How to increase male potency

The first physiological erection appears periodically among boys who are already in 5-6 years, but this phenomenon is at this age is not linked to erotic nature and experiences. With time, the erection manifests itself more and more often, and in the period of puberty erection is the result of a desire for the opposite sex.

as increase power

Almost twenty years of age man the maximum is able to have an erection, she begins to gradually decline and disappear from all men at different ages. Can someone lose his forty years, and it is maintained until old age.

According to statistics, the sexual problems bother from time to time, every third man and the power reduction can contribute to several causes, including psychological and physical chronic stress, the forces of emotional disorders and so on. The stronger the reduction of the power affects the consumption of high doses of alcohol, as well as the abuse of drugs, in particular fenaminom, ecstasy and cocaine.

Temporarily they increase the erection, but after several times of consumption, they disable this function in the male body. The committee has also examined the problem may occur in men with diabetes, hormonal disease, sclerosis of the vessels of the lower limbs. The deterioration of erection is also a side-effect of male sex hormones without the advice of health professionals.

If the power drop is of a temporary nature and linked to a stressful situation, in this case , it is recommended to relax, take perfumes, bath, practice yoga, get a massage.

How to increase the potency of folk remedies

  1. The omelette is any known means to improve potency. Fry the eggs in olive oil with onions. These products give the body energy and increase sexual activity. Recommended not to eat much.
  2. Thinking what are the products to increase the power, don't miss the meat-based products. If the meat is quickly boring, prefer the fish.
  3. A great way considered as a decoction of nettle, st. john's wort, clover and mint. Take five teaspoons of these plants, and pour a liter of boiling water. Wait 20 minutes, until the grass infusions, and drink 3 times a day a glass. St. john's wort and clover, you need to collect on the drier areas, mint and nettle on the wet ground.
  4. Crush a few inches of the root of ginseng and pour half a liter of quality vodka. The next day, begin to drink the tincture three times a day a tablespoon. When the fluid remains in the amount of 1/20 original amount, add the vodka and mix well. Re-add the vodka, you can a maximum of two times. After three times, use the new dye fresh ginseng root. As an alternative, you can use a pharmacy drops of ginseng. Try it after meals three times per day, thirty drops.
  5. Every day take three times a half a cup of infusion john's wort. In a glass of water, take a tablespoon herb with inflorescences.
  6. Vegetables , it is recommended to consume carrots, olives, turnips, radishes, and beets in any form.
  7. The seafood contribute to the increase of power, especially the mussels, rapana and oysters with a special sauce. To prepare the sauce, boil the persil, celery with fried onions and a few drops of lemon juice. All these herbs stimulate erection in men.
  8. The activity of the gonads is activated with stewed or baked tomatoes. Depending on the temperament of the italians, the foundation of any kitchen is the garlic, tomatoes and olive oil.
  9. Periodically, eat seeds and nuts as snacks. They contain vitamin E, which is also able to keep you in top form. In India popular recipe seed sesame toasted with honey.
  10. To increase libido, the inhabitants of India recommend adding the cilantro in the favorite dishes, especially in baked goods.
  11. A mixture of honey and walnuts is considered the most delicious and the most popular of the recipe for the strengthening of the sexual activity. This mixture, you need to take a couple of times per day, half an hour after the meal on a pair of teaspoons.
  12. Among the peoples of the south greatest activity contributes to the fig. It strengthens the force, stimulating the functioning of kidneys, liver and heart.
  13. Rub the core of pistachio and add the powder to the water. Take daily half a cup of this white liquid.
  14. The peoples of the south Caucasus to improve the power consume these dairy products such as yoghurt. The challenge of the beverages are also considered such as coffee and tea, but the better, add the saffron, the ginger powder or a clove.
  15. Sexual impotence in Greece are fighting with the aid of products that increase the power, and it is olive oil, which gives the energy of the genital organs, nourishes the body and has a large number of fatty acids.
  16. Mix 50 g of root calamus and 100 g herb yarrow. A tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and let sit for an hour. Drinking in the day by three cups of tea.
  17. Mix half a litre of wine of porto with five tablespoons of seeds of nettles, and simmer the mixture for five minutes. A half-hour, wait until the broth infusion and take sunset 50 ml
  18. Mix 50 ml of tincture of ginseng, aralia and devil, 30 ml of the extract of eleutherococcus and 30 ml of rose extract radiograms.
  19. Excellent effect of a broth of wine and herbs. Take her before bedtime 50 ml
  20. Ripened the seeds of fenugreek, boil the honey, allow to dry and sprayed. In a half-hour before the meal, take the powder on the tip of a knife, and takes the infusion of asparagus seeds about three times per day.
  21. Make a mixture of thirty grams of tubers similar roots and tubers, lemon balm leaves, moss, iceland, and of grass toadflax. A tablespoon of the mixture brew a cup of boiling water and make an infusion three times a day a glass.
  22. 100 g of maral root pour 0.5 liters of vodka and leave the liquid in the infusions, when the ambient temperature is forty-five days. Drink twenty drops three times a day for half an hour before meals, but not less than five hours before bedtime. The rate of treatment is two months, with a break of ten days. In summer, the treatment is desirable not to pass.

Physical exercises to improve power

folk remedies to the power

The means increasing the power not boil down only to the popular methods, but also the result achieved and because of a certain complex exercise. They help to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for the activity. They repair and activate the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and the penile region. Therefore, increasing the power output with the quality of the erection. In most cases, we observe an overall increase in the duration of the erection. In addition, the below exercises is an excellent prevention of prostatitis at any age.

Exercise 1

Standing, place hands on the waist or the bottom. Start walking on the spot and try to lift your knees as high as possible. You try to push them to the stomach. The breathing should remain flat.

Exercise 2

The starting position is the same as in the previous year. Bend your knees in order not to lose the feeling of comfort and tighten your muscles with strength. Then, relax the muscles of the buttock. Imagine, as if you squeeze between them to drown. Recover, but until the end of your knees do not bend. The cycle of the year repeat several times until you feel a slight muscle fatigue.

Exercise 3

Standing slightly bent at the knees. Running on the spot is not pulling them out of the soil of socks. Walk the feet with heels and quickly before exposing it to its knees.

Exercise 4

Lie on your back, bend slightly at the knees and rest in the soil of the feet. Place the arms along its body, and evenly touch the sex back.

Inhale and lift the pelvis toward the top, then exhale and return to the starting position.

For the year has been more difficult, the cuffs grip the ankles.

Exercise 5

Almost basic exercise is that you have to imagine that slowing down the process of urination. In this case, the muscles of the buttock strain.

Exercise 6

Sit on a chair and tilt your body forward slightly, keep your shoulders back. Imagine that on the seat of the chair and buckwheat try to mentally suck in the muscles. Then, relax and do the exercise again.

Mentioned the exercises are not able to replace the procedures of treatment, if the reduction of the power associated with problems, for example chronic diseases or infectious diseases.