How to cure prostatitis: a course of treatment, a set of measures and the best remedy

The course of treatment of prostatitis, i. e. the complex of necessary procedures and the duration of their application, must be selected competently and individually by a specialist. But as a result, only the patient himself, on how clearly and carefully he will follow the doctor's recommendations, depends on the positive effect and timing of the cure.

Prostatitis itself is a more difficult problem for the patient than for the doctor, as this disease causes not only physical discomfort in the form of sharp pains and frequent urination, but also many psychological problems such as irritation, chronic fatigue, decreased libido or erections of deterioration. The latter is immediately identified by men with impotence.

The standard course of treatment for prostatitis includes:

  • removal of the symptoms of the disease, that is, the elimination of inflammation of the prostate and urethra, stagnant processes;
  • accurate diagnosis based on the results of laboratory tests to determine the root cause of the disease;
  • elimination of the root causes;
  • complex treatment of the established form of prostatitis (chronic, acute, congestive);
  • at the achievement of a persistent positive effect - the use of additional measures to prevent exacerbation / relapse of the disease.

The course of treatment for chronic prostatitis, which is still a serious problem for doctors, includes a wider range of measures and takes a long time, in contrast to the treatment of acute inflammation of the prostate. Chronic inflammation of the prostate gland requires a thoughtful approach, as it is very difficult to treat.

To achieve noticeable results in the treatment of the chronic form of the disease, it will be necessary not only to use various medical procedures for a period of 1, 5 to 3 months, but also a balanced diet, a partial revision of the patient's lifestyle.

How to cure prostatitis with just one remedy, even the best

man doing exercises for prostatitis

It is possible to cure prostatitis, in any form, but it is not always easy to do so. That is why it is necessary not only to try to remove the symptoms, but to ensure that the root causes of the disease are treated.

It should be noted that an important factor in the fight against the unpleasant and annoying symptoms of the disease will be the willpower and endurance of the patient, the help and support of his partner, a loved one.

Treatment of prostatitis is never divided, and the doctors themselves, in addition to official measures, recommend the use of traditional medicine.

To treat prostatitis, a combination of the following methods is used:

  • Pharmacological treatment;
  • traditional complex therapy;
  • baths, massages, micro-enemas;
  • folk recipes for the treatment of prostatitis;
  • balanced diet;
  • Physiotherapy.

Until now, no one can name the best remedy for prostatitis, although, according to most doctors, this is its primary prevention.


  • active and healthy lifestyle;
  • regular sports;
  • correct and nutritious food without excess of fatty, smoked, spicy foods;
  • moderate alcohol consumption;
  • timely treatment of all types of infectious diseases, including diseases of the oral cavity;
  • regular and orderly sex life;
  • prevention of blood stagnation in the small pelvis, which is facilitated by both sedentary work and constant constipation.

For men with chronic prostatitis, in addition to secondary prevention aimed at preventing exacerbations of the disease, regular observation (once every six months) by a urologist for timely detection and treatment of the disease will be the best remedy for prostatitis.