The power in men

If there is something that can once and for all ruin the confidence of men in themselves and deprive them of their fulfilling life, it is problems with the power. Disease presentations of the representatives of all professions, from cleaners to heads of the largest companies and stars of show-business, and the level of well-being here lose its importance. Potency in men is dependent on many factors (psychological, other diseases, diet, mode of life), and the fund for the improvement of humanity has throughout its history. Also, the luggage of knowledge and the level of modern medicine in most cases, you can successfully manage the disease.

The causes of impotence problems

increase potency in men

Under the impotence of modern medicine refers to the ability of men to commit regular acts of sex, which also implies the ability to maintain an erection and complete the intimacy of ejaculation (premature ejaculation is considered a pathology).

Until now, that is quite widespread in the opinion that the cause of the problems with the power lies in a variety of psychological problems: high stress, the indifference, or the bad behavior of his partner, the psychic trauma that occurred in the past. However, statistics indicate that these factors are responsible for only 20 % of all cases, in the other, is the site of the symptoms or complications of other diseases (e.g., prostatitis, diabetes, diseases of the cardio-vascular system), the side effects of the drugs, consequence of bad habits (smoking, consumption of drugs or alcohol), or a lack in the body of certain substances, because of a bad power supply.

Often, the situation worsens a false feeling of discomfort and shame. Existing in a society of tradition prescribe to a man to stand courageously in the face of adversity and suffering. For those who grew up in the hard conservative conditions, it does not appear to be valid "on any subject of running to the doctor", not to mention, in order to share their experiences with a psychologist and inform a person (even an expert) on erectile dysfunction. As a result, without timely treatment, the disease progresses in a transparent way, and then get rid of it requires a lot more effort and time.

It is useful to remember that no problem is not able to face up to this that are not disposed of in its causes, consequently, an increase in the potency in men — the guarantee of the result of the overall improvement of the health status.

Discution, you can make a fair conclusion: erectile dysfunction is a symptom of other problems. Here you can recall another common misconception, which consists in the fact that the power in men after the age of 50 has no value. In reality, the body until death retains the ability to perform the sexual act. Because of the age changes may decrease the frequency of intimacy, but the physiological capacity to remain even in old age.

It may seem strange, but increasing the potency in men — another source of concern. This occurs during the taking of drugs, pharmaceuticals for bodybuilders, or is the symptom of other diseases (e.g., tuberculosis or chlamydia). Not worth rejoicing unexpectedly from the increased demand in the sex. After a certain time (and probably very little) the power starts to fall dramatically until it is complete sexual impotence, and in this case to deal with him will be very difficult.

How to increase the power of men?

The most obvious answer to this question is to cope with the illness or the extent possible, to facilitate its progress. However, if the problem is not with the emergence of pathologies, you can try the following methods:

  • Perhaps, the problems in the intimate sphere, arises due to a trauma or other psychological problems. In this case, you must contact a competent specialist and to follow the course of the psychotherapy.
  • The improvement of potency in men happens during a change of mode of life. The constant stress, fatigue, bad habits and unhealthy eating are unacceptable. The situations in which it is impossible to improve working conditions, give up junk food, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use almost never happens. Generally the main factor here is the lack of motivation.
  • A great influence on the harmony in sexual relations is the mutual understanding of the partners. If the behavior of the woman prevents the intimacy, you will need to discuss this problem and try to reach an agreement.
  • Increases the power and the change of environment. Established during the long years of the relations of the monotony of the transform in a routine of the same sex. Regardless of comfortable it is the bedroom, is sometimes worth getting out of it. Use, sexy lingerie, spontaneity and planning for the coming years — it will help you to rekindle the fire of passion.
  • An active lifestyle is often increases libido. If the relationships with women have lost their shine, just to try to make the sport. When the physical activity improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, and is distinct from the serotonin, with the power to improve it.
  • Finally, you can use medications to improve potency in men. Some of them represent vitamins and minerals complex and compensate the lack of the substance in the body, through problem, you can get rid of long-term. Other ways that will greatly enhance the blood circulation in the pelvic region. Because the effect does not last very long, take takes little time before the sexual act.

Tools to improve the potency in men

that increase the power

Now on the market there are a large number of drugs and dietary supplements that improve the potency.

The first are usually a pill special. The power of men in this case increases due to the large influx of blood to the organs located in the pelvic region. A portion of these drugs has a therapeutic effect, which allows on the long term to get rid of the problem. Others operate a short period of time (from several hours to several days), and can therefore be considered as a short-term measure.

The production of testosterone, and the secretion of the seminal fluid have a high incidence of certain substances. With a lack of appropriate vitamins and minerals can have problems with the power. In this case, the aid will come special vitamin and mineral complexes and dietary supplements (BAD).

In addition to addressing a lack of substances in the body, BAD can also amplify the blood circulation in the pelvic region. However, as in nature difficult to find a component that could have a short-term, but high impact, these tools are generally long-term, therapeutic effect.

On the occasion of the reception or the other affect of many circumstances: the individual characteristics of the organism, the intolerance of any substance, the specific reasons for impotence problems, other diseases. Because of this, the use of appropriate medicines is necessary only after the pre-investigation and consultation with the doctor.

Remedies to improve power in men

The question "how to improve the power of men" has arisen in all ages of the representatives of all states. As a result, it has been designed by several effective means of traditional medicine, here are a few:

  • The infusion of thyme. In dried form the plant, you can buy at the pharmacy. 100 g of plants in the boiled water. Once the mixture has cooled, it must filter it and drink. It is necessary to take the average of 2 times per day after meals. A similar effect, and a means of application of dried nettle leaves (you can also buy them at the pharmacy).
  • Another mixture is prepared as follows. 100 g of ginseng pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and in a period of 2 days. Then, put on the heat and bring to a boil, and after add 50 g of honey. 30 minutes later it is advisable to add 10 g of cinnamon and let the mixture simmer for 3 hours. Then the solution by insisting on 3 days. The tool of take of 0.2 l 2 times per day.
  • Very simple to prepare, but no less effective, black tea with cloves, ginger, or saffron.

The effect of those described ways does not come immediately, and very probably, after a few months of receipt.

Products that increase the power of men

To get rid of impotence problems, don't forget to drink of a tablet or the medicine, which tastes disgusting. Sometimes enough to diversify your daily diet. A large number of products contains substances that affect the secretion of the sperm and the selection of testosterone, including:

  • the honey and other apiculture products;
  • a little bit of greens with a spicy taste (for example, thyme, mint, cumin, portulaca, fennel, persil, coriander, spinach);
  • fresh vegetables (especially turnips, garlic and onion);
  • cattle meat, fish and poultry, and other protein-rich food;
  • milk and dairy products (cream, cheese, cheese, yogurt, yogurt);
  • some of the exotic dishes of the national cuisine (dog meat, spicy the blood of the turtle and vegetable oil, camel stomach);
  • the seafood (oysters, mussels, shrimp, squid);
  • fresh leaves of dandelion (do not agree that those who foiled in the flowering period);
  • the wine vinegar and the juice of the ripeness of the grapes;
  • nuts (peanuts, walnuts, hazelnut, pistachios);
  • figs, citrus, grenades;
  • fried or cooked eggs.