Antibiotics in cases of prostatitis: the list and the way to take

The necessity of an antibiotic treatment when the acute form of prostatitis bacterial with symptoms is not in doubt.

treatment of prostatitis antibiotics

But is it desirable to take antibiotics during the chronic and non-specific inflammation of the prostate? And there is there a difference between the groups of antibiotics in the treatment of prostatitis?

In this article we will talk about how to treat prostatitis in men antibiotics and what are the cons-indications to the reception. As well as You will find below the list of antibiotics during prostatitis.

Antibiotics in cases of prostatitis among men: should he take?

The objective of the treatment of prostatitis – restore the normal functioning of the prostate and of the urethra is mandatory, the elimination of the pathogen. It is to the elimination of the pathogen and has provided treatment antibiotic in prostatitis in men.

Antibiotics absolutely show acute bacterial and chronic prostatitis infectious, and as the test of the therapy of the inflammation of the prostate.

So how long of treatment of prostatitis antibiotics negative impact on the immune system, the organs of digestion, the liver, and the kidneys, the duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks.

The benefits of a treatment with antibiotics of prostatitis in men are more obvious:

  • they inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the prostate gland, the urethra;
  • prevent the development of complications on the background of the disease(sterility, urethritis, epididymitis);
  • when the chronic prostatitis prevents the development of acute exacerbations, which when the current is often fraught with complications.

However, if You decide to start the treatment of prostatitis antibiotics in the house, don't forget that antibacterial drugs may be granted after the laboratory diagnosis of the disease, from the study of the flora and the detection of the pathogen.

If not the prostatitis (inflammatory process of unknown etiology) antibiotic therapy is not only ineffective, but increases the risk of development of dysbiosis, and can worsen the course of the disease, causing a fungal development from the defeat of the prostate.

It is also important and the choice of an antibiotic for the treatment of prostatitis in men, the most active compared to the pathogen infection.

Important: the Selection of the effectiveness of antibiotics when prostatitis "blind", without the identification of a pathogenic microorganism is not capable of harming the body.

Also many antibiotics poorly penetrate into the prostate, their concentration is insufficient to have an impact on the bacteria, due to this, the last of which is produced by resistance to this drug.

In the acute forms of prostatitis, occurring with a pronounced symptoms of intoxication of the organism, fever, pain in the perineum, of the disability and the pain to urinate, which is necessary during the treatment of prostatitis, antibiotics and intravenous fluids to achieve the highest concentration of drug.

Types of

Over the past few years has considerably increased the resistance of bacteria to certain drugs, therefore, prior to starting the treatment with antibiotics during prostatitis in men, it is necessary to examine the sick to the whole group of the IST, and a flora pathogen with the definition of sustainability, organisations of certain medications.

What are the antibiotics to treat prostatitis? There are groups of antibacterial agents (the best antibiotics for prostatitis):

  1. The penicillins. In the past, are actively applied antibiotics in case of inflammation of the prostate, with the advent of one of the most active antibacterial agents almost lost their clinical significance, due to the increase in the number of bacteria that are resistant to penicillins.
  2. Tetracyclines. Have activity against Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia, mycoplasma. Increasingly used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis infectious caused by these pathogens.
  3. The macrolides. Have these antibiotics in cases of prostatitis broad spectrum of action and low toxicity.
  4. Cephalosporins. Are actively applied in the treatment of forms of prostatitis-bacterial. It is a good antibiotic for prostatitis, they possess a broad spectrum of activity and high activity, as compared to pathogenic bacteria.
  5. Fluoroquinolones. Often used for the complex treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate, and acute, uncomplicated inflammation of the prostate (efficiency up to 100%). Possess a high activity and a low toxicity (do not violate the intestinal microflora).

The antibiotics of prostatitis in men of a name, a scheme of treatment of prostatitis antibiotics and the spectrum of the action:

In the injections

The introduction intramuscular injection of a drug is strictly health care professional at the clinic once a day.

Put the injections yourself at home are non-smoking.

The recommendations of the antibiotic

When the antibiotic treatment of prostatitis in men should take account of their impact on spermatogenesis, it is therefore prohibited to plan the design for 4 months after treatment.

Recommendations for the entry and treatment of prostatitis in men antibiotic medication:

  1. The appointment of the drug is strictly the physician and only after the results of the laboratory diagnosis.
  2. Possible, when the chronic prostatitis is best to take the fluoroquinolones, which have a broad spectrum of action, high activity and low toxicity. They do not alter the gut microflora, and have immunomodulatory action.
  3. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor and is strictly respected.
  4. At the time of the taking of medication is necessary to abstain from oily, too salty, spicy and sugary foods, to relieve the pressure on the liver. If necessary, can be assigned to the reception of the antihistamines.
  5. After antibiotic treatment is recommended to take the pill for the normalization of the intestinal microflora of 3 to 4 weeks.

During a treatment the chronic and acute inflammation of the prostate antibiotics are only one component of the adjuvant treatment, which includes: receiving anti-inflammatories and painkillers, physiotherapy, prostate massage, herbal medicine. Effective spa treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis.

What is the most effective antibiotic in prostatitis? All of these different effects on the body and in each record of the sensitivity, so that the best can not be selected.


The complex of antibiotics when prostatitis is assigned by the treating physician during a diagnosis and externalized diagnostic in the inducer of the disease.

Because it may aggravate the disease.

Reception of antibiotics is prohibited to persons with a hypersensitivity to the substance.

This also applies to men, including renal and hepatic impairment severe.

Thus, patients need to prescribe the treatment of prostatitis without antibiotics. In the case of diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL Organs of the antibiotics is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.


When the prostatitis bacterial acute phase, the treatment of antibacterial drugs needed and there are no therapeutic alternatives. In terms of natural antibiotics in prostatitis, the herbal medicine may be indicated when chronic prostatitis as a treatment adjuvant.


Now, You know what are the antibiotics during prostatitis take. Remember, if the causative agent of prostatitis is bacteria, the only effective treatment is antibiotics.

However, in order to achieve full well-being of the need of a full treatment, which includes anti-inflammatory drugs, the prostate massage, physiotherapy, reflexology.

Antibiotics in the treatment of prostatitis relate to current drug treatment and managed in some cases.

Often, it is well-chosen antibiotic therapy in the early stages of development of prostatitis can avoid side effects in the future.

In this case, for the treatment of prostatitis antibiotics are needed

Prostatitis in men develops primarily under the influence of two main reasons. This penetration into the tissue of the body of various bacteria and the disorders of circulation in the basin.

Antibiotics in cases of prostatitis are especially effective if proven to the nature of bacterial origin of the disease.

Without antibiotic treatment unable to cope with the inflammatory response that causes the symptoms of prostatitis.

A course of antibiotics in each case individually. The doctor is to be calculated and the overall pattern of treatment.

In the acute phase of prostatitis bacterial refusal of the use of antibiotics leads to more adverse effects and the main of them the adenoma of the prostate and gradually in the process of impotence.

Also, if this is to destroy the bacterial flora, it may adversely affect the image and other organs, it is primarily the bladder and the kidneys. It is untreated prostatitis may be the cause of the cystitis, pyelonephritis, and in the future, and urolithiasis.

Antibiotics in the treatment of prostatitis are needed and in the inflammatory process.

Often, a man who is ill does not immediately appeal to a doctor. Many patients attempt to treat themselves of the means of the population and of the acute phase of the disease self-bland, but it did not lead to the complete elimination of the infection.

Therefore, to cope with bacteria during antibiotic treatment is needed and if the chronic form of prostatitis.

Often repeated diagram of an antibiotic treatment is prescribed for the prevention of the next exacerbation of the disease.

What studies are needed before prescribing antibiotics

Modern antibiotics in the majority have a broad spectrum of action, it is that they can destroy several species while being in the body of the man of bacteria.

But to succeed, to cure the prostatitis, you need to know what pathogens have had an impact on inflammation in the prostate tissue and have a sensitivity to a group of medicines.

Prostatitis acute may be called upon to pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, that is, chlamydia, gonococci, and various by streptococci and even escherichia coli.

Each type of these bacteria in some way responds to components of antibiotics and the goal of the doctor is to find a drug that will help you to destroy the pathogen and will not have a negative impact on the cells of the prostate.

Therefore, before prescribing an antibiotic regimen, the patient must pass several tests.

  • To determine the causative agent of the disease is necessary the secret of the prostate and a urinalysis;
  • The degree of inflammation is determined by analysis of blood;
  • The antibiotic susceptibility shows bacteriological sowing.

On the basis of the analyses performed doctor chooses the most effective drug. According to the phase of the inflammatory process and be patient antibiotic can be, as in the pills and injections.

The physician is assessed and the ability of the components of the drug penetrate into the tissue of the gland.

In the first place is the drug that penetrates quickly in the body and lingers by him in the necessary concentration. Such a rapid treatment of the resolution of inflammation and discomfort.

Drug use is generally higher.

The rules of the prescription of medications

Antibiotics in cases of prostatitis in this case, if the patient is sent to a urologist in the acute phase of inflammation, are appointed almost immediately. It is the medical doctor will not be expected from these analyses.

Therefore, on the first days of choosing a drug with wide spectrum of action, the selection scheme is very similar when selecting antibiotics for the cystitis.


The preferably to give:

  • macrolides.