Treatment of prostate adenoma with the most effective folk remedies

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is shown only as part of complex therapy. The disease is benign, but there is always a risk of converting it to cancer. Therefore, it is unacceptable to rule out a medical or surgical solution without a thorough diagnosis. The most effective non-traditional remedies include pumpkin seed, bee and propolis therapy. Relief of the inflammatory process and the restoration of urinary function are facilitated by decoctions of wormwood, crustacean bark, castor oil.

Features of the disease

According to medical statistics, one in two men over the age of 50 sees a doctor with prostate problems. In most cases, the disease manifests itself with similar symptoms:

  • difficulty urinating;
  • slow flow with urine;
  • feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  • pain syndrome, accompanied by a burning sensation in the perineal region;
  • frequent need to use the bathroom at night.

It is important to know that when diagnosing adenoma, it is impossible to hope for an absolute cure only with folk remedies. Benign paraurethral hyperplasia is most often detected in men by the time they reach 40-50 years of age. BPH refers to age-related diseases, another medical term is prostate adenoma.

Experts say that herbs alone in stopping the pathological process with adenoma cannot be eliminated. The disease is recognized as dangerous and rapidly developing. From benign, under certain conditions, it can develop into malignant. The combination of medical and traditional methods of treatment allows you to achieve the most optimal result.

Treatment with folk remedies

It is necessary to treat prostatitis with folk remedies only after the approval of the attending physician. It is known that with a complex course of pathology, high-quality drug therapy is required. In particularly difficult cases, the patient may need surgery. You can shrink the prostate gland using suppositories and ointments made from natural ingredients, which are easy to make at home.

Antibiotics, warm-up, therapeutic exercises, prostate massage - this is a series of measures, after which it will be safe to use folk recipes. So you can be sure that there will be no complications. Along with home remedies, it is important not to forget about periodic hospital visits to diagnose prostatitis.

Herbal remedies

Treatment of prostatitis with non-traditional means avoids the risks of side effects. The most effective herbs to eliminate male health problems: hazelnut, celandine, caraway seeds, wormwood, parsley. Each plant must be prepared according to the appropriate recipe and taken regularly.

Infusion of hazelnut

You can prepare a hazelnut infusion using the bark or leaves of the plant. For the basic dose of the popular elixir, it is enough to take 1 tablespoon of raw materials in a glass of boiled water. It is best to prepare the hazelnut in a glass container with a tightly covered lid. It is recommended to filter after 30 minutes. Use the infusion in the treatment 4 times a day. Drink 50ml at a time.

Poplar bark has similar anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It is necessary to collect for cooking only the bark during the period of the onset of sap flow, when it has the most useful properties. Aspen bark can be infused with vodka. For 200 ml of alcoholic drink, 100 g of finely ground vegetable bark is required. Consume only after two weeks of infusion, 20 drops, diluted with water.

Absinthe decoction

A herbal decoction of wormwood is indicated for any diseases of the genital area for both men and women. Active components of the substance can eliminate the inflammatory and infectious process. Pre-chopped absinthe must be sieved through a fine sieve. It is recommended to take the herbal powder in case of acute pain syndrome. The parts of the plant left in the container will be useful for preparing the broth.

The active ingredients of absinthe, passing through the gastrointestinal tract, help to stop the spread of pathogens, eliminating the causative agents of most infections. Treatment of absinthe adenoma of the prostate occurs in several stages:

  1. At the initial stage, for 3 days, every 2, 5 hours it is necessary to take a teaspoon of dry powdered wormwood. It is necessary to drink the product only with boiled chilled water. You cannot skip taking the medicine even at night.
  2. For another 4 days, the composition of the medicine does not change, but at night it cannot be taken.
  3. Every day at night, in combination with the intake of wormwood inside, it is necessary to carry out micro-enemas. For 100 ml of boiling water, take 1 teaspoon of raw materials. Cool to 40 degrees, filter and use 50ml for insertion into the anus.
  4. The second part of the composition, 50 ml, must be injected directly into the urethra. Then, already on the 3-4th day, pus will begin to come out of the urethra. Treatment with douches and micro-enemas for 7 days.

According to patient reviews, an exacerbation of some chronic diseases is possible during the period of this treatment. Sometimes weakness, feeling of nausea, dizziness develops. Absinthe therapy is recommended as a preventive measure twice a year with a 2-3 month break.

Parsley therapy

Parsley not only helps stop the inflammatory process, but also restores sexual function. This plant has long been used in folk medicine to eliminate male health problems. Parsley juice contains a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. In 100 g of the mashed plant, 2 daily norms of provitamin A. Contains 4 times more vitamin C than lemon. Regular use improves the microflora of the pelvic organs and prevents the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Fresh squeezed juice from parsley should be taken before meals for 20 g. For the decoction of seeds, you need to take 4 teaspoons of raw materials, pour boiling water (200 ml) and boil for 15 minutes. Take 10 ml before main meals and in the evening. In the same way an infusion of caraway seeds is prepared. The association of phytotherapy with antibiotic treatment is not recommended.


Pumpkin seeds are very rich in zinc. These products are especially important for men over the age of 40. The daily intake of zinc is 30 seeds when consumed on an empty stomach. You can use a more original recipe with pumpkin seeds. It is necessary to peel them 500 g, and then twist them in a meat grinder. The product must be fresh, not fried. Otherwise, all the healing properties of the pumpkin will be lost.

The resulting mixture will require 200 g of natural honey. Mix everything well and form curative balls the size of a hazelnut. It is best to store the resulting product in the refrigerator. Before use, it is necessary to keep the balls at room temperature for 2-3 hours. Eating such a medicine is indicated before meals, in several pieces. The indicated proportions of the components will be required for a course. It is possible to eliminate the manifestations of chronic prostatitis at one stage of treatment.

Beekeeping products

It is recommended to treat chronic prostatitis, which cannot be eliminated with drugs, with natural honey. It is important to take into account the contraindications associated with individual intolerance to beekeeping products. Honey treatment is not recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus. For the whole course, you will need about 10 kg of natural flower or linden honey.

During the day, a man should consume at least 200 g of honey. The main condition is the rejection of sugar. It is proven to add honey to the usual sweet dishes. The most effective remedy is medicinal herbal tea with the addition of a beekeeping product. After a short time, urination is restored, bladder emptying occurs completely. The enlarged prostate gland is smaller than normal in size.

Honey with celandine

This recipe is allowed in the treatment only after the relief of acute inflammation of the prostate. It is necessary to boil 100 g of celandine in 700 ml of water for about 20 minutes. The slightly cooled product is filtered through a sieve and mixed with 500 g of natural wildflower honey. Store in a cool place, preferably in a glass container. For men, this composition is indicated before meals for 1 tbsp. It is allowed to use the plant for oral administration only after the end of treatment with any synthetic medicines.

In combination with celandine, healers recommend drinking a decoction of oats consisting of 100 g of cereals and 1 liter of water. Therapy with this broth is also three times, but 200 ml each. The course lasts 2 months with a 2-day break every 5 days of taking a decoction of oats. The first improvements arrive in two weeks. Those of the patients who took the whole course received a lasting result in the cure of the adenoma.

It is important to observe the minimum load regime, especially on the perineal area. Exercises on simulators and weight lifting are prohibited during this period. Also, with such a treatment, it is important to remember that celandine is a rather poisonous plant, so combining it with alcohol can provoke poisoning.

The benefits of bee worms and propolis

An alcoholic tincture and a decoction are obtained from the worm. This product has found wide application in traditional medicine. Therapy of prostate adenoma with the help of the podmore bee, according to patients, is one of the most effective methods. Prescriptions even help stop an abscess and its consequences for men's health. An important condition is that the course of treatment should be at least a month, twice a year.

Within two hours, a mixture of 0, 5 liters of water and 2 tbsp. L. podmore should be boiled over low heat. After cooling and filtering, the solution should be returned to the refrigerator. A single serving is one tablespoon before meals. You can make a tincture with any amount of podmore, which is filled with vodka or alcohol to the top level. It is recommended to insist on the obtained medicinal composition for at least 14 days. Take 1 tsp. even before each meal.

bee dead from prostatitis

Podmore bee allows you to quickly stop an abscess and eliminate its negative impact on men's health.

Alcohol tincture, however, like candles with propolis, can be purchased ready-made at the pharmacy. Healers advise to combine the reception of tincture on the submore bee with the use of candles. The latter can be made with your own hands from grated propolis and goat fat in proportions of 1: 5. Instead of candles, you can use cotton swabs soaked in fir and sea buckthorn oil. This treatment should last for 1 month, so a two-week break is important.

It was revealed that propolis, when used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, has an antibacterial effect. It revealed its high anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic efficacy on pathological changes in the pelvic organs in men.

It is proved that alcoholic tincture of propolis is used regularly in 40 drops with 100 ml of water. It is best to do this before meals. The course of using a single remedy is at least 1. 5 months.

Candles with honey

At home, candles for prostatitis are prepared on the basis of 1 egg, 1 tsp. honey and 3 tbsp. L. Rye flour. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed, obtaining the consistency of a thick dough. Shape into candles and place in the freezer for several hours.

If it is convenient for the patient, they should be applied in the morning and in the evening. With an active lifestyle, it is better to put only a candle at night. The optimal period for this treatment is 2 months. However, after the first 4 weeks, it is advisable to take a 10-day break.

sitz baths

When diagnosing prostate adenoma and prostatitis, the use of special baths has a unique healing effect. This method of treatment is effectively combined with the intake of synthetic drugs. The sitz bath blend consists of equal proportions of herbs:

  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • nettle;
  • plantain;
  • thyme;
  • fireweed;
  • Birch;
  • drug;
  • flax seed;
  • marsh oregano.

Chopped and thoroughly mixed herbs in the amount of 100 g are poured with 2 liters of boiling water. The entire mixture should be infused for at least 120 minutes and preferably in a thermos. The water for the procedure should not be warmer than 37-38 degrees. The duration of the procedure does not exceed half an hour.

Baths of a mixed composition of herbs can be alternated with baths with the addition of a decoction of oat straw. To prepare for the procedure, it is necessary to boil 200 g of fine straw in 5 liters of water. The filtered composition is poured into hot water. This therapy should not exceed 12 procedures.

Application of microclysters

For microenemas, a decoction consists of an equal amount of chamomile and sage. For 50 ml of the product it is necessary to add 15 drops of an alcoholic solution of propolis. The indicated proportions are suitable for applying a micro enema procedure, as a result of which it is possible to achieve an increase in the antibacterial and resorbing effect.

For 15 days, you can make micro-enemas in the rectum at night from Lubka powdered flowers. This herb is unique in its anesthetic effect. The plant (100 g), filled with 1 liter of olive oil, is infused for 14 days in a dark place. For 1/4 cup for the procedure, it is enough to take 1 tsp.

In a situation with inflammation and hypertrophy of the prostate gland, the use of toadflax is indicated. For 500 ml of boiling water, 20 g of grass is enough. 3 hours after the infusion, the solution can be filtered through a fine sieve. Due to the fact that the broth is quite poisonous, it is not recommended to use more than 120 ml per day. This amount should be divided into 3-4 equal portions. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Powdered flax flowers (40 g) should be mixed with 20 ml of medical alcohol. In a glass container, the agent is infused for about 4 hours. 10 tablespoons are added to the resulting composition. L. unsalted melted pork fat. Everything is thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath for 2-3 hours. Before use, the ointment is filtered while still warm. The cooled agent is used to treat the anus and perineum. With regular use, resorption of prostate cancer is noted. The same composition is prescribed to relieve itching with hemorrhoids and skin infections of the genital organs.