostate too followed the urethra, the man has to strain to begin to urinate, because of this same reason, in some cases, the bladder is not completely emptied, that does not have facilitate after going to the toilet.
  • A sharp pain during ejaculation.

If you do to treat prostatitis, at this stage, it is guaranteed to transform into a chronic stage.

prostatitis stage

Chronic even prostatitis is subdivided into three major types:

  • Chronic prostatitis infectious.
  • Chronic prostatitis non-infectious.
  • Chronic asimptomaticheskiy prostatit.

The symptoms of prostatitis in its asymptomatic form, as already its name indicates, are absent, the patient complained of nothing, holds absolutely the same mode of life as usual.

Detected it is, in most cases, by chance, during the taking of blood tests and to find the largest number of in it of leukocytes or bacteria, either at the closing of the biopsy material from the prostate.

In some cases, the inflammation of the prostate is detected in the surgical interventions in the area of the prostate, or during an operation on itself.

The symptoms of prostatitis in its chronic non-bacterial form:

  • Abakterialniy prostatit has a different name, it is the "syndrome of chronic pelvic pain". Sensitivity to this constant, monotonous, but variable as in the smallest and largest part. The location of the pain is variable, it may be in itself, the prostate, the perineum, the pain in the tailbone, testicles, the male of the authority. During emptying of the bowel of the pain focus in the area of the anus and rectum. The increase of the intensity of the pain occurs even with loads.
  • The violation of libido, decreased sex drive, instability of the erection, periodically vanishing in the process of mating, as well as early ejaculation. To prevent the deterioration of the situation, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately, because once treatment is started there is a great likelihood of a full recovery of the solvabilit men's sexual.
  • A violation of urination. The urge to empty the bladder are quite common, but completely empty its not working still — he should make an effort. The urine stream is much thinner, this is due to the presence of primary sclerosing changes of the ureter in the area of the prostate.
  • Depression, mild or heavy depression, apathy, insomnia, or, conversely, drowsiness, and temper tantrums — it is possible, the manifestations of psychological disorders in men suffering from prostatitis.

The symptoms of prostatitis in its chronic infectious of the form:

  • The pain syndrome in this case, depends entirely on the degree of exacerbation of the disease at a given time. In the event of peak concentration of bacteria of the pain of the girl, pulling, streaming, are localized in the region of the groin, scrotum, in the lower abdomen, strengthen in the seated position (especially when you are on a hard surface), during urination, defecation and ejaculation.
  • During the remission, for the weakening or disappearance of the other symptoms of prostatitis in its chronic bacterial forms, a violation of urination, and more specifically, the voltage at the attempt of liberation of the bladder and of the impossibility of doing so completely is the only symptom, staying with a man in this disease. At the time of the aggravation, often the man is entirely devoid of the ability to urinate, because painful prostate simply blocks the passage of urine through the urethra, or the flow of urine literally drip.
  • The bursting and the pain in the bladder and often accompany the disease is in the acute phase. The stagnation of urine promotes the development of infections and the education of the saline of the microcrystals, trauma of the mucosa of the bladder wall. During urination in the urine are observed the filaments and the white flakes.
  • Often, there is a prolonged erection during sleep, but at the time of copulation, it is often more low, than complete the sexual act can not be. If this is the case, it can be observed a sharp pain during or immediately after the orgasm, the ejaculation can be seen to the shedding of blood.
  • On the backdrop of all these symptoms, especially during a worsening, the men are often exposed to the psycho-emotional disorders varying degrees of severity. In most cases, they are depressed, apathetic, self-self, their thoughts are the complexity of the treatment and the fatigue, aches and pains. It is important to note irritability, and even aggression during the afficiens topics related to the health status of the patient.
  • In patients may occur a complete picture of the intoxication: fatigue, weakness, headaches, reduced immunity, patients often refuse to eat and always want to sit or lie down.
the aggravation of prostatitis

During the clinical exacerbation of prostatitis may be cases of acute response to an inflammatory process in the prostate gland, without accurate diagnosis, and even due, adequate and timely treatment, lead to complications such as infections of the blood, and even local parties of suppuration in the body of the prostate.

This is why, when the first signs of discomfort, it is recommended to quickly enter the urologist and not to self-assign all sorts of ways of traditional medicine, candles, pills and other medicines, having read comments on the internet. Home treatment is possible only after consultation with a specialist, in fact, the question price — this is your health.

Symptoms of prostatitis — what to watch?

The symptoms of many diseases like, for example, a disorder of micturition can be both at the prostatitis and the adenoma of the prostate. The signs of a malaise more precisely characterize, as they are to him, does not allow vague formulations.

The common symptoms of prostatitis have their own characteristics in each stage of the disease. For example, if the acute form launched the inflammation of the prostate gland in the glandular-muscular organ can develop is not simply of purulent inflammation, but also form apostema of the cavity. Often, this condition goes with a pretty high, only lowering the temperature, mulligrubs' in the lower abdomen, suprapubic area, perineum, and upper thighs. Frequent urination, but the reflux of the urine much more difficult, because the urethra compressed the prostate gland, to such a point that in some cases, only the medical procedure can help to empty the bladder.

Data symptoms of prostatitis rather typical for people at risk: patients are highly immunosuppressed individuals, the patients of addiction and alcoholism, people with cancer.

Most of the men of the inflammation of the prostate does not manifest itself explicitly. Located in the hidden state symptoms of prostatitis, only appear in certain malignant disorders: increased urination, periodic urethral, a burning sensation and itching in the ureter, a decrease of power, decrease the quality of sperm, and, as a consequence, the inability to conceive, as well as pain in the pubic area, perineum and genitalia.

If not to attract attention on the data of the symptoms of prostatitis, it can result in various negative consequences, for example, significant changes in the body and of the prostate, until the need for intervention.

The first symptoms of prostatitis in men: we would like to draw attention to the changes

In spite of the multiplicity of variations in the manifestation of symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate, there is a set of symptoms, the presence of which should alert the man, and prevent the development of pathology.

the chronic prostatitis

The first signs of prostatitis in men:

  • The increase of the temperature of the body, because it is a natural reaction of the organism to an inflammatory process.
  • The change in the frequency of recommending to urinate in a big way (especially at night).
  • The sensations of discomfort in the urethra: it appears a burning sensation, irritation, pain on urination.
  • The emergence of threadlike formations of white in the urine.
  • The pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The lower the power, the pain during ejaculation.

The first signs of prostatitis in men in the chronic form almost identical to the star of the acute phase of the disease, but it is optional to be attached to a significant reduction in the pleasure of the sexual act, the so-called "oiled" the orgasm of unprecedented acuity of sensations and full satisfaction does not come. Even men can notice that during the emptying of the intestine, urethra mucus.

Secondary signs of inflammation of the prostate gland in men

Alas, but to see the first signs of prostatitis, the vast majority of men are in no hurry to the clinic, hoping that everything for him-even as a return to normal. However, with time, the symptoms are only aggravated the same disease, will certainly be more unpleasant physical symptoms.

Secondary signs of inflammation of the prostate gland in men:

  • The pain during urination. In case very possible, the appearance of blood in the urine.
  • For the emptying of the bladder is necessary to make great efforts. The urine stream is thin and discontinuous, sensation of fullness of the bladder after going to the toilet, sometimes help to cope with the stagnation of the urine can be a doctor.
  • A decrease in the quality of erection, until the appearance of a temporary impotence.