The drug of prostatitis: quick and cheap drugs

For the treatment of prostatitis urologists used in many medicines, products in the form of tablets, suppositories and solutions for injection. Because, in general, prostate cancer develops as a result of damage to the gland of the infection, urologists prescribed to patients being antibacterial. During the stagnation of the process, which is also often the cause of the disease, the prescription of antibiotics is also warranted. Acute Inflammation of the prostate is easier to cure, but it is very important for the disease has been diagnosed in time. When the chronic prostatitis, it is often difficult to aggravation, it is, therefore, important for men over nearly took their health.

treatment of prostatitis

Types of therapy

To this day, there are types of treatment of prostatitis:

  1. Symptomatic. This type of treatment is needed to get rid of the symptoms that bring the patient to the discomfort. Usually, when the development of inflammation of men begin to experience a feeling of heaviness pelvic, pain during sex, urination. Most of the medications used during of prostatitis, quickly removes the symptoms. In this regard, many patients regard it as the most effective of the drugs. In fact, this is not quite true, because without any impact on the cause of the disease to heal the inflammation of the prostate will not succeed.
  2. The second. Aims to get rid of the reasons that have led to the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate. Most often the disease develops due to the penetration in the pelvic organs of the infection, antibiotics antibacterials for the treatment of prostatitis. The doctor chooses the most effective drugs on the basis of the results of the investigation.

Antibacterial drugs

The most effective medication of prostatitis, if the cause is an infection antimicrobial. It is used as the acute and in the chronic form of the disease. If during the chronic prostatitis, the symptoms expressed very weakly, this treatment also applies in urology. For the treatment of prostatitis non-infectious, may also be applied to antibacterial. A course of antibiotics is assigned to a specific regime.

Effective for the treatment of prostatitis is chosen according to the type of the agent, and also the medication may be fixed taking into account current of the inflammatory process.

When the disease is in the most effective form, the pill prostatitis drug broad-spectrum. To get rid of the chronic prostatitis antibacterial agents apply for a month. The training may be extended up to 60 days.

The best cure for prostatitis is currently an antibiotic of the group of drugs called fluoroquinolones. It is fast, but there are serious side effects. These medicines are inexpensive and are sold in all pharmacies.

Sometimes, when prostatitis apply the tetracyclines. The drug is not always well tolerated by the patients, therefore, is named at the present time is not so often. Treat prostatitis can and drugs of the penicillin group.

During the selection of antibacterial drug must take into account its ability to build-in the necessary quantity in the prostate gland. In some cases, to cure the prostatitis in the acute form, you should be using two different types of antibiotics. Therefore, they will act more effectively.

On the development of the inflammatory process may affect not only bacteria, but fungal infections.


Many drugs designed for the treatment of prostatitis, have antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory.

This medicine is not very expensive, but very effective in the case of poor microcirculation, the presence of blood clots in the prostate, swelling, bad urinate. In the framework of the tools contains an extract of bovine breast. Depending on the degree of change in the tissues of the prostate drug is indicated in the form of suppositories rectal or tablets. The tool can be applied to the reduced processing power, and after the surgical procedures.

Of analgesics medicines and alpha-blockers

On what tool is best to use with a strong pain that occurs in the pelvic area during of the acute form of prostatitis, it is necessary to find a doctor.

the medication of prostatitis

These medicines are applied in the form of a suppository. It is this form allows you to get results fast thanks to the proximity of the location of the wall of the rectum and the prostate. The active substances from suppositories almost not to fall in the liver and other organs, do not cause irritation of the digestive tract. These drugs relieve the inflammation, reduce itching, remove pain, increase the ability of cells to regenerate.

The application of the alpha-blockers is justified when the inflammation of the prostate, disorders of urination.

These medicines which lower the tone of the muscular fibres of the bladder, prevents the development of hypertension.

The receipt of the products containing a complex of minerals and vitamins, shows almost all of the men, suffering from prostatitis, so that the inflammatory process, in particular the leaks sustainable, always lead to a decrease of immunity, the appearance of weakness, depression. When the chronic form of the disease the patients become irritable, appears insomnia, reduced power.

Today, the choice of a vitamin complex in the pharmacy is large enough. Preparations vary according to the composition and the price. More affordable, but quite effective is the Alphabet. It is a tool of high performance with a lack of vitamins, weakened protective forces of the body, nervousness.