Men's power: the ways and means to improve the

Modern sexologists are encouraging that impotence is a temporary condition that can and must fight. It is a synonym of serious disruption of the functioning of the penis. Problems can occur because of a lack of tone of the male organ, which prevents the normal development of the sexual act, or it is related to ejaculation (release of seed), which is too early interrupts sexual intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction is always the basis, it is the external and internal factors that influence. In 60% of cases, the degradation of the power - it is a health problem, whether it is a breach in the endocrine system, the digestive system or the cardiovascular system.

Scientists have said that chronic diseases affect the decrease in testosterone in up to 15% each year. This is one of the many factors that inhibit the male libido. The deterioration of the power may be of a psychological nature: stress at work, reported emotional trauma of the long depression.

To resolve this problem, there are a variety of tools and methods developed by modern technologies of medicine. There are many medications, with the echo of the doctors and patients. To this day, widely available in the pills for the activity of the pharmacies in any city via the internet, with the possibility to compare the prices of different drugs. The active substances of these funds are aimed at restoring the flow of blood, which fills the sexual organ of blood and the strength.

The ways and means to improve the power

The male half of the population of the planet, at least once, yes, were interested in the issues of the increase or recovery of the power. Even before the time, as has begun to manifest sexual dysfunction. Indeed, understanding the men know that the quality of sex depends on the duration of the erection.

The popular medicine

The folk remedies are the most accessible to all categories of the population. But all the folk medicine requires a lot of time. Also it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, and without specialist assessment is difficult to determine.

increase of the power

In the wizards, you can select popular of tincture of ginseng, st. john's wort, chinese, lemon grass, rose, radiograms, nettle, clover, and many other medicinal plants. Just need to remember that medicinal plants, there are a lot of contraindications and side effects.

Products for the power

The sexual power of men have a positive effect following food:

  • - dairy products: koumis, ayran, cottage cheese, sour cream and others;
  • - nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts;
  • - spices: pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon;
  • - herbs: cilantro, spinach, onion, celery, asparagus;
  • - fruit: pomegranate, fig, black currant;
  • - vegetables: pumpkin, red pepper;
  • - animal proteins: oysters, beef, eggs, low-fat quality fish;
  • - polyunsaturated fats: olive oil, fish oil.

Physical culture and physiotherapy

The men, who are rarely confronted helpful to the physical exercise, the more often suffer from erectile dysfunction. During the slow combustion of the fat has the property to accumulate. Because of this, increases the production of female hormones, which prevent the use of testosterone for men.

Physical procedures, which are indicated to restore and improve the function of the male genitalia:

  • - Massage. Helps to improve the blood flow to the sexual organs, which leads to a strengthening of erection in case of problems with the vascular dysfunction of the kind.
  • - PHYSIOTHERAPY. This method includes the health services of the year, which contribute to the improvement of the blood circulation and improve muscle tone in the groin area.

If the violation of the activity bears a character of gravity, and the problem has been considerably long period of time, you need to consult a doctor who will make a diagnosis of the reproductive system, to identify more precisely the causes of sexual dysfunction.