Recipes to improve the power

The most famous and the dish is very simple, having a beneficial effect on the whole body of the man, and first on the power of the scrambled eggs. Fry the eggs with the onions. A little salt and add the black pepper. The pepper will help to break down the blood faster, and onions causes the sexual activity.

The eggs of sheep

The eggs of the ram it is the favorite dish of the men. Rather a powerful tool to enhance the power of men. Cook the eggs of the ram is very simple – fry in a pan with the addition of the bow and chicken eggs. This recipe is surprisingly delicious and very useful addition for the men. Remember, the food to improve the power, is not only very useful, but incredibly delicious.

Nuts with honey

A delicious and simple dish to improve power, which will be an excellent dessert. Mix equal parts of honey and crushed nuts. Eat as a sweet after food intake main in the period of one month, and your strength for men will always rise to the occasion.


Seafood is an essential source of various vitamins, minerals and energy for the body. And useful of their impact on the power of men is invaluable. The most simple and useful dishes of seafood will make your manhood more solid and prevent the onset of impotence problems. Welded mackerel, or steam cooked, pour over the lemon juice or broth of crustaceans – a wonderful tool for male potency. As a side dish, the mackerel, use beets, carrots or turnips, as is cooked and the cheese. Some of the fruits of the sea, which will make you sexually active – rapana, mussels, and oysters. Bake the oysters or the mussels in the oven and pour the sauce, prepared with fried onions, with the addition of lemon juice. Add in the sauce, the persil and the celery. Cook the mixed ingredients with tomatoes. Pour cooked oysters, and mussels to this sauce.

The Italian tomatoes

tomatoes for the power

Tomatoes are an excellent product to enhance the sexual activity and the recovery of the strength of the men. This is a dish of tomatoes came to us from Italy and the italians, as we know, are passionate lovers. The best dish of tomatoes for the power – cooked or baked in an oven, the tomatoes, tucked away with plenty of garlic and light olive oil. A recipe is simple and delicious, and above all, amazingly helpful. An increase of the power of the recipes of the dishes will appeal to all.

Simple and tasty products that will be available are loyal men to maintain the sexual power and the recovery faded power. By eating the delicious dishes of fish, varieties, low fat meat, nuts and vitamin-rich vegetables, we will still feel comfortable in the bed.

As always, there is an alternative to the delicious food, and nutrition in restaurants. Also if you have allergies or no portability of certain foods, then you can simply buy viagra. For this, no need to stand in the kitchen, or go outside looking for restaurants, the medicine will provide you with the power, without attachment to the way in which products or dishes. So the choice is always — and it only depends on you.