How to increase the power of men natural means

Today the entire world lives in conditions that sometimes require just a physical and mental activity. 21 century – the century of new technologies, poor environment, poor food quality, bad habits, and still a lot of things that affect the health, abuse, the harmony of our existence in this world. For men, this is mainly due to impotence.

improvement of potency in men

More than 30% of men even in the young age of today face problems in the intimate life. The first diseases of the prostate, urinary tract infections, promiscuity, or their absence leads to a strong half of humanity to the erectile dysfunction, requires him to live in a permanent state of stress, depression, self-doubt. This causes even more serious – diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attack, stroke.

The man is like, who appeals to a doctor only when it is understood that the situation was out of control. And especially delicate problem prefers to decide.

Here come to the aid of several medicines of type of Viagra. Work instantly, the effect lasts up to five hours. And all, apparently, nothing, if this is of side effects, which are felt very quickly. And the situation of powerlessness is compounded by the.

Problems of a sexual nature may bring temporary or permanent. Sometimes, they are linked to psychological problems, the first failure in the bed, contrary to the ethics of the actions of the partner in this delicate situation. Sometimes, a man simply tired.

In such a situation, you can try to resolve the problem yourself, using natural means, of the power to the house. They are numerous enough, they are all tested by time and won the credibility and the approval of experts.

What is the power

Before talking about the methods and ways to increase male potency, you need to determine this concept. Increase the power, it is to make men penis giant. This notion is related not only to his sexual abilities, he is much more broad.

There are other, no less important part of this question, which define the total male potential. It is his physical, moral, spiritual, and mental. All of these qualities, thanks to which he achieved a certain social status and material spheres of their life.

This is what samtse dream of every woman. Thus, nature has designed. In fact, the health of all the sides of men is born the same strong and healthy posterity.

Erectile dysfunction causes problems in all aspects of the ability of men. Everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. However, the official medicine with the pharmaceutical companies, accustomed to it is a treat, not for the sake of health promotion.

Of course, there are situations where the use of specialists is simply vital. However, in most cases, expect effective, and above all, little help on this side unnecessary.

Need to learn how to use the features, which gave the man of nature. And necessarily, if the man wants to the old age of be present a representative of half of humanity.

How to improve the power

Men's power is very often down because of a banal problem. The body is weakened because of bad habits, nicotine, alcohol, physical inactivity, excess weight. Sometimes, this is due to diabetes or problems cardio-vascular nature.

It also happens that a man is upset, knows the stress, lies in a long depression, experiencing chronic fatigue. All of this may not have an impact on his health in general.

To the improvement and the prevention of power should be approached in the complex, and work in several directions.

improvement of potency in men of means

Eat foods that are able to meet the vitamins and mineral deficiency in your body. Men vitamins are considered such as vitamins A, c, b group, minerals – zinc and selenium. The organization must receive in the day-to-day standard fully. What are the trace elements that restore the hormonal balance, increase the production of testosterone, increase sexual activity and potency.

Review your diet, put in every day:

  • lean meat – beef, lamb;
  • food meat and wild game rabbit, chicken, the meat from pheasant;
  • the nuts 100 g per day;
  • the seeds, especially pumpkin;
  • fruits, vegetables, citrus fruits, turnip, pomegranate, figs;
  • all varieties of onions
  • the liver and the yolk of egg, quail eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • the fish, in particular sea – twice a week is mandatory;
  • seafood is any – preferably in the raw state or after a heat treatment;
  • the persil, spinach, any greens;
  • flaxseed, peanuts, olive oil and fish oil;
  • honey with nuts, ragweed, apiculture products;
  • cocoa, chocolate, high varieties, black;
  • ginger tea, the koumis, the juice of fruits and vegetables.

Observe the following recommendations:

  1. Learn how to do simple exercises that will help improve the blood flow to the pelvic organs and cause the muscles associated with the sex of the sphere. It is called the pubo-coccygeal. These complex simple, will take a bit of time, and the result will be obvious within a week. There are complex to improve the potency, increase erection, the massage of the testicles and scrotum, the Kegel exercise.
  2. Actively in the fight with the weight. If your brewery belly of over 94 cm, it is already considered as obese. It is the most dangerous enemy of business, so as to cause the production of female hormones, and men of testosterone reduced significantly. It is fast takes you to the erectile dysfunction. In addition, with the excess of weight is due to the onset of diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, which reduces the general health.
  3. Stop smoking, drinking, eating, even the most mild of the drug. Science has long proved a direct relationship of the power of bad habits. It is immediately will greatly enhance the capabilities in the intimate sphere.
  4. Try less to sit up, move more, play sports. The representatives of office plankton are significantly more likely to suffer sexual dysfunction, and that the representatives of the professions related to the high mobility of the charges. Learn how to do exercises in the morning, run, jump rope, buy the simulator, the less the more simple. If the possibilities of sports training are limited by the lack of time and must sit down, will help you a Kegel exercise. You can run, sitting on a chair. It aims to strengthen the muscles pubo-coccygienne.
  5. If you feel that the problems of impotence, associated with complexes due to a failure of a sexual act or something similar, try to seek help from a counselor or help themselves.
  6. Try to be less nervous on any topic, falling into depression, avoid stress. In the contrary case, the sexual function were much more low. With coherence it is with an ancient mechanism of conception of the child in a supportive environment.
  7. More rest, try quietly to sleep for eight hours. Sleep must pass in total darkness and quiet. The leave must take place in your life. Remember how many months you work every day. In the opposite case, a decrease in the activity cause yourself.
  8. Use the traditional methods of preparing decoctions, tinctures of medicinal plants and herbs, take a relaxing bath, there is also a course of aromatherapy and yoga.

Power: how to raise at home

In this section, we will examine some of the moments of the power in natural conditions in more detail.


Exercises to improve the power of simple, are designed to improve the durability and strength of the erection by increasing the blood supply in the pelvis and the penis. Do their suits in the morning and in the evening. Increase the workload should gradually, with time, each exercise up to ten times.

Most simple of them:

the improvement of potency in men products
  • Standing on the ground, hands on waist, feet placed about shoulder-width apart. The rotation of the pelvis in the clockwise direction, and then in the opposite direction – a maximum of ten times on each side.
  • The starting position. Perform walking movement of the feet, the top by lifting the chin. A booth at this try directly. A dozen times for each leg.
  • The hands on the waist, the legs a bit bend the knees. Let's start to do the exercise, bend the legs more strong, as if sitting, the more you fatigue the muscles of the buttock 2-3 times.
  • Lying on the ground, feet on width of shoulders, slightly bent knees, arms along the body. Abruptly snatching the basin and the back on the floor, mount it exactly to the top and hold the position for a few seconds, and then take the starting position.
  • The following exercise is reminiscent of the bike. Lying on the floor, as in the previous exercise, and imitate the feet of the bike movement.
  • The greatest impact on the muscle pubo-coccygeal muscle. Lying on the ground, legs slightly bent, arms are alongside the body. Let's start strongly bend this muscle and the follow-up of the tension force, and not the number of repetitions.
  • This exercise is done in a sitting position. The hands on the waist, the thorax is emitted to the front, the shoulders gently. Stretch the area between the testicles and anus, as if to pull the rump that scattered on the floor. The muscles of the buttock during this try to relax and not to strain.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are designed scientists Arnold Kegel in the middle of the last century, and which aim at:

  • the elimination and prevention of many diseases related to the sphere of the genito-urinary tract – inflammation and hypertrophy of the prostate, incontinence, urethritis, hemorrhoids, etc;
  • the increase in the time and the strength of the erection into account the filling of blood to the pelvic region and the penis;
  • the increase in the time and the force of the orgasm. The sex acts are more durable and are filled with the new sensations;
  • the stabilization of the hormonal balance and increase the production of testosterone. In fact, these exercises improve the activity of the testes, which are responsible for the production of this substance;
  • the ejaculation control, the ability to extend the time of sexual intercourse and multiple sexual intercourse during a short period of time.

Simple Kegel exercises are good that you can perform anywhere and anytime. Important to know where the pubococcygeus muscle-muscle, or LKP. Find them quite easily. If, at the time of urination you stop the jet, in the interval between the anus and the testicles feel like naprâglas ' it is this muscle.

The most simple exercise:

  • the exercise LKP-the muscles. Learn how to find, and then squeeze and relax. This is the most simple for it to strengthen. 2-3 times per day is sufficient;
  • the delay of the jet. Every time when you go to the toilet, try to stop urination 2-3 times;
  • with time, when you will already feel the muscle, you can begin the tension-relaxation, independently of the other muscles of the body. The effect of this exercise is locked up in the compression strength and the number of repetitions. You need to bring the number to three per day of ten exercises in each session.

The recipes of traditional medicine and weed

  • every day during the month to eat 200 grams of nuts a day, washed down with milk of goat;
  • mix in the proportions 1:1, chopped nuts and honey until homogenous consistency. Eat three tablespoons per day for a half-hour after a meal in a period of one month;
  • tincture of siberian ginseng. In a period of 30 days, three times a day half a teaspoon diluted with a little water for half an hour before meals;
  • the garlic tincture. On three-liter jar of put a kilo of garlic, cover with water, close the lid and keep it for a month, every day shaking. Drink a teaspoon, until the content of dry;
  • tincture of ginseng root, which you can buy in any pharmacy. Take 30 drops three times a day for half an hour before meals. The last receipt is not later than five hours prior to bedtime, as it can cause insomnia;
  • a relaxing bath after a day of work of the leaf or chamomile. Usually prepared three liters of broth, to filter, pour into a warm bath and take about 20 minutes before you go to bed;
  • the collection, which includes the st. john's wort, mint, clover and nettle. Mix everything in equal amounts and boil a tablespoon of boiling water. Take as a tea for strengthening the power;
  • improvement of potency in men exercises
  • the honey with the addition of a few drops of any essential oil of rose, ginger, st. john's wort oil, eucalyptus, or mint
  • to strengthen the blood circulation, you can take an infusion of horse-chestnut, as well as a collection, which includes elderberry, bilberry, st. john's wort.

By simultaneously using advice on the change of the power, of the execution of the physical exercise, taking herbal teas and decoctions, prepared by the hands, you will soon feel the power has increased. And with it, it is mounted on the general tone of the body and its defenses.