Effective for the treatment of prostatitis at home

An important step of restoring and maintaining the health of the men remains the treatment of prostatitis at home. treatment of prostatitis in the home This therapy will help you to solve the problem. But don't ignore qualified medical help. You must first get the advice of a physician, undergo an examination to identify the causes of the disorders.

How to understand that the men of prostatitis

There are signs that should alert man. If they are, it is necessary to go to a urologist. The diagnosis of prostatitis in the home is to "not see" the first signs of concern.

The first signs of prostatitis

  • A feeling of discomfort in the groin and in the region of the genitals.
  • The increase in the frequency of recommending to urinate.
  • Of sexual disorders.

During the worsening of the state reinforce the painful sensations. There is a risk of worsening, which is accompanied with glaring symptoms:

  • the pain in the lower belly.
  • a painful urination.
  • a significant degradation of the erection.
  • general poor health.
  • the increase of the temperature of the body.
Quickly solve the problem, you medication is the method that is most effective when you use proven methods. When the infectious nature of the disease antibiotics are prescribed if the cause of the steel of the stagnation, the main efforts are placed on their disposal.
treatment of prostatitis in the home recipes

How to treat prostatitis home

The means of treatment of prostatitis in the home, based on the herbal medicine, massage, exercises that help to cope with the disease and improve the health of men.

Traditional recipes using men

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home, based on the recipes of the people, helping to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve the process of urination, improve the general vitality of the organism and increase its resistance to any disease.

The pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds are used to fight illness for centuries. Their curative action is due to the maintenance of a large number of zinc. The human body needs a daily intake of zinc in the body, it helps retain and maintain health. Are used dried, but not toasted pumpkin seeds. You need to clear them out of the skin to eat. For the rate of treatment is usually enough kg of seeds. The course will last until the end of "the medicine". By repeating the exchange rate of each year, the risk of worsening of the chronic prostatitis is significantly reduced.

The first option

Every day need to eat 30 pumpkin seeds. Do it before the meal, carefully chewing.

The second option

Shelled pumpkin seeds have passed through a meat grinder and add 200 grams of honey. All well mixed and roll balls the size of a walnut. Every day eat 2 balls. They are consumed before meals and thoroughly chew.

Absinthe recipes

treatment of prostatitis in the home the pumpkin of sunflower seeds

Wormwood is a plant with which to face an infection. How can you cure prostatitis, absinthe Runs an integrated course, including a reception inside of the broth and the washing of the urethra. Need 100 grams of dry wormwood, which wipe in the hands and sifted through a sieve. Fines are used for oral administration in the form of dry, large – for broth, from which to make microclystères and douching of the urethra. As a result, receive a double impact on the body, which is cleared by pathogens, which leads to the cessation of inflammatory processes.

Dry sagebrush regardless of the food, take a pinch on the inside with the water. Each day, in the evening, make microclystères and the washing of the urethra with the aid of a decoction.

The decoction to microclysters and showers are in the following manner. A teaspoon with a slide dry herb wormwood, pour a liter of boiling water. After cooling to 400C, and filtered. For each procedure will need 50 ml of decoction. With the help of syringe to produce an injection into the anus and the urethra. Injection into the urethra produce a spectacular way, so that the liquid is advanced as far as possible. For each procedure, you must use a syringe.

Mugwort is a medicinal plant with a wide spectrum of action, so before you start the application, it is necessary to consult a doctor, make sure to take into account all the characteristics of the therapy.

The processing of fruit juice

Effective, the treatment is done with the help of fruit juices. In a complex with a drug therapy, these measures show good results. Have proven of vegetable juice, which must be consumed every day 600 ml Suitable juice of carrots, beets, mixture of cucumber and asparagus. Are continuously updated, the current minimum of 10 days.

A good way is the juice of the berries of the black elder. Taken once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, a tablespoon in a period of 10 days. Before taking the juice, you should drink a glass of drinking water. It is a medicinal plant that has side effects and contraindications. Therefore, without consultation with the doctor is to cure the elderberry juice is not worth it.

The products of beekeeping in the treatment of prostatitis

An effective way are candles made of honey or propolis. Stored them in the refrigerator. Use, inserting into the anus.

For the manufacture of nest candles need honey (1 teaspoon), egg (1 piece), flour (3 tablespoons). All mix together and form small candles. Use something twice a day. The course of the therapy lasts for a month, after a month and a half, it can be repeated.

To make candles from propolis, take 50 grams of alcohol and propolis, mix and insist 2 weeks without light, all-day tremble. After the infusion of the mass evaporated in a bain-marie until it becomes brown-yellow. This mass is mixed with cocoa butter to form suppositories. The processing of a thing all days within a period of 35 days before going to bed. Cure prostatitis in the house this way, you can have 2-3 courses with an interval of 8 weeks.

Massage during of prostatitis

treatment of prostatitis in the home of massage

When the disease or preventing urologists will recommend a course of massage of the prostate. It allows you to cope with any form of chronic prostatitis. This occurs through the improvement of the local circulation and stimulation of the authority.

The action of massage

  • The normalization of local circulation.
  • The improvement of muscle tone.
  • Software churn of a secret.
  • The improvement of the effectiveness of drug treatment.
  • The improvement of the sexual function.

The massage is carried out by rectal route, or the exposure through the tissues of the perineum. The first method is the most effective. The access to the prostate gland is performed through the anus because it is located only 5-6 cm of him. The procedure is simple, massage make your finger in a circular motion with pressure. It is better to entrust this procedure to an expert, because the prostate is the gentle authority, and its fabric is easy to damage.

The massage of prostatitis in the home independently, using special tools – the prostate massager. They all have size and shape, and allow you to safely enter into the anus and to perform the necessary actions.

An easier way massage is a massage outside. It is less efficient, but takes place without penetration. Is done manually by pressing and producing a circular motion in the area perineal. There is the possibility to use cups or objects. Good massager for the outside of the procedure is a tennis ball. It is placed on a chair, a man sits down on it and gently passes to the front-to-back. The procedure is executed multiple times per day. Definitely worth doing it in the morning, after waking up. All you need is five minutes. This massage, when done regularly, to get rid of the stagnation in the pelvic organs and the prostate.

For a massage of prostatitis at home has been a necessary curative and preventive effect and has not brought harm, you need to know the location of the prostate, all the movements you perform very carefully as well as taking account of contra-indications.

When you can not do a prostate massage

  • Prostatitis acute.
  • The presence of signs of malignant lesions of the prostate.
  • The presence of cysts and stones in the prostate gland.

Instruments and apparatus for treatment of prostatitis

There are a large number of devices for the treatment of prostatitis. They help to treat this disease at home without regular hiking in a medical institution. Use of devices based on different principles, but their impact is intended to reach a goal of stimulation of the prostate, improving the flow in this area, and the elimination of stagnation.

Varieties of instruments according to the principle of the

  • Vibrant.
  • Stimulating modulated currents.
  • Magnetic.
  • The laser printers.
treatment of prostatitis in the home of the device

Each camera has its "forces" at hand. With the help of micro-vibrations more quickly and more efficiently eliminated from the stagnation, increase muscle tone, the magnetic force is more focused on analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect. Are devices that combine multiple working principles, they are more versatile. What is the device for the treatment of prostatitis in the home that you choose depends on your situation, after a consultation with a specialist.

To get the maximum effect, the device you use must be strictly in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of your doctor. The most important rule lies in the fact that all procedures should be carried out regularly, a complete course, which is worth repeating after a certain time.

The physical activity against prostatitis

We are all familiar of the phrase, that the movement is life. The active movement, regular exercise is a good prevention of prostatitis, due to the stagnant phenomena. If such an illness is already of good results in the treatment give simple exercises that it is sufficient to three times per week. They do not require special conditions and are a good complement to therapy will allow for more rapid and more effective to cure the prostatitis of the house.

Squats against prostatitis

Very effective exercise, restorative blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and in prostate cancer in particular, are common in the squats. The ideal is to squat, 100-fold, by dividing the exercise 2-3 approach, with a short break. If it is difficult to perform such a large number of squats, that their number should gradually increase. Sufficient medical support will be squats three times per week. Themselves the squats should be deeper, the arms drawn up towards the top.

A few exercises for the treatment of prostatitis

  • Lying on the belly is the rise of direct legs (20 times).
  • "Scissors", the movement of lines slightly raised from the ground with the legs in the sitting position, the hands in the palm-a little to the back (20 times).
  • Lie on your back, pull your legs towards your chest. Tighten the hands and stay in this position as long as possible, but not more than 20 minutes.
  • Place your feet together, squatting on a third party, made knees alternately forward. The exercise is done in a time frame of 5 minutes daily in the morning and in the evening.
An excellent exercise improves the blood circulation in the pelvis, is the simple walk. The walk at every opportunity: just do it regularly to walk, to travel for business on short distances on foot, climb the stairs instead of the elevator.
treatment of prostatitis in the home prisedaya


The prevention of prostatitis at home is necessary both for the prevention of the disease, and for it to become a chronic form, and not "invaded" the complications. If the prostate is already a sign of the man, during the selection of methods of prevention of the need to take account of its causes. When the character inflammatory need to ensure a fast processing, the absence of triggering factors, to waive the immunity. If the cause of the steel of the stagnation, the main efforts are placed to overcome them and restore the circulation.

The measures of prevention of prostatitis

  • Living an active lifestyle.
  • The timely treatment of all inflammatory diseases.
  • Maintaining a normal body weight.
  • A well-balanced diet.
  • Regular exercise or gymnastics.
  • Ordinary sexual life.
  • Prevention of massage.

The prevention of prostatitis in men at home – is the physical activity. Men with a sit-in work, more likely to develop prostatitis. The excess weight made the situation worse, because it increases the load on the organs, and the physical activity decreases. Smoking and alcohol affect negatively on the state of the blood vessels and affect the blood circulation, which has implications on the state of the pelvic organs. The risk of prostate diseases increases. For the prevention of the need to maintain your body in good shape, avoid excess weight, stop smoking and limit his alcohol consumption.

treatment of prostatitis in the home of the carrot

A balanced diet, where the diet contains sufficient fibre, vitamins, trace elements, contributes to the maintenance of the health of men. The diet should be vegetables and fruits, fresh fruit juice, cereal and bread. Useful variety of cereals, meat not to give preference to low-fat varieties. The fish need to choose the fatty foods, as it contain omega-3 fatty acids are substances that prevent oxidative processes in the body. They help to maintain heart function, and ensure the proper flow of blood to all organs, including the prostate.

Regular sex life just need a man for the maintenance of health and prevention of prostatitis. It helps to keep the prostate in a state of activity and does not spread to the stagnation. How frequent must be the sex, it depends on the constitution of a man and his needs, general revenue is not here.