Sex during prostatitis: limitations in sex, and the consequences for the men at the prostatitis

The prostate gland is often called the "second heart" of men and women, the epithet is not a coincidence, it is the normal functioning of the prostate depends on the body's ability to produce testosterone-in-chief of the sex hormone.

sex with prostatitis

Healthy prostate gives you the possibility to keep a man regular sexual proximity, and the inflammatory process, passing in this body, often disrupt the usual way of life and become the cause of the collapse of relations in the family. Taking into account that information is easy to understand that the disease of the prostate affecting heavily and serious psychological test for the patient.

In the process of ejaculation occurs release of the secret, and if such a procedure is not carried out a lot of time, in the prostate occur the phenomena stagnant, which become the catalyst for the current state of health and lead to the acute forms, so the sex if unpleasant male disease mandatory. It is particularly important to maintain a sexual contact after the age of 40, because in this period, the production of testosterone is on the decline.

Regular sex helps to:

  • active in the development of prostatic juice;
  • the standardization process of movement in the pelvic area and directly into the prostate;
  • during contraction of the musculature involved in a process, which takes place on the massage of the prostate, which affects its operation and get rid of the negative manifestations of an infectious nature;
  • orgasm with an emission of seminal fluid allows you to effectively remove the products of degradation, appearing as part of the inflammatory process, which removes the affected organ waste, because this improves the supply of the prostate of the oxygen and the healing is quick.

The use of sex when the men of disease long proved the most great specialists urologists, but for the sexual act really helped, and not bad healing, it is necessary to strike a reasonable balance, and is mandatory to use condoms for the infection is not transmitted to your partner.

The chronic form

Contraindications to sexual activity during chronic lesions of the prostate does not exist, conversely, during the chronic prostatitis proximity is mandatory, and the man must schedule regular appointments with a woman. The process of copulation serves to accelerate the impact of drug treatment and faster to get rid of the bad illness, of pain, characteristic of the acute form of, in this case can not occur, which makes the procedure is not only useful, but also enjoyable.

When a man refuses to close, most often due to the psychological nature, a stagnation in the prostate gland begins to increase and the treatment of problems delayed. The partners should discuss to resolve the situation, and, if necessary, seek the help of a specialist who will be able to do the rehabilitation of the patient to recover a normal sexual life.

The refusal of sexual relations, for various negative reasons on the state of health of the patient with chronic prostatitis. The disease invaded in this phase, lends itself to the therapy much more difficult and requires wide exposure of all possible ways, therefore, the man with this disease it is necessary to maintain the regularity of sexual intercourse, even if the desire is absent.

Unwanted "exploits" will also cause problems with poor administration. Excessive load on one of the prostate when the chronic illness does not go through the normal healing process of the affected area, because of its constant irritation. Therefore, the frequency of sexual intercourse should lead to the average, which gives the possibility to perform an effective therapy.

symptoms of prostatitis

Sex for prostatitis acute

The beneficial influence of sex in disease of the prostate is known and, traditionally, the doctor advises not to stop making love during the detection of the disease, but in the case of its acute forms you must make an exception.

The fact that the physical condition of men does not allow him to have sex for prostatitis acute. At this stage, the patient head is occupied incessant pain during urination, ejaculation, and even in the midst of peace, he feels pain in the perineum. The temperature of the active inflammatory process reaches 40 degrees. Concerned by only one thing – the faster you remove these irritants from the event.

The sex when prostatitis in the acute form is not possible, well and would be useful to accelerate the healing of the patient.

The basic rules

To exclude the negative effects of sex during prostatitis should adhere to certain rules, to keep the health and the promotion of the therapy of the disease:

  • an imperative condition for the success of the fight against stagnant phenomena in the prostate — a regular practice of sexual intercourse. If intercourse is impossible, it is recommended to resort to masturbation at least 1-2 times per week;
  • stable erection during the chronic prostatitis may occur with the constant sexual partner. In this case no voltages are psychological, which can lead to failure, and the ejaculation occurs fully;
  • prior to the sexual contact, and just after, it is recommended to perform hygiene procedures that will help prevent a possible worsening of the disease. The man with the lesions of the prostate, it is often necessary to resort to the washing station, because, through the urethra with a substance to give the pathogenic bacteria that may accumulate on the head of the member and cause irritation;
  • is not recommended to resort to the use of stimulants of the erection and of medicines, to increase the duration of contact, these tools provide damages in cases of prostatitis.

How often have sex

The number of sexuality may not be limited to certain rules and depends only of the willingness and ability of the players. Attention should be paid to attend the sex in the manifestations of the disease, but in chronic forms of prohibited non.

Each doctor is sure that sex with a regular partner will help more than the promiscuity of contacts that can be the cause of new inflammation, especially if these relationships were not protected by the condom, because the contact with the foreigner) is the pulse of the worsening of the situation.

The safer sex important to women due to the fact that the cause of the inflammation in the prostate gland as men is a bacterial infection that in a non-contact type and the internal organs of the partner.

the rules

Long-term use of abstinence and of the impossibility of a sexual contact not to abandon the young people a way to relieve the tension. Masturbation does not only have positive effects as the act of sex, actively including the entire lower part of the torso, but such a discharge will help to maintain the prostate in good shape.

How to treat prostatitis with sex

The detection of the symptoms of the inflammation of the prostate, causing a man is not only physical violence, but also a heavy trauma. The fear of defeat in the bed sick, irritable, appears insomnia, nervous breakdowns, accidents occur in the digestion. In the midst of these manifestations of sexual desire is low or is not inhibited.

In such a situation, it is extremely important the role of the woman, who is set to defend his spouse in the treatment process with a maximum of tact and sensitivity. You can't leave a man alone against the disease and to allow it to unfold in their experiences.

The dependence of the effectiveness of the treatment of prostatitis and sexual activity in men does not cause doubt amongst health practitioners, therefore, engage in sex, it is necessary, but this should be done without fanaticism and violence weakened by the body. The measurement during the therapy of the disease is important, and the impact on prostate trust above its means. The condition of an effective treatment and prevent complications in the treatment of prostatitis, you must recognize the following considerations:

  • The sexual relationship in cases of prostatitis should not be limited to one or two times per month. Only guarantees the regularity of the acceleration of the healing process, but day-to-day sex – exhaustive, this activity is the cause of the aggravation. The ideal of the standard, in the opinion of the professionals with a medical training, is considered to be two to three premonition of coitus in the week, when the normal state partners. Each contact must be protected by a condom.
  • It is strongly recommended to enter into a relationship with a single woman, given the fact that the intersection of the micro-flora creates a situation favorable for the jump, the development of pathogenic bacteria and as a consequence of the worsening of the disease. Particularly dangerous non-protected contacts.
  • During the prolonged absence of sex, or the inability to maintain sexual relations the male is not recommended for casual contacts. Get rid of the stagnation in the prostate gland with the help of masturbation, which is not objectionable to the action. On the contrary, by eliminating the surplus seminal fluid, the patient contributes to the intensification of the blood circulation in the area of the affected organ, and because of this process is the massage of the prostate, which speeds up the healing. The number of flows should match with the number of valid actions per week.

A dangerous phenomenon – the coitus interruptus. The result of this action, come with negative consequences for the men, because of the stagnation of the blood in the pelvic region, which creates not created by the excitation, which leads to the aggravation of prostatitis and the relapse in the chronic forms of the disease.

The sex of the prevention of prostatitis

Intercourse regularly have the opportunity to maintain the functionality of the prostate at an appropriate level, and it is the most pleasing to the prevention of prostatitis. Systematic of the proximity relieves the excessive tension and possible inflammation which is important for the men of the authority.

Positive results regular sexual proximity include the following points:

  • The experience the patient of the disease does not bring special joy, and that is not conducive to sexuality, but to every man it is necessary to remember that the orgasm is conducive to the emergence of pain syndromes and normalizes the psychological state, which is important in the treatment of prostatitis. In the case of sustainable unpleasant sensations consult a doctor and may have to take painkillers to intimacy.
  • During exacerbation of prostatitis, a bacterial-type is not recommended to undertake a massage, but regular sexual life effectively replaces this procedure. Sexual contact facilitates the symptoms of the disease and accelerates the healing of the affected organ.
  • The therapy of inflammatory processes of the prostate depends on the resolution of the stagnation, and decides that this task activates the blood circulation in the execution of the exercise, including during sex. Regular proximity recovers quickly weakened the power of the chronic manifestations and does not allow recurrence of the disease.
  • Medical statistics provides information on the surveys, confirming the standard the clinical picture of the inflammation of the prostate that men who have the love of two times per week, the onset of symptoms of prostatitis less than 60%, that in patients.

Influence of sex when prostatitis is large, under-estimate this important tool for the treatment of the causes of the disease is not reasonable. Sex launch active the blood flow in the pelvic area, which allows to treat the problem effectively and eliminate the risk of re-offending. Abstinence is not only psychologically oppresses man, but a bad influence on the libido of a woman, finally arise the misunderstandings in the family, quarrels and scandals. When serious and disorder of the powerless on the ground of the disease, it is advisable to consult a doctor in order to establish the regularity of the relationship.