The medication of prostatitis: fast and cheap

The theme of prostatitis will be always up to date, because of this disease, suffers more than 50% of modern men and women, among whom there are young people of 25-30 years. Unfortunately the prostatitis develops for many reasons. Perhaps it is like an infection, which penetrates into the prostate, and a style of life, for example, lack of exercise, which is a stagnation in the pelvis, causing inflammation.

treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis an unpleasant and painful illness, so that when the inflammation of the prostate deteriorates urination, characterized by the syndrome. Today, there are many medications that are able to quickly relieve the symptoms, relieve the pain and even cure the chronic prostatitis. What is this medicine of prostatitis is best to take the acute and the chronic form of the disease, the most popular drugs for prostatitis, effective, and inexpensive, we describe in this article.

Treatment of prostatitis in men: the medication

Self-cure prostatitis, the patient is impossible, even the personal experience of people who had similar symptoms and have described a method of treatment on the forums, is not able to help you overcome this disease. Why? The fact that the medications prescribed by the physician correspond fully to your history. The drug therapy is affected by criteria:

  • The age of the patient. In people mature cardiovascular system over the years, the weakening, and many drugs of prostatitis in men having negative consequences affect the liver, kidneys and the heart. When prescribing, you must take into account;
  • The stage of the disease. If it is the beginning of prostatitis, are appointed sparing drugs, and when the inflammation reaches its height, is attached to a processing-intensive and often issued in the form of prostatitis treated in a hospital;
  • The agent of the disease. Often with prostatitis in men show urethritis and other disease states. Given all of these intricacies, a specialist will sign more adaptive range of medications;
  • Individual contra-indications. Because, often, the pathology treated, antibiotic, and their range is wide enough, the doctor initially called a blood test, and determines what group of drugs will be effective to act on the inflammation.

Also during the diagnosis of the doctor urologist identifies the root cause of the inflammation. In 90% of cases of prostatitis causes the infection, but today, more and more installing such causes of prostate inflammation:

  • The trauma of the genitals;
  • Low physical activity (physical);
  • The inflammatory process in the rectum;
  • Chronic constipation (difficult defecation);
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia), etc
  • A failure.

All of these factors directly affect on the prostate. Only by defining the root cause of the disease, you can affect the quality and local drugs that will help to quickly and effectively cure the disease.

What is this medicine prostatitis best: a review of the forms

The medication of prostatitis in men will be required to designate globally, there is not a single drug that acts on the inflammation and relieves the symptoms. When the doctor prescribes a treatment, it may include multiple dosage forms, namely:

  • Candles. They quickly relieve symptoms, ease pain and improve the microflora;
  • Injections. Usually prescribed at the hospital, are the main treatment. Injection apply in its advanced form of prostatitis, so that the drug penetrates rapidly into the tissues;
  • The anti-inflammatory (non-steroidal). Effectively inflammation;
  • The instillation. This type of treatment involves the seizure of a drug directly in the focus of inflammation;
  • Microclystères. Longer within the purview of the fight against the disease. Are appointed at the chronic prostatitis. Are made of plants that promote the reduction of the inflammation of the prostate;
  • Tablets. Often used in the case of non-identification of the etiology. These include broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Each type of medicine has its own characteristics of the application. The combination of several types of medications can be a doctor, knowing the history of the patient. It is proved that the integrated treatment helps to quickly get rid of the pain and heal the pathological condition.

the medication of prostatitis

Pills of prostatitis, effective and inexpensive

Fast of medicine of prostatitis is not invented. There are a number of medications that will effectively help to relieve the symptoms, but the treatment of the pathology can take from 7 to 14 days. If the physician has determined that the cause of prostatitis is infection, first appointed by the antibacterial agents.


Primarily the antibiotics are affected broad-spectrum, because they contribute to the destruction of many species of pathogens. Today, there are three main groups of antibiotics:

  • Tetracyclines;
  • The penicillins.


Presented by a group of medicines facilitates the lives of many patients, who suffer running and the acute form of prostatitis. Apply the medication of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate, therefore, are ubiquitous.

Stimulants of circulation<

Any form of pathology of disorders of the circulation in the body. Therefore, the reception of this group of drugs is inevitable.

The candles

Are used to relieve the symptoms. In addition to this form of medicine in the fact that it passes through the stomach, and does not cause damage on the blood, liver and kidneys.


If all of these drugs have a strict combination, who knows doctor, taking vitamins for men is issued when any form of treatment, as the body during the treatment is subjected to a strong tension and stress. Chronic disease is strongly strikes the protective functions of the body.