Medications to improve potency in men

In the modern world, the percentage of men with erectile dysfunction, is quite high. Many of them use drugs to improve potency. Their use allows for a solid floor feel again to the height. Erectile dysfunction can surprise a man of any age, but most often it occurs after 40-45 years. The causes of impotence are various factors, from mental block, and ending with vascular pathologies. At the present time on the safe sex lie a lot of hassle, finally negatively on health. This is why men are more likely to suffer from cardio-vascular diseases, diseases of the gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tract.

Why the necessity of the use of drugs that increase the power?

tools to improve the power

Due to the fact that in old age, erectile dysfunction bothered him a lot, a part of men does not appeal to medical help, considering the decrease of the sexual function of the standard. In fact, it is nothing. There are many causes of impotence, which, with the right approach to the problem can be avoided. We distinguish between psychological and traumatic impact, circulatory disorders of the genital organs, and chronic diseases. Drugs for improving the power can not prevent the main cause of the erectile dysfunction, but due to their effects of the sexual life of men comes to normal. However, you must remember that at the timely appeal to a doctor urologist there are chances of complete healing by the removal of the damaging factors.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction

There are several methods of recovery of the power. The method of treatment depends on the cause, the age and the desire of men to have a normal sex life. This problem can engage psychologists, urologists, endocrinologists or surgeons. The most effective and searched for a way to today are drugs. An increase of power in the men, after their reception can occur almost always. The medicines are the heart and soul of a strong half of humanity because of their rapid exposure, the absence of the need to discuss this problem with a partner, as well as the ability to apply them in case of need.

Drugs to improve the power sought since their invention until the present time. Their advantage lies in the rapid application, security, and high performance. In the modern world of medicines that increase the power, can afford to every man.

In addition to the famous patented, drugs, the pharmacies have generic equivalents. Buying drugs and the Internet, in this case, the guarantee of the watchmakers of privacy.

The benefits of drugs to increase the power

The drugs intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, using a lot of men. And many of them do not have problems of the sexual function. Drugs to improve the power not only to "put into action", the sexual organ, but will also prolong the closeness. In addition, thanks to these drugs man has the opportunity to enter into an intimate relationship several times. For this reason, the medication is not only used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but also to surprise and delight favorite. Drugs have the following advantages:

  1. A fast action.
  2. The ability to apply them when a man is needed.
  3. High efficiency – the medications almost all cases, whatever the reason of erectile dysfunction.
  4. The absence of the dependence – if the patient stops using medication that increases the power of sex is a function not only doesn't suffer, but, on the contrary, in most cases, improves.
  5. Great choice of medication.
  6. Safety.
  7. The absence of the need for a discussion with the partner, as well as in the circulation of medical help.

How to choose the medication improves the power?

how to increase the power

At the present time a very large choice of medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is why many men, the question arises as to what drugs to enhance the power of help you choose. In most cases, all drugs have the same efficacy and speed of action. However, among drugs, there are very small differences. These include: the dosage, the manufacturer, the price, the time of the action. In addition, some drugs are specially designed to prolong the sexual act, most often they apply to the men who have saved an erection. The only problem with them is the rapid emergence of the ejaculate.

The indications of a drug

A drug to improve the power is in pharmacies without a prescription. However, before its use, it is recommended to consult a specialist. The indications for use of a drug are the following:

  1. The inability to perform sexual intercourse (impotence).
  2. A short period of time of sexual intercourse (ejaculation).
  3. The positive symptoms of diseases of the lower urinary tract in combination with adenoma of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

It is important to remember that the medicine begins to act only if the atmosphere in the sexual act, it is the desire of copulation. The validity period may last up to 36 hours. Another feature is that the effects of the first pill in some cases, is negligible, but it is very strong from the suite of applications. Therefore, if a drug is poorly acted at the beginning of the use, it does not need immediately to increase the dose.

Contraindications to the use of drugs

In spite of the strong efficacy and safety of drugs, in some cases, its use is prohibited. Among the contraindications to the use of a drug identified:

  1. The occurrence of allergic reactions during the consumption of the assets or a subsidiary of products in the chemical composition of the drug.
  2. The young age – drug can not use in persons under 18 years of age.
  3. Therapy drugs containing nitrates.
  4. Leaving the consumption of another medication to improve potency.
  5. Decompensated diseases of the cardiovascular system- the state, in which the application of the drug for the power is extremely dangerous. These include: recently suffered a myocardial infarction, stroke, RSH, severe, angina pectoris and high blood pressure that is not controlled drug, arrhythmia, ARTERIAL hypotension (90/50 mm hg. spoons and less).
  6. Lactose intolerance, the deficit lactase enzyme.
  7. The loss of vision, is laid on the bottom of the ischemia of the optic nerve.

Application of an authorised medicinal product for patients with chronic renal failure, but if this drug should be used with caution, no more than 2 times per week.

Comments on the tool medicinal

drugs to improve the power

The opinions of men who have used the drug for potency, somewhat divergent. Most of them stress the quality and quick effect, immediately after the first consumption of drug. Others claim that the medicine begins to act only after a subsequent use. However, almost all patients are satisfied drug. The men gave not only its efficiency, but also greater duration of action, which for some can reach up to 3 to 4 days. Patients who have tried a variety of medications to improve potency, to recommend a medicine to improve potency. Feedback from physicians about the drug submitted to the tool are also positive. However, doctors strongly recommend men to consult them before you start the consumption of the drug.