Treatment of prostatitis cures: recipes, tips and techniques

The lack of a way of life of the majority of the people – to the difference of the modern era.

It is an explanation of the fact that the wide dissemination of prostatitis received exactly in our time.

treatment of prostatitis cures

But in the old from the period of their sick. Folk remedies for the treatment of this disease exist today.

Dtaill on the prostatitis in men, treatment of folk remedies talking about here.

What is this disease and what are its symptoms?

Prostatitis is an inflammation specifically male within the prostate, also known as the "second heart of man".

The inflammation of the prostate is divided into types: acute and chronic; bacterial, non-bacterial.

Bacterial is mostly treated with antibiotics and other methods of traditional medicine.

Non-bacterial prostatitis – the services of violations of the bodies are not always homogeneous origin. The practice proved that the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies is possible and effective.

To learn more about the symptoms of prostatitis in men and the treatment of folk remedies.

How were treated in the old days?

Such as prostatitis bacterial in the past, sick a lot less than now. When the image of life, people had a strong immune system, venereal diseases deemed exceptional phenomenon.

In the ancient times of the prostate have been treated for herbal decoctions with antibacterial and other natural products. Now, the treatment of prostatitis in men home remedies popular is the following procedures.

What is the effectiveness of treatment of folk remedies prostatitis?

The traditional medicines treat gently, gradually, without negative side effects. Good in the inadequate phase of prostatitis.

What types of prostatitis better not respond to treatment with folk remedies?

Better treated with folk remedies non bacterial prostatitis.

Folk medicines of prostatitis bacterial exist, but their application is complicated by two factors: long lead times of execution of the procedures; the patient is permanently unable to respond to poor habits (smoking, alcohol, eating).

The most effective folk remedies in the treatment of prostatitis

The traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis understood to be the consumption of juice, pie pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds.

The juice, squeeze the pulp of three weeks to drink a glass a day.

The seeds must be fresh, not fried. The cleanse of the skin, however greenish sheath must be respected. The course of treatment which is not less than a month.

The pumpkin seeds to treat prostate cancer, with the figure in them zinc. Apart from him, the pumpkin seeds are partially composed of fat, rich in fatty acids, one-third of the protein with a complete set of solutions adequate to the human amino acid. Contain trace elements, a full range of vitamins. This tool, since time immemorial, applied by the doctors.

  • Recipe 1: Before you eat a meal 100-150 raw shelled seeds during the treatment, sixty to seventy for the prevention. It is a daily dose of zinc. Its cling to in other recipes.
  • Recipe 2: Empty half of a kilo raw seeds, turn into a meat grinder. Add two hundred grams of honey. Mix until homogeneity of the mass. From a mixing roller balls. Keep in the refrigerator. We eat on the ball is a half-hour before meals. The ball of three minutes suck.
  • Recipe 3: Grind them into powder, sunflower seeds. Take a day, two tablespoons. Drink water with honey.

Generally, patients enough two weeks of such a treatment once a year. If the symptoms have not disappeared, repeat during the week of spring break.


At the end of April to the beginning of the movement of fruit juices as the flowering of the kidneys collect a folk remedy of prostatitis in men the bark of trembling aspen, a thickness of three to five mm. Make tasty circular motion on the trunk, so as not to damage the wood (one incision to the other to approximately dm). Dried without light.

folk remedies

Recipe infusion: 100 g of bark to crush, put 0.5-an one-litre jar. Pour two hundred grams of vodka. Close the lid, two weeks, placing it in the dark. And then drain.

The application. Infusion to drink before meals 3 times a day, dilute twenty drops in 1/4 cup of water.

The recipe of decoction: the Glass of the bark mix with 3/4 of a litre of boiling water. Boil the mixture for half an hour, and then insist six hours.

A item the spoon of two months to the hour before a meal. Before emptying the bladder.

Contraindications: tannins cause constipation. If a man and therefore suffers from them, it is better to choose another method of treatment. Sometimes there is an individual intolerance.

The arc and his ball

The treatment of prostatitis in men of means of the population with the help of the cra: help green feathers, bulbs and seeds.

  • Eat on the turnip to the arc at bedtime fresh or cooked on a pair of potatoes.
  • The seeds mix with honey, in equal parts, eat 1 teaspoon three times per day.
  • Make the dough three hundred grams of onion. Add six hundred grams of dry white wine, one hundred grams of honey. Hinder, insist. Drink 50 grams three times per day.

As you can see, the traditional recipes for treatment of prostatitis very easy to prepare and use.


Popular treatment of prostatitis, the garlic is:

  • Eat a few cloves of garlic per day.
  • Make the salad the garlic, the spinach, the persil.
  • Make a cocktail of garlic, lemon juice and honey. Store in the dark for two weeks. Drink a day 3 tablespoons.

The bees and their metabolic products

Prostatitis cure stings of bees and product of the hive — propolis.

The bite are made in the tendons on both feet by a doctor graphics. The doctor applies a bee with tweezers at the point of bite and leaves him the sting of the insect for 15 minutes.

A single session to the increase in the patient is a 35-bees, depending on the response. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to give up alcohol, the consumption of products causing allergies, a visit to the bathroom.


The propolis is applied to eliminate the spasms, inflammation, the treatment of the.

The recipe of the extract: 40 g of propolis can smoke it in a glass of alcohol.

Application: 0.1 gram of extract mix with two grams of cocoa butter. Make a candle. Every day at eight weeks stick. The course repeat, with a break for a month.


One popular method of treatment of prostatitis, the dill is the following: you can eat it raw, but makes better extract.

  • In a cup of boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds. Leave it to infuse for half an hour.
  • Drink it with the sediment.
  • Drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Each day, do the costs of the infusion.

Herbs and fees

Necessary for the prostate zinc contain numerous medicinal plants:

  • spring adonis,
  • the sage,
  • the roots of the aconite,
  • the horsetail
  • mustard,
  • blue cyanosis,
  • calendula,
  • the leaves of plantain,
  • kalanchoe,
  • melissa,
  • and many, many others.

The processing of teas

Popular treatment of prostatitis in men at home, should be the consumption of different teas.

For the treatment of prostatitis are teas

  • persil,
  • celery,
  • of leaves of wild strawberry,
  • of the tops of the horsetail
  • carrots,
  • the flowers of elderberry.

These herbs can be taken in all the fractions, together or separately. Infusion as tea ordinary.

Persil – seasoning and a valuable medicinal herb. Restores male potency. Its vitamins, trace elements are useful against prostatitis, of sugar in the blood, for the eyes, improving the microflora of the intestine. Relieves inflammation.

The recipe: 4 tablespoons of seeds grind. Pour a cup of boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes under item a spoon 6 times a day.


The cranberries we wipe more small, a hundred grams of berries add a teaspoon of honey. Use two tablespoons of product twice a day, until it will not pass the inflammation and two weeks after.

Peanuts with milk

Treat prostatitis remedies with the help of the nuts in the following way:

  • A handful of peanuts, fried,
  • add 2 tablespoons of marshmallow root,
  • put it in a thermos,
  • fill half a liter of boiling milk.
  • Keep the thermos open twenty minutes, and then close, insist ten hours.
  • Drink 100 g three times per day.
  • Treated ten days.

In addition to in the evening, eat onion, garlic.


For the treatment of prostatitis ginger take on the recipe: 10 g of root add on a hundred grams of vodka. Insist fifteen days. Drink three times per day before meals for 20 min of fifteen drops.

Moon of sbiten

The moon of sbiten – a completely natural product in the trade.

In its composition of honey, collection of herbs to the original recipe. Contains vitamins, trace elements, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal substance. Apply according to the instructions on the packaging.

The improvement of the condition of the patient mark already after the first dose.

When to rely on the healing?

Remove the symptoms the traditional methods really two months. After which, apply, in the form of prevention.

In the ideal, the constant of the prevention becomes a lifestyle. As a result, the immunity is acquired not only in the prostatitis.

Any popular to the recipe used for at least twenty days. The fruit juice, persil, garlic, honey, pollen, give an even more long term. The main thing — do not throw a current of three days after the first of relief. That manifests the will to live longer in good health.

It is with these tools and methods to be used for the prevention of prostatitis in men folk remedies.

That you can complete the treatment?

To successfully address the need to change their way of life, the thinking, the psychology of the patient.

Eliminate negative factors: alcohol, immobility, hypothermia. Normalize sexual life. Follow a diet.

When the prostatitis bacterial it is better to treat with antibiotics. Remedies applied in the absence of access to more traditional therapy.

Hospitalization prostatitis requires, in severe cases, when outpatient treatment has not given effect. Sometimes patients allows only a surgical operation.


Flour (3 tbsp.) mix with the spoon tablespoons of egg, honey, until you obtain a dough. Do the spark plug. Place them in the freezer.

Months insert the evening and the morning. Classes resume after the pause of seven days.


  • In the morning, after getting up five minutes do massage of the perineum.
  • Before eating can become full growth. Slightly sit down.
  • Alternatively we get up before the knees. In the morning and in the evening, five minutes.
  • Walk, run, move in any form.

Every day take warm (43 degrees Celsius) the bath seat. Improves the blood circulation.


Do the warming with a decoction of chamomile, succession, sage, milk with the butter. Pre-warmed body pockets with salt, sand, paraffin oil.


To avoid the contra-indications before taking the means of traditional medicine, consult your doctor.

However, natural remedies usually have much less harmful effects than those that you buy in pharmacies.

By applying personally collected in the forest, the garden or bought on the regular market of the food for this purpose, medicinal herbs, at least you will be sure that they will not hurt you, because you're ingesting in their food. It is targeted and selected techniques of this consumption.


Is not treated in time prostatitis becomes chronic causes complications: cystitis, abscess of prostate, pyelonephritis, adenoma of the prostate. The complications lead to infertility. The sooner you start, the to solve the problem, the more will be the result.