The device for the treatment of prostatitis: the characteristics and rules of selection

The treatment of prostatitis provides for the application of different methods, which enables us to approach problems from different angles. The application of antibacterial and other drugs does not preclude proceeding with other procedures. For therapeutic purposes quite often applied to devices for the treatment of prostatitis.

device for the treatment of prostate cancer

General characteristics

One of the means of adjuvant treatment of urological men pathologies are of handling equipment. For such procedures, the specific equipment. Very good idea to have shown of physiotherapy, carried out in clinical conditions with a single application of devices.

However, not all men are comfortable to visit on a regular basis cabinet physiotherapeutic. In such case, you can use miniature analogues of medical devices, intended for individual use only. The men, of course, is much more convenient to use these devices, than to proceed to a painful massage or regularly at the clinic.

Devices for the treatment of prostatitis can stimulate the functioning of the prostate. In addition, they activate the local metabolism and contribute to the reduction of the symptomatology in the negative. Similar to the therapeutic effect is realized in different ways. The operation of these devices on the basis of mechanical, electrical, acoustic or thermal action.

The processing of the ultrasound

The device, capable of outputting ultrasonic waves are able to cause the particular vibration in the tissues. A similar effect helps to restore the muscle tone. In addition, the ultrasound, which produces the device for the treatment of prostatitis, is able to stimulate the local blood flow, in the end, allows you to not only deal with the stagnant phenomena, but with a whole range of symptoms painful.

Improved blood flow is essential for penetration effective medications used in the place of the pathology. Therefore, by applying the ultrasound devices, one can greatly speed up the healing.

It is advisable to apply the instruments, ultrasound is not only in the period of exacerbation of pathologies, but in the presence of chronic conditions and diseases, and for prevention. By passing the processing of this equipment, you can count on the therapeutic effect after first aid.

Electrical stimulator

The spread of electrical impulses, which creates the device for the treatment of prostatitis of this group, causes of muscle spasms. It is thanks to this action reached the therapeutic effect. Doctors say clearly that it is the electro-stimulation allows to achieve impressive results.

Electrical stimulator can help combat stagnant process. After a few treatments, you may experience an increased production of secretions and natural discharge of the ducts. To get the best effect, electrical stimulator at the urological men pathologies applied rectally.

The application of any pacemaker is forbidden to patients:

  • with pathologies of the heart;
  • with the presence of cardiac pacemakers;
  • mental departures.

The men at the prostatitis known the device Ultratone. This device is authorized for domestic use, which is guaranteed its security. When the chronic treatment of the pathology requires the introduction of the electrode of the device in the intestine, which is pre-treated vaseline. Procedure a daily basis, with the application of low pulses lasting up to 15 minutes. Cure consists of 20 sessions. In addition to the system of care will need a kit specific electrodes.

the treatment of the prostate

The stimulants with the vibration

Devices for the treatment of prostatitis with the vibrational action are assimilated to urological exercises. In fact, stimulants with the vibration able to provide all the effects urological massage. Men are quite often because of the negative attitude of direct massage avoid of useful and very necessary, the procedure in the prostatitis.

Replace finger vibrating massage instruments, of course, is not entirely able to. But as a variant quite well himself established.

When the good massage with the aid of stimulants may be achieved:

  • the upturn in secret;
  • the normalization of blood circulation;
  • eliminate negative symptomatology.

In addition, by applying the vibration of the device for the treatment of prostatitis, you can considerably improve erections and the ability to reproduce. It is necessary to take into account that the stimulants may not apply to all men. Such devices have the same counter-indications, like any massage.

Stimulants is prohibited to use:

  • during an exacerbation of pathologies in order to avoid the spread of infection;
  • when the formation of tumors, and tuberculosis;
  • if you are having acute diseases in the intestine.

Attention! Prior to the application of these instruments it is advisable to go for an examination in order to avoid contra-indications.

It also requires an in-depth study of the specific instructions of the unit and become familiar with the principle of his actions. It is desirable to have advanced consult with a doctor on the propriety and regularity of the procedures.

Space against the parasites

The methodology of the therapy bioresonance apply to the treatment of many infectious diseases. When the prostatitis instruments capable of creating a bio, you can have a disastrous impact on the pathogenic particles and rebuild the energy your own cells on the well-being of a process.

You can continue the treatment for the prostatitis, the help of the device Paracelsus. These devices are generally more expensive than devices. However, applying such a device allows not only to eliminate diseases urological, and for the treatment of many other diseases.


Any device designed for the treatment of prostatitis, can not be considered as the main or only therapeutic. The efficacy of such a treatment can only be achieved on the substance of the course, additional activities, and drugs appointed by the doctor after the investigation.