Prostatitis — signs in humans, the treatment and symptoms

Prostatitis — one of the most common urological diseases for men after the age of 30. Each representative of the stronger sex, who knows what is prostatitis, and everyone is hoping that the unpleasant disease will avoid his side.


Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, which is treated not only with medication, but some medicines, time-tested. In turn, the prostate is a glandular-muscular organ in men, which is located in the neighborhood of the bladder and control of micturition, and provides special secret, which gives the sperm a fluid consistency.

Depending on the origin, the disease can be bacterial or nonbacterial, of the nature of the course — acute or chronic. Prostatitis acute is most often called gram-negative bacteria, easily recognized and treated with antibiotics.

The main symptoms of prostatitis are pain, and difficulty urination, sexual disorders. The symptomatology is very unpleasant, that is why treat prostatitis need during the detection of the first signs.

The reasons

The main cause of prostatitis – the penetration of the infection in the gland, which contributes greatly to the location of the prostate within the pelvis.

The main pathways of infection of the prostate gland:

  • a descendant of the infection gets into the prostate in the urine.
  • the ascendance of the infection gets into the prostate, of the urethra canal.
  • gematogenniy the infection gets into the prostate with a current of blood.
  • lymphogenous infection gets into the prostate with the flow of the lymph.

The main causes and risk factors development of prostatitis in men:

  • a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity (stasis of blood in the prostate).
  • the violation of the normal rhythm of sexual activity — irregular gender, along the temperance.
  • hypothermia in a child, adolescent, and adult ages (in particular the corresponding part of the body).
  • sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gardnerellez, or gonorrhea).
  • another reason can become a trauma to the tissue and of the pelvic organs.
  • reduction of the immunity of boys, boys and men.
  • an unbalanced diet (fried, fatty, sweet food is 70% of the diet). The excessive consumption of alcohol.

All states can contribute to the penetration of germs in the prostate gland, and lead to a stagnation of the figures process, the deterioration of the blood supply of the pelvic organs, which in turn leads to the increase of the quantity of micro-organisms and the progression of inflammation. In this regard, you need to heal prostatitis time, then the complications that you are not disturbed.

symptoms of prostatitis

Symptoms of prostatitis in men

Frequent urination with a weak pressure of urine and pain during the process, the elevation of body temperature, a burning sensation in the area of crotch, defecation painful – these are the first signs of prostatitis acute in men. It is also necessary to pay attention to these clinical symptoms:

  • intermittent and difficulty urinating;
  • the disruption of the mechanism of the erection;
  • the onset of the burning sensation in the urethra and perineum;
  • increased it is imperative need excrement;
  • stretching urethral;
  • floating of the fiber in the composition of the urine;
  • long erections, and the acceleration of ejaculation;
  • the event of orgasm in the form of a deleted;
  • the overall improvement of the fatigue of the body;
  • anxiety disorders, depression, mental;
  • a substantial reduction of the power.

It is to be noted that in the case of the chronic form of prostatitis, the symptoms may at the same time, and not manifest, and add signs.

The symptoms of prostatitis

In most cases, the prostatitis acute begins with symptoms of fever up to 39-40° c , heat and chills. Difficult and painful urination. A swelling of the prostate, which can lead to acute urinary retention. Apart from that, quite brightly, and pain in the perineum, which give to the inguinal region.

Regarding chronic prostatitis, in rare cases, it is the result of the acute process, but, generally, develops in the first chronic prostatitis with a cleared symptomatology. The acute form of chronic differs in that it flees without spoken signs, that is latent, without symptoms.

In the period of exacerbation of the prostatitis patients are concerned about the symptoms of the feeling of pressure in the area of the perineum and anus, dull pain, entrusted the sacrum, the perineum, the rectum, the adductors.

the chronic prostatitis

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis in men:

  • a significant degradation of the erection;
  • decreased libido;
  • the fainting of a jet of urinate;
  • a throbbing pain in the perineum, the sacrum, the rectum;
  • an unpleasant sensation and a burning sensation in the urethra;

Sometimes, patients ignore the symptoms of prostatitis, based on the presence of an adenoma of the prostate. In any case this can not admit, because the treatment of the adenoma is radically different from the way of treating the prostatitis.

The consequences

That will be, if not treat prostatitis with antibiotics and other means? You will find complications:

  • a decrease of the activity;
  • the sterility;
  • severe pain in the perineum;
  • the depression, etc

To prevent the consequences of prostatitis, the need to pay more attention to their health, in time for the screening and treated from a doctor urologist.

Treatment of prostatitis

In cases of poisoning severe suspicion on the process of purulent shows a hospitalization. Patients with no difficulty prostatitis acute course of treatment with an urologist or andrologist outpatient.

To cure prostatitis, you must adhere to a set of special events, which constantly succeed one another. To cure the prostatitis, the drugs that affect in the first place, of antibiotics, in particular if it is of infectious origin of the disease.

The medication is of the attribution of these medicines:

  • antibacterial drugs — the treatment is done to eliminate the infection;
  • the anti-inflammatory apply to relieve the inflammation, which is a characteristic of this disease;
  • products that improve the blood circulation;
  • medicines, relieve spasms of the urethra;

These measures are very often prescribed for prostate massage. It helps speed up healing, as well as the reduction of pain. According to the comments, it is very useful to the procedure. The surgical intervention is recommended in this case, if the urinary tract is reduced, and you want to remove the adenoma of the prostate.

How to treat prostatitis in a uniform manner? To do this, use all the methods possible, prescribe:

  • the diet, the lifestyle change;
  • the drug treatment;
  • the procedures of physiotherapy;
  • the prostate massage and PHYSIOTHERAPY;
  • a symptomatic treatment;
  • remedies for prostatitis
  • the treatment of the comorbidity;
  • psychotherapy.

Also, don't forget that the treatment of prostatitis remedies gives good results as in the main complex of the therapy. Therefore, it is recommended not to practice the car at home.

the drug from prostatitis

Antibiotic treatment

Antibiotics are needed for acute and chronic prostatitis, bacterial and even producing without obvious symptoms, and also as a trial of therapy when the non-infectious nature of the occurrence of prostatitis, such as the test of the therapy. Therefore, before you start the course of therapy, you need to make a balance sheet and define the type of the pathogen.

The drug treatment of prostatitis includes the use of different antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action:

  1. The macrolides.
  2. Tetracyclines.
  3. The penicillins.
  4. Cephalosporins.
  5. Fluoroquinolones.

It should be noted that the treatment regime prescribed strictly a specialist, where the use of antibiotics is one of the main links of the chain.

How to treat prostatitis at home

Treatment of prostatitis at home wise in the chronic form. By doing this, the treatment of folk remedies can help increase the body's resistance and relieve the pain.

  1. Take 2-3 g of dried, ground into a powder tubers orchids, soaked in a little water, and then pour 500 ml of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Then let sit for 30 minutes, filter and take three times a day, a half-cup.
  2. A decoction of marshmallow root – 40 grams of pour 200 millilitres of water and boil for half an hour, take 60 ml with meals 3 times per day.
  3. Good help to the extract of propolis. It is obtained by evaporation of 40 grams of propolis at 0,2 l 96% alcohol. Manufacture of 0.1 gram of extract and 2 grams of cocoa butter candle and enter rectally once per day. The duration of the course 2 to 3 months, with interruptions in the month.
  4. Broth celery – 20 grams, pour 200 millilitres of water and boil for 12 minutes, drink 100 ml 3 to 4 times per day.
  5. As auxiliaries to the elements of traditional medicine advises to use the seeds of certain plants. The most useful are the pumpkin seeds, because to enrich your body of linoleic acid and zinc. If you have decided to do away with prostatitis, consume poppy seeds, sesame and sunflower.

In addition, treatment of folk remedies involves a complete rejection of alcohol.

Candles with propolis prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis in the initial phase, you can use candles with propolis, that you can do at home yourself.

candles with propolis

To do this, take 50 g of propolis and pour 50 mg, 96% ethyl alcohol. Insist in an isolated spot in 2 weeks, so don't forget to stir every day. At the expiration of the duration of the infusion of propolis is evaporated in a bain-marie until the acquisition of their brown-yellow and softening to the consistency of honey.

In parallel in a bain-marie melt 20 g of cocoa butter, and mixed with 1 g of propolis. This mass manufacture 10 of the candles and the post on the storage in the refrigerator. A candle administered by the rectal route in the night every day. The duration of 30-35 days. Recommended to spend 3-4 during the interval between 30-60 days.