The prevention of prostatitis in men: basic rules

Any man, whose age is above 30 years of age, must not ignore the changes in the body as frequent urinate, unpleasant sensations in the area of the anus. Indeed, these are signs of prostatitis of the prostate. This is a serious disease. If you do not make a tribute to a treatment, it can cause serious complications. It is therefore very important to prevention of prostatitis in men.

the prevention of prostatitis

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The prevention of prostatitis includes a good nutrition. The man must drink a lot of liquid per day, the amount needs to be about 2 l. This will increase the volume of urine, which will eliminate the harmful bacteria. In the night, the man needs to consume about 3 million kcal. The body must receive animal fats and plant.

At home not eating products to protect themselves from prostatitis:

  1. The beef, the chicken, is not greasy fish dishes.
  2. Eggs. They will have a positive effect on the development of a secret.
  3. Varied dairy products. With its help, you can achieve the restoration of the intestinal flora, protect against constipation, which have adverse effects on the pelvic organs.
  4. Tomato. In their framework of a natural antioxidant – lycopene. It is necessary for the health of men.
  5. The cabbage of different varieties. She fights with the inflammation.
  6. Peas, beans.
  7. Navy the product. They are able to restore the health of the prostate gland after inflammation.
  8. A variety of nuts.
  9. Honey.

The power can become a powerful wizard for the prevention of the disease at home.

The prostate massage is one of the most effective methods, which has been fighting the stagnation in the pelvic region. With the help of a massage is not only the prevention of prostatitis, but treatment. For this, the doctor has an impact on the prostate finger plunging in the crotch. It increase blood circulation, expand blood vessels, strengthen the muscles.

After you have massaged best medication due to the fact that they are better penetrate into the fabric. For the result to be more visible, the procedure must be performed by a professional. Indeed, during the massage should be in a state of relaxation of the muscles of the perineum, which can't be done if you massage the prostate the most in the house.

folk remedies

Many men use medicines to protect themselves from the prostatitis. This method of prevention is by the application, because it does not need to spend energy and time. For this, it uses natural products.

There are some drugs that is most often used for preventive objectives.

This medication is associate with the group, which includes medicines to the regenerating action, relieve the inflammation. Thiotriazolin use to get rid of the symptoms of the disease, to proceed to its prevention.

This medication is a pill that covers the sheath. It is able to restore the function of the genitals, a positive impact on the erection. Its use, if one is accustomed to the urination, as well as preventive.

It is a natural remedy that produce tablets. They lead to a metabolism rate, remove the inflammation, the swelling of the prostate, eliminate the pain. These drugs are used to protect the body of prostatitis.

The drug protects the body against inflammation, infections. As these tools, Cernilton has a natural composition. For the treatment of prostatitis, the use of antibacterial drugs, and for objectives, it applies in a form of self-fund.

Folk remedies, such as the prevention of prostatitis

The prevention of prostatitis exercise and folk remedies. A variety of recipes, can help a man to maintain their health. They help protect the body against the development of prostatitis.

The prevention of folk remedies includes a multitude of recipes. Therefore, each man will be able to choose the method. Quite effective is a decoction prepared from the bark of the horse chestnut.

For this type of drug, you must in 500 ml of boiling water add 2 tablespoons of this component in the form of ground. After maceration for 24 hours, drink 1 tablespoon every day in the morning. The reception ends when the drug is complete.

Folk remedies do to prevent, but also treat the disease. For many of the recipes use the pollen from the flowers. In order to protect the body of prostatitis, it is recommended to consume 1 tablespoon each day of this component for a month. Is not forbidden to repeat the course. The main thing to do them a break of a month.

To not deal with the prostatitis, many men use a decoction of the seeds of persil. The seeds need 2 tablespoons of that are added in 500 ml of boiling water. All this needs to boil small fire, after which the mixture leave on the days of maceration. Every day worth making a few sips on an empty stomach in the morning.

Not to cope with the illness, can help the exercises for the prevention of prostatitis. Every day the pain of their implementation to protect the prostate of the disease.

For this, you can choose the exercises:

  1. Need to squat every day to 7-10 times.
  2. You have to sit on the floor, bend the knees. Then, you must try to begin to move to the aid of the buttock. This walk takes place during several minutes.
  3. Become a and start swinging the right leg. Each member is worth around 50 selected.
  4. You have to tilt the torso of 10-20 times in different directions.
  5. The benefits of exercise "Bike". His conduct during 7-10 minutes.

Such exercises for the prevention of prostatitis is easy to do. They will help to strengthen the muscles, improve blood circulation, which will have a positive impact on the health of the prostate. It is enough to provide every morning, a little time for the gym.

Therefore, prostatitis met many men. Rather, it is a dangerous disease which is not so easy to deal with. It is therefore worth protecting the body against diseases, using the prevention of the methodology.