How and to improve male potency: tested recipes of life

A man with a strong impotence, always sure of himself, he succeeds not only in bed, but in life. With the right approach, maintain the sexual health may be to old age, while remaining active in the 60's, 70's and even 80 years.

increase potency in men

How to increase the power? Methods to improve the power of a lot of things, but not all of them are equally effective and safe. One day, after having suffered a failure, not worth it to dwell on the problem, need to find ways of its decision, which will be the sexual organ to function in a stable manner and without error.

Maintains and increases the power of the medical treatment, traditional medicine, exercises, psychological methods of impact, diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The means and types to improve the potency

The erection is the main feature of the ability of men to sexual life.

The weak erection or its absence creates a psychological and emotional discomfort, to form the complex.

The problem, how can you increase the power, familiar to men of all ages, without exception.

During a sexual life regular power is stabilized, the man learns to skillfully manage transmitted by the authority to control an erection. In a period of 25 to 35 years, more attention is granted is not the quantity, but the quality of the proximity with the woman.

Attention!The age of the foreign 40-45 years is critical, it is the time of many men lose ground.

The weakening of erection occurs on the background of fatigue, the fatigue, the stress. A negative impact on the power of the chronic diseases, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

The main Causes of the deterioration of erectile function is bulimia, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, lack of physical activity.

To increase the power, you must act in a comprehensive way – to restore peace and emotional balance, to improve health, improve health status, to get rid of the excess weight. Make the power better to help drugs, physiotherapy, other methods of exposure without medication.

Increase the power of medicines

Vessels healthy is a guarantee of the quality of the power to the men. Full prolonged erection is achieved thanks to the influx of blood to the sex and to the authority.

If spasm of the blood vessels, they become clogged cholesteric plaques, the blood flow is bad on the body, the erection worsens or does not quite.

There are several groups of drugs designed to increase male potency.

the means of male libido

How to increase the power of a man using drugs:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase . The action of these drugs is expressed in the relaxation of walls of blood vessels, in large part, to the accelerates and improves the filling of the sexual organ.The positive effect of the drug generally lasts for 4-6 hours in a single time.
  • Donors of oxide of nitrogen. Their mechanism of action is based on the increase of nitric oxide production in the body, which positively affects the tone of blood vessels.The substance relaxes the smooth muscle, which is an amplification of the masculine power. The medicine the course takes place – 12-14 days 1 tablet.
  • Drugs-androgens . Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the physical strength and endurance in men. If it is produced is insufficient, there is a decrease of activity, the deterioration of erection.The testosterone preparations restore the hormonal balance, are widely used to improve the power. Assigns the medicine that the doctor, on the basis of the analysis of hormones in the blood, you can drink a tablet or have a series of injections.
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers . They contain substances that block the receiver adrenergiques, leading to vasodilation and erection enhancement.The amplifier of the erection is on the metabolism of the prostate, normalizes the tone of blood vessels, increase sex drive in men.
  • Synthetic analogues of prostaglandin. Stimulates the musculature of the corpora cavernosa, contributing to intense filling of blood and the genital organs. The drug is injected directly into the member for her impact on the output.
  • Antispasmodic. Increase the main artery, which can increase the power. Are used both in the form of an injection into the tissue of the sexual organ. The long-term treatment does not apply, because the do not have the desired effect.
  • Antidepressants. This is a broad group of drugs with the different composition and appointment. A side effect when taking antidepressants is the prolongation of the erection of 3-4 times. The strengthening of the power can be achieved using several drugs, and this accelerates the microcirculation.
  • Food supplements . The supplements are generally combined in the composition, in their basis – the natural raw materials of vegetable or animal origin.The natural action of drugs on the body is also built – in rejuvenation, weight loss, health improvement, health care, improvement of stress resistance, the acceleration of metabolic processes, purification.

Increase of the power without the drugs

On the way to strengthen the power, the people thought since time immemorial. To increase the sexual power sought to noble men and simple people. Are known since a long time, recipes diet, contribute to the recovery of the health of men. In order to achieve the stability of the positive effect they must be applied regularly to conduct preventive measures.

The traditional methods

Since ancient times, people have used medicinal plants to increase the power. There are only a few plants that are considered powerful stimulants of the erection in men. It is better to use them separately from each other, without confusing them.

increase potency in men, mode of life

How to increase the power of men of herbs and roots:

  • Ginseng. Thanks to miraculous properties, it is called the root of love. In a cup of boiling water will need 2 tablespoons dry minced raw.The infusion of the storm on low heat for an hour, then let cool, strain, add the honey and the cinnamon.Drink half a cup 2 times a day after meals in the morning and in the evening.
  • Thyme (thyme). The plant is used to treat erectile dysfunction, applies for the purposes of prevention.In the sexual weakness is helpful to drink thyme tea. On the cup necessary 1 tbsp without a hill of dry grass, chopped. Brewed the drink for a few minutes, the maximum amount that you can drink 5 cups of tea thyme in the night.
  • Fireweed (epilobium). The plant contains a complex of active substances – macro-and trace elements, essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids. Stimulates the production of testosterone, and that means that to raise sexual desire. A pinch of the dried leaves of fireweed with narrow leaves pour boiling water, to insist for a long time, drink the tea, twice a day.
  • Chinese lemongrass. The fruits and seeds of plants have on the human body general firming, regenerating and toning of the impact. The easiest way is to take 5-7 fruits or seeds per day. You can fill out of the dried berries in boiling water, drink an infusion just before an act of love.
  • St. john's wort. Medicinal plant blends well with other cultures, often used in the charges. Take an infusion of st. john's wort for a lasting erection should not take more than 3 weeks, otherwise it may produce the opposite effect.

The power and nutrition

There are products so-called aphrodisiacs, which stimulate the power of the two sexes. There is even a separate section of the kitchen, dedicated dishes, suitable for a couple in love erotic effect.

Each country is famous for its products which, in the opinion of the population, are a symbol of love and passion. In Africa – this is the meat of a snake, to the east of the horn of a rhinoceros, in Europe, the mushrooms, to the North of the bay.

It is more usual for people of different products exciting to have effect. It is spicy herbs, spices, seafood, fruits, onions, garlic, honey, cheeses.

The scientists have proved that sexual activity will be in the standard, if the body has enough vitamin A, E and group S.

They are responsible for the instinct of reproduction, contribute to improving the transmission of nerve impulses.

In ancient times, people knew which increases the erection with a mix of nuts and dried fruit, spices and honey. For the cooking of the exciting of the composition will need 200 grams of raisins, prunes, dried apricots, figs, 12 pieces of walnuts, peanuts and almonds.

All the ingredients are finely cut, mix with 3 tablespoons of honey. Orekhovo-fruits, the mixture is stored in the fridge, used all the days 1-2 teaspoons.

The mode of life

an increase of the potency in men exercises

The power decreases naturally, when a man ages. On the fact to prevent impotence, you can, if maintaining the health, to lead a good life.

In recent years, the problem of the erectile dysfunction considerably rejuvenated, about this think young people who, 30 or 35 years.

Any doctor confirms that it is due to a lack of physical activity and sports, bad habits, poor diet, deficiency of vitamins, fatigue, constant stress.

The complete impotence lead to serious health problems – diabetes, multiple sclerosis, trauma.

Most men not care about weak erection, irreversible, has changed the way of life, by repairing habits.

How, and to increase the power:

  • Movement. The sedentary lifestyle is the first enemy of modern society. The lack of physical activity leads to stagnation, it affects the functioning of male genitalia. For the blood to circulate normally in the body, is a significant permanent moderate physical activity – jogging, gymnastics, evening walks, to the gym.
  • Health. The consequence of smoking and alcohol abuse may be the erectile dysfunction, the most dreaded diagnosis for all men. Nicotine promotes the formation of cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels, in some cases, is forced to seek surgical help.
  • Nutrition. To complete the production of sperm are necessary proteins, amino acids, trace elements. The basic ideal of diet for sexually active men will be meat, herbs, vegetables. Periodically in the diet should include fruits, grains, legumes. And it's all sweet, fatty, fried, salted, smoked from the menu is preferable to remove.
  • The mode of the day. Proficiency in alternating between work and rest, you can obtain a significant improvement of the health, strengthen the erection. It happens that after a rest the man is the strength and the desire.

Special exercises

Exercises to improve erection engage muscles intimate. For men, the most important of them is the LK-muscle, from the pubic bone to the coccyx. Still called the muscle power.

It is responsible for the proper functioning of the urinary system, the emptying of the intestine, the control of erection.

The training of the musculature in the heart of the matter is the prevention of many diseases.

You have a strong half of humanity is prostatitis, urethritis, prostatic hyperplasia, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other.

The system of training for the love of the musculature developed by dr. Arnold Kegel. The therapeutic effect of strengthening the pc muscle more to the elimination of stagnation in the pelvic area.

The result of the lessons of strengthen the erection, the building sensations during orgasm, extension of the sexual act, the normalization of hormonal levels, the restoration of libido.

How to build muscle – the first steps:

  1. To discover the subject of the training session, you need to try to stop the process of urination, and then continue.
  2. In the future, all the work will take place exactly above the muscle, which has enabled the man to stop the jet during urination.
  3. If you stop the process has not worked, this means that the muscle is currently weak and cowardly.
increase potency in men physio

Kegel exercises are totally imperceptible to us, you can perform any time and anywhere. It is convenient, safe, effective!

That has to be done to bring the muscles intimate in tone:

  1. The tension and the relaxation. The exercise can be to start with the easiest: 3-5 seconds to switch the voltage to the relaxation. In the course of the day, it is necessary to do the exercise 10 to 20 times. With time, their number will grow up to 50.
  2. An insulated voltage. To achieve success in the training, he must learn to bend the place you are interested in isolation of other organs and muscles. It is necessary to begin with a few repetitions, gradually increasing the load.
  3. The extension of the phase of the voltage. The time of the tension in the muscle is increased to 10 seconds, the relaxation period remains at the level of 2-3 seconds. The total number of repetitions per day is expected to reach 80 to 100 times.
  4. In the future, it is necessary simply to maintain the muscle of love in the tone, the expenses of the year.

Increase the power and physiotherapy methods

Physiotherapy aims to strengthen the blood vessels and restoring the circulation in the lower part of the body. The course of physiotherapy services will help eliminate erection problems and ejaculation.

It is important! The procedures are laid down for the maintenance and renewal of the results of drug treatment.

What are the methods of physiotherapy, you can use it to restore an erection:

  • the electrotherapy;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • the laser therapy;
  • ozone therapy;
  • pneumomassage.

Psychological effects of the method

All medicines act on the patient only physiological part, that is to say, when a man wants to enter into the sexual act, but physically can't do it.

How to strengthen the power, if not of libido? In this case, it is necessary to apply methods of psychological impact.Psychogenic ways of influence are selected individually, depending on departures.