What are excited, guys?

A large part of the men love the eyes. Often preferred a man is excited, not only from the point of view of the woman, but of the carelessly a particular sentence intonation, soft keys or, on the contrary, rude and many others. You can watch in its second half, and learn more about him.

the excitement of the men

The appearance and behavior

The main role is to attract men plays stimulating the appearance. Every man can seduce her with the help of different clothes according to his preferences: he should quietly as her excites him the most, or just watch. Most often it is the clothes soft or silky fabric tight, all natural curves and body parts protruding.

If the girl has a beautiful trim of the chest, it is possible to remove the bra: solidified nipples peep through light clothing, to excite all men without exception. Still an excellent board – sometimes don't wear panties. It should be, alluding to transparent for the second half of this topic. You can do it a different way: it is enough to direct his hand under the clothes. Or you can sit down for he noticed the absence of panties.

There are still several attributes to excite men:

  • high-heeled shoes;
  • sexy cuts on dresses and skirts, beneath which are visible the bottom;
  • the neckline, which indicates the space between the breasts;
  • long hair in perfect condition;
  • scabbard, leather, dresses in red or black leather;
  • open the shoulders and the neck;
  • the nakedness of the stomach;
  • translucent clothing.

To wake up the sensual of the reach of men, he should know: he thinks that its disturbing, and, first of all, what is his attitude. You can't excite her companion, if he is at this moment think of unpleasant moments in the workplace or on the machine. If you choose no for the moment, it is either a guy does not notice your attempts, or quite angry. Before proceeding with the seduction of a guy, you need to know that he thinks of this moment, and to understand how it is possible to be interested in.

The most effective of the excitement using carelessly abandoned and expressions with sexual connotations or a certain intonation.

This method allows you to cause a feeling of arousal very quickly, even without touching the body of a partner – this is the best technique.

For example, if you are with a young man to say where the retreat, it is best to do something nice to be able to relax. For example, you can gently kiss him in the neck, without the knowledge leaned toward it, or do something more erotic. This will lead the young man full of joy. If you know that the whispering in the ear of his companion, at the right time, it will play in your favor.

The words must moleter, as a fresh wave of sincerity, but above all, must be appropriate. In another case, misleading or inappropriate maxims will be listened to, or to spoil everything.

To excite the young man, you must know its emotional and sensual sphere. This depends a lot on the words to pronounce, to excite them.

Choose be very careful when familiar with man is not the first day. This will help the time you spend together (more is better). You know the fantasies and preferences of the second half.

You should know that it is certainly not all the men fans direct of words and phrases. There are such men, who upright loves, but the most of them by the mystery and the secret. Such equivocal phrases to cause in men is more quick to move closer to its second half, especially if she says that it is good tone, and with a certain mystery in his voice.

To understand which words are best suited for the excitement of a young man, it should be recalled that the praise wonderful option. This increases the self-esteem, frees the soul sister and flatters his self-love.

If the drop compliments to any man, soon, it will not stand. This should be done very careful, not playing again not a fake. You have nothing to invent and to transform its defects in dignity. After these attacks, and caustic comments, as seems, to him, can hardly get anything in the bed.

There are many ways in which you can rent the second half. To do this, just listen to what he's talking about, and notice the original deeds of his hand. In simple terms, you have to find the strong points of your man. In this case, you will be able to find a way to excite the young man.

the excitement of the men prelude


Some girls think that men do not like foreplay. It is an illusion. The stronger sex is excited more, as the girl relates the lips to different areas of his body. You must ensure that the partner responds to touch in different areas.

The erogenous zones that all men are in different places. Almost without exception, all men like it when you caress gently the lips of their nipples and breasts. The sensitivity in this area, they have developed no less than girls.

What are excited, the young people can understand if gently caress, bite, suck on different parts of the body, using all of their imagination in this sense. The most erogenous zone is considered the internal face of the thighs. Even if you start gently stroking this area, the young man, probably very strong excitat, such as when light kisses in the same domain.

The usual kisses is also possible to make original and provoking. He is of the opinion that the sky is a very erogenous zone for men, it is necessary, therefore, when the kiss of the reed, gently touch, touch.

In addition, you can play with the lower lip: drinking in small shots, biting, clamping it between his lips, but most of all, to be gentle, to give of the good times, as it is described in the French novels of the last century.

Another erogenous zone in men is the spine. What can be excited of the young man? For example, scrapie, or touching, a nice massage.

A very strong excitation cause affectionate kisses in the lumbar region and near the spine. You can start with the spine, and then smoothly change or the back or the neck and the nape of the neck. In the course, you can leave relaxed or tense the tongue. Although the best would be to alternate to avoid monotony.

The belly is not less erogenous zone. The more sensitive the area between communicable by the authority and the navel. It should give the greatest attention before the sexual act. Kissing should be passionate and tender at the same time – they will be able to be loved in a few seconds. Does not need immediately to go down in the last zone, you can stay for about 2 minutes. With so little, leaving away the fun only intensifies, and the excitement reached its top peak.

The excitement in the distance

What else can be excited in a young man? How to do it remotely? First of all, it should be working on the next. Seduce this way, you can be anywhere: in a bar, in the street or elsewhere. In order to attract guys, you need to keep his gaze on her until until he looks at him, then look away. In a game of glances, there's something to be appealing for the men, something unattainable. This is why it is likely that it will, with the intention to meet you.

Often, distance to desired goals much more than the counter. To excite the guys at a great distance, you can use other methods. However, it should be remembered that they are not suitable for everyone and in all situations. If skillfully take advantage of them, they will have the same effect as the button.

In the modern world, sometimes it is good to excite the young man is not only in reality but in the virtual network.

When the excitement of my young man online the most important to choose an exact expression. Virtual communication involves a more honest and apt words.

If the case relates to correspondence, it is appropriate to rely on the franchise and the emancipation, if skype and those messengers, you can connect desired and the intonation.

By phone or skype, you can insert it in the conversation, tender compliments, and the futile enunciation, being the voice of sexual and enjoyable.

The most energetic, and self-confidence in girls can arrange the sex by phone, which allows the simulation of ston and sexual sighs. In our time, the phone sex is very popular and leads to the ecstasy of the two interlocutors. Encouraging phrases are capable of doing more miracles.


Every man is excited only from intonation, linens and other small parts. This is why it is necessary to look at how much is each method that you use, and point out that the faster excited companion.

For example, it is of the opinion that the ears an erogenous zone. In fact, in some men, but not in all of them.

The same thing can be said about the area of the nose. Not everyone likes to touch your face. Every man needs an individual approach. In particular, it is necessary to follow its response to his gestures of touch and at the beginning of the relationship. What exactly is it it is not necessary to do is to put all of the habits of the old young man today. Each person is different and the reaction of all different on the individual actions.

blockquote>you must not be afraid to bring new elements in a relationship, you just have to be careful. In effect, if not to try something new, you can never know what he is in love with a young man.

No need to fear that the representative of the stronger sex, the judge of the daughter of ineptitude in terms of gender.

Right person will be attentive and understand that it is also, perhaps, and look for mutual approaches. The partners need some time to create the family atmosphere of the other.

The brightest excitation effect is, of course, a kiss. If a man really loves you, each tapping on the lips or hands will make him a physical tension.

If a man him, to hear his requests, because there is a lot to improve your relationships and facilitate the understanding. The conversations will help you to clean omissions, and you will feel better.