Prostatitis: symptoms and treatment - effective ways

The symptoms and methods of treatment of prostatitis needs to know every man, as more than 80% of the male part of the population is faced with a problem during life. The prostate is an important part of the reproductive system of the man. It puts the emphasis on the secret, which provides the means of subsistence, and the motility of spermatozoa in disorders of the thyroid gland at the expense of sexual activity in men. Also appear some problems in the urinary system, because the urethra through the thickness of the prostate. The treatment of prostatitis is based on the receipt of antibiotics and a course of massage, in severe cases, the use of surgical intervention.

If the time is not to cure the disease develop serious complications – infertility, cancer of the prostate.

prostatitis in men

The signs and symptoms of prostatitis

The first signs of prostatitis in men is a difficulty with the withdrawal of the urine, and pain during the act of urination. This is due to the fact that painful for iron significantly increases in the size and the greenhouse urinariorum the canal that passes through it. In the case of thinning of the urethra is completely blocked, and the patient requires emergency surgery

As the prostate is a male sexual organ, the system suffers from the function of reproduction and the decline in the quality of the erection. The penis fills with blood not completely, but sometimes, the erection is absent, also decreases the desire to have sexual intercourse, decreased libido. In addition, most men complain of the appearance or the intensification of the pain in the perineum in the period of excitation.

Erection problems and the separation of the urine is the first symptom, with the development of the disease go to them and to other signs:

  • a burning sensation in the area of the crotch;
  • pain during bowel movements;
  • the presence in the urine clear wire, which swim on the surface;
  • unusual selection of channel-urethral.

By the nature of the disease secrete acute and chronic prostatitis. Their manifestation is a little different: when the acute form is broken, the overall health, the increase in temperature and the clinical picture of the chronic inflammation reminiscent of the symptoms of adenoma of the prostate.

Prostatitis acute in men

The disease begins in an unexpected manner, the temperature increases up to 39 degrees, disturbances of general well-being, man is constantly running in the toilet. The urine is secreted by the small portions, the entire act of urination is accompanied by strong pain in the perineum, urethra, and abdomen. During all the sickness one feels discomfort in the groin, sometimes in the rectum.

Sexual desire disappears, the erection weak or completely absent. The urethral hole is distinguished stringy mucus-transparent when the chronic prostatitis viral or greenish, with pus – when bacterial.

The acute inflammation is followed by the apathy of the patient, the fatigue of rapid and a decrease of the performance.

The chronic prostatitis

The chronic prostatitis and the develops gradually. First symptoms of weakness, a little worried about a man, but with time, it intensifies. Soon a slight discomfort becomes a serious problem. Therefore, when the first signs of a need to refer to a urologist, who will help you to get rid of the inflammation and lead in the long-lasting remission.

The characteristic of the manifestation of chronic inflammation of the prostate:

the manifestations of prostatitis
  • a stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, speculum in the testes, the intestine and in the perineum;
  • increased urge to empty the bladder, which cause pain and burns;
  • the time of sexual intimacy is shortened. This occurs because of the steady discomfort, who knows the man;
  • the total loss or reduction in sexual activity (libido);
  • problems with ejaculation, emission of semen, painful, decreases its strength and its scope;
  • the selection of the urethra, which usually appear during or after the hike in the toilet.

The chronic prostatitis is the most often leads to complications, because the more difficult to diagnose. Sometimes, the disease can a few years do not occur actively, and then a few days lead to unpleasant consequences. The doctors advise the men to follow a regular inspection routine for urologists, not to be missed hidden inflammation.

The correct diagnosis

For the diagnosis of prostatitis, plays a central role in inspection and investigation of the patient. Characteristics of the complaint grow the doctor, the diagnosis and the touch search by the anus, and multiple investigative methods help confirm.

If the prostate is inflamed, at the time of rectal palpation, the patient will complain of pain, and when chronic prostatitis – unpleasant, some painful. The touch is determined that the prostate is increased and edematous.

To permanently ensure the diagnosis, the urologist means of complementary exams:

  • bacteriological analysis of urine – urine collected seeded on an environment, where rapidly growing microbe that has caused the inflammation. The analysis is relevant only if bacteriological examination of the nature of the disease. For the detection of the viral prostatitis, there are other methods;
  • analysis of the secretions, emitted by the prostate gland;
  • the biopsy of the prostate is named in this situation, when there is suspicion about the presence of the cancer the conversion of the authority;
  • uroflowmetry.

The early diagnosis allows the correct assignment of the treatment and to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Treatment of prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis has been the most effective, and has brought the desired result, doctors use the thrapeutique. It includes physical exercises, massage, the use of drugs and folk remedies. In severe cases, when conservative treatment does not lead to healing, it is necessary to resort to the surgical intervention.

The healing process takes a long period of time, but the respect of all appointments, the outlook is positive. Most of the men manages to never mention unpleasant symptoms of the inflammation.

treatment of prostatitis

What drugs are used to treat prostatitis?

To combat inflammation of the prostate is preferable to use drugs that are available in the form of candles. In this way penetration of the drug in the body, it begins to act exactly at the destination, not to exercise a toxic action on the other organs.

Standard are appointed by the three groups of drugs that fight against the causative agent of the infection, the inflammation and swelling, as well as reduce the pain:

  • the antibacterial agents (antibiotics);
  • adrenergic blockers alpha-adrenergic receptors;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substance.

It is important not to do self medication because the drugs must be taken individually. You can not mix different medicines. Before the introduction of the bougie, it is necessary to ensure that the previous is dissolved.

The most effective folk remedies

Folk remedies for the worked well in the treatment of prostate cancer. One of the best techniques is regarded as the consumption of pumpkin seeds. In the day, you should eat about 30 to 40 parts raw seeds. It will provide a need to the male body in zinc to support the functioning of the prostate.

You can also mix 500 g of bleached without envelopes of seeds with one cup of honey. In this mixture, roll small balls of the size of a walnut. Eat a ball twice a day just before the meals. It is important not to quickly swallow the honey, and gradually resolve as a candy. Keep the necessary medication in the refrigerator to avoid spoilage. Before you use it on for several hours, you need to expose her, for the light bulbs were not too cold.

With the exception of the pumpkin, the folk medicine recommends the use of the green bark of the chestnuts. It is necessary to collect, wash, boil and drink tea at the place 1-2 times per day. As brown tea increases the appetite, to drink, preferably just before the meal.

Physical exercise

During the inflammation occur the phenomena stagnant in the prostate, which cause the swelling and the pain of the authority. The physical training will help to disperse the blood, drive the gland into the tone and speed the metabolism. Physiotherapy is composed of static and dynamic exercise, you can also perform a gymnastics Kegel, which is reducing and the relaxation of the muscles in the bottom of the basin.

Of years static to help maintain the good tone of the pelvic floor and abdomen, and dynamic to get rid of the congestion of the pelvic region.

Of course Kegel are the dynamics of the spirit of the exercise. During such gymnastics alternately to reduce and relax the pelvic muscles, periodically change the intensity and the voltage.

Massage for the treatment of prostatitis

To facilitate the manifestations of the prostatitis, the doctors prescribe the prostate massage. There are two different methods direct and indirect. Direct massage is the pressure on the prostate through the rectum wall. Because the need of penetration into the bowel through the anus, this massage is best left to a specialist and do not self-give medications.

Massage of the second method (indirect), the patient can do for himself. To do this, he must lie down, relax and start to slightly press the center of the perineum between the testicles and anus, gradually increasing the intensity of the pressures. The procedure should not cause pain, in the contrary case, you must as soon as possible consult a doctor.

the hot baths

The hot baths

The hot baths at the prostatitis are only allowed in the period of remission of the disease, during an acute exacerbation can take a bath, the water temperature does not exceed 35 degrees.

During the procedure of the abdomen, the perineum and the anal area rubbing gently with the washcloth. The residence time in the water should not be more than 15 minutes. It is important that the room was quite warm, because hypothermia, or the sudden change of temperature will worsen the patient's condition.

For a better effect in the bath, you can add the decoctions of the pine, the oak bark, or of camomile.

Surgery during of prostatitis

To surgical methods for the treatment of prostatitis use in extreme cases, when the medications do not give any effect.

There are two types of operations:

  • TOWER – resection of the gland through the urethra. The method is good, in that its holding is not assured of the incision, and all manipulations are performed through the urethra. Surgeons remove part or all of the prostate, thereby reducing the compression of the urethra and in removing the symptoms of prostatitis;
  • prostatectomy – an operation to remove the prostate. A place, in case of failure of transurethral resection, is the longer of the period of reconstruction.

What are the possible complications of prostatitis?

If you choose to ignore the symptoms of prostatitis and not have to fight with the disease, the infection spread to nearby organs and cause complications:

  • vesiculitis;
  • urethritis;
  • the appearance of abscesses in the prostate or on the organs located in the vicinity;
  • sclerotic changes of the prostate.

The most terrible which can cause the untreated prostatitis is infertility, or cancer, the transformation of the tissues of the prostate.

The prevention of prostatitis

To avoid unpleasant disease, you need to monitor the state of the prostate, and regular preventive inspection.

the prevention of prostatitis

In addition, to reduce the risk of to help you a few simple rules:

  • sport;
  • the way to avoid a long position sedentary;
  • regular of the devastation of the gland – finished the sexual act or masturbation;
  • the procedure of curing.

You can also perform exercises special, indirect massage of the prostate and take a shower, and aimed at the crotch.