Treatment of prostatitis cures: the most effective methods

Statistics show that, sooner or later, the prostatitis is sick one of the five men.

Prostatitis is a prostate disease, which is inflammatory, and requires treatment immediately. The main cause of the onset of inflammation is a poor circulation of blood in the system of the pelvic organs, or even the spread of the infection.

remedies for prostatitis

When the first manifestations of prostatitis (pain and pain during urination, violation of the activity, frequent urination) you should contact the urologist and proceed to a treatment. Otherwise, the disease may pass into a chronic form, and even worse in the adenoma or cancer of the prostate.

However, before you start to take your medicine, try to follow a treatment of prostatitis folk remedies. They are able to heal this condition is free of side effects.

But it is necessary to take into account that the treatment of prostatitis home remedies can be effective only in the case of serious and thorough the implementation of all recommendations. It is important to understand that 2-3 reception of the disease will not pass. On average, the course of the therapy of the disease remedies takes months, and sometimes may be more.

Treatment of folk remedies: the benefits of the most effective recipes of traditional medicine

Prostatitis, and even more the chronic needs in the treatment of the debt. It is necessary to understand that the essential point here, is relegated it is medicated drugs. However, the most effective is an integrated approach to get rid of the disease, which does not abandon the application of remedies.

Make the treatment of prostatitis methods of traditional medicine is important in the overall care classic, and the adjustment of their way of life.

The traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis have several advantages:

  • the absence of side effects;
  • a high degree of portability;
  • the strengthening of the immune system;
  • excellent compatibility, such as with medication and other remedies of the traditional medicine;
  • the issuance of an attendant to the disease.

The main objective of the application of popular recipes in the prostatitis – the complete release of the disease and the return to the normal life of men.

When all the benefits of traditional medicine, it is necessary to understand that to start the treatment of prostatitis at home is possible only after the harmonization with the treating physician, because sometimes the traditional methods can lead to allergic reactions on the individual components or complications as a result of some physical exercises.

Remedies to the inflammation of the prostate gland in men

The traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis is the most hundreds of recipes to get rid of the disease once and for all. Here and physical exercises, treatments herbal (herbal medicine), as well as baths and enemas.

Herbal medicine

The most powerful and popular (we can say the most popular), a cure for prostatitis is a herbal drugs. In a word, herbal medicine. Herbal medicine helps to cope with the disease and quick to get up on the feet without taking drugs.

The main therapeutic actions of medicinal plants:

  • antiviral;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antispasmodic;
  • antimicrobial;
  • stops the blood;
  • analgesic.

And many, many more. If you use the popular medicine, it normalizes the immune system and improves the sexual function of men.

herbal medicine

The treatment of herbal medicine – long And it plays its role during the execution stages of the disease. The application of drugs all the time can affect the health of man, so that traditional medicine contributes to its strengthening and consolidation.

The herbal teas are not only useful, but also pleasant to the taste. When combined with the right way of life, they are capable of doing miracles.

General recommendations for the preparation of herbal remedies:

  • herbal treatment provides for the manufacture of herbal teas, infusions, fruit juices, which can be eaten as well as inside, and urethra; during the adaptation of herbal medicine in the electrophoresis of the treatment effect increases by several times; if the processing is necessary for the preparation of alcohol tinctures, then you need to use the upper part of the plant. In the case of the cooking broth – root;
  • when using leaves, stems, flowers must be finely crushed to a size of 5 mm During the application of the roots and the bark, the sizes of particles must not represent more than 3 mm;
  • prepared with raw materials in appropriate proportions placed in enameled capacity and poured the boiling water. The continuation of the preparation a drug is carried out in a water bath. Maximum cooking time for infusions of 15 minutes. For decoctions, this time the need to increase the tripled. The content obtained by the need to filter through a cheesecloth, folded in several layers.

Physical exercise

As already mentioned, the main reason of prostatitis – poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which triggers a process stagnant. To allow the blood to circulate with maximum impact, it is necessary to stimulate the mobility of charges.

Against the prostatitis has developed a number of complex exercise. Here it is:

  1. The first fiscal year. Stand straight with your feet together, shoulders straightened, tighten the buttocks, as if you try to interrupt the process of urination. A few seconds of tension and then relaxation. 10-15 these movements you feel the heat in the area of the prostate. He speaks you are doing everything right. The phase of the voltage do exhale, relax the breath.
  2. The second exercise, squats. Stand straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, bend at the knees, themselves, knees, plant a little on the side. Important the point here is the fact that the back should be straight and the foot completely standing on the ground. Try to perform 10-15 repetitions. Sit on the breath, we wake up to the deadline. At the end of the year, you can possibly bend the buttocks, to enhance the effect.
  3. The third year. Squatting, alternating then gets one, then another knee on the floor. Let's start on the inhalation, return to the starting position exhale. Do 10-15 times.
  4. The fourth exercise. Lay down on the floor, bend your legs, knees, feet, fully standing on the floor. On the expiration separates the basin of a ground and highly compressible the glutei. On the exhalation, return to the starting position. We also do 10-15 times.
  5. The fifth exercise. Sitting on a chair, squeeze between the legs of the small ball. The phase of the voltage, it is necessary to produce to the maturity date, the relaxation, the breathing do 10-15 times.

This complex is just 15 to 20 minutes, and the use of it will be immense. Only after 2-3 weeks day-to-day course, you will be much better the symptoms of the disease of retirement, and you feel incredible relief. It is therefore up to you to spend a few minutes in the morning and get the positive effect or to sit and complain that everything goes wrong, do nothing.


The traditional recipes for treatment

Here are the most popular traditional recipes in of prostatitis:

  1. The leaves of birch leaves, the leaves of the cowberry, and the grass of nettle are mixed in equal proportions with grass and ivy on the ground, the leaves upright goose and the sage leaves. Received the dry mix it is important to mix well. To prepare the broth, it will need 10 g collection. It is necessary to pour 300 ml of vara, and 10 minutes to heat in a bain-marie. Then let stand for about 2 hours, following qualitatively drain. Decoction drink the form of heat 1/4 — 1/2 cup 3 times a day 1 hour before meals.
  2. The flowers of immortal of the ordinary, the flowers of the black elder, herb of nettle, grass toadflax, fruits juniperus, the tansy flowers and rhizomes of couch grass to mix in with the grass of yarrow, celandine, and in the fruit of schisandra chinese equality the lobes. It takes just 10 g pour 300 ml of boiling water, to your bath water heat for about 20 minutes. Then, let it rest for 2 hours and filter. Boiled broth is taken to the inside in the form of heat in a fourth half cup 3 times a day 1 hour before meals.
  3. The leaves of wintergreen umbrella , hypericum perforatum, fruits of common juniper, the leaves of plantain, the bearberry herb celandine. For the preparation of the collection of each component is taken as equal. Prior to the application of the collection, you need to carefully grind them into powder and pour 250 ml of vara and boil for 5 minutes. Insist 2 hours and filter. The medication by half a glass in the form of heat 4 times a day at the end of 20 minutes after the meal.
  4. Folk ways to get rid of prostatitis suggest to use the golden root. The second name of rhodiola rosea. For the preparation of medicines used only the root of the plant. Dried and crushed root roseola should pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes with the bath water. Then let stand for 1 hour and this tool take half a cup twice a day.
  5. Actually cure the symptoms of prostatitis grass celandine. To base juice of this herb to make an alcohol solution. For this purpose, in the proportions 1:1 join the juice of celandine and alcohol. The course of treatment is 2 months. For the reception, there is a pattern: the drug is taken only on an empty stomach. On all 50 mg of water each day adds a drop of control solution. As soon as the number of drops reaches 30, start reducing the dose. This method works very well with a warning of the adenoma, the removal of the swelling, blocks the formation of polyps and other tumors, is a a method of preventing cancerous tumors, contributes to good immunity.
  6. The leaves of birch leaves, the leaves of red huckleberry, horsetail, rhizome of valerian-and-the rhizome of celery fragrant. 10 g collection pour 300 ml of boiling water, heated in a bain-marie for 10 minutes and 2 hours insist. The broth is strained, take the form of heat 1/2 cup 3 times a day for an hour before meals.
  7. The traditional recipes of prostatitis include the treatment of kalanchoe. Recruit cup of leaves of kalanchoe pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist for 5 days. Take the infusion should be once per day for a teaspoon. When the status is much better, it is possible to reduce the dose up to a tablespoon soup of the week.
  8. There is another option to use of the plant. This is another way to get rid of the inflammation of folk remedies. Approximately 100 grams of leaves of kalanchoe need to scroll through a meat grinder and pour 200 ml of vodka or alcohol. Insist the mixture prepared is necessary for up to 20 days. After the time the stain must be thoroughly dry. Three times per day, take 1 teaspoon.

Treatment of prostatitis at home

The best medicines against inflammation of the prostate gland was prepared by the nature itself:

  1. The bark of aspen. This component decoction should be, in the first place, well assembled. Herbalists to modern recommend the supply of a grove of aspen bark to the end of the in April, where do not appear the buds and first leaves. Therefore, the bark is assembled. Remains to dry it and grind. Take a container with a capacity of one litre and fill 1/3 of the bark of aspen, and the rest of the space fill in with water. Brewed with a mix of two weeks, then very well filtered. Infusion take three times a day a tablespoon. This method of treatment has a downside – dye is obtained quite bitter.
  2. The persil. On this plant is already the human glory. It is really magic one popular method of treatment of prostatitis. It is capable of capturing the inflammation and the edema, the maximum in improving the state of men. In therapy uses, the seeds and the root of the plant. You can drink the juice of persil for half an hour before meals. Some ground seed in powder, then pour in the boiling water, and maintained on the plate for 10-15 minutes.
  3. The pumpkin seeds. Even in the traditional processing of this material occupies the last place. When the first signs of the disease is recommended to eat 30 seeds by day. Besides, all the rest, it is a good prevention of prostatitis folk remedies. An excellent folk remedy of the disease to men — balls with pumpkin and honey. They are simply made. 0.5 kg of raw pumpkin seeds to scroll in a meat grinder and add 200 g of honey. In this mixture, roll small balls. In appearance, they must remember in the middle of hazelnuts. Each day, you should eat 1-2 balls. The main condition – not to be swallowed, and resolve. For the balls not soured, keep it in a cool place.
  4. It is possible to grind the pumpkin seeds in a blender to almost a powder state. Take two tablespoons of half an hour before eating, drinking, clear water or water with honey, which is preferable. This is one of the remedies to the inflammation of the prostate gland in men. It's just a single course in a year.
  5. Popular and effective a popular method when the prostatitis is garlic. To prepare the tincture use 5 cloves of garlic, which fill 0.5 liters of boiling water and let it rest for the night. After carefully filtering the medicine is ready. Above all, do not forget to take in a quantity of 50 g per day before eating.