Effective home treatments for prostatitis

methods of treatment of prostatitis at home

Prostatitis experts define an inflammatory lesion of the prostate. According to statistics, this pathology is detected in patients mainly 30 years of age and older. Pathology develops mainly against the background of stagnation in the low basal structures. In general, prostatitis is divided into infectious and non-infectious. Many men do not rush to the doctor, but look for methods on how to treat prostatitis at home. This is wrong, because prostate inflammation is already treated at home, you just need to go to the urologist, undergo an examination, after which the doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs that the patient can independently take according to the appropriate scheme.

Various forms of prostatitis therapy

Prostatitis has a different origin, so their approach to therapy is not the same.

  • Chronic inflammation of the prostate.In the treatment of chronic prostatic inflammation, it is imperative to avoid hypothermia, if the desire arises, you need to relieve yourself, you cannot tolerate it, you also need to prevent constipation and exercise in the morning. Doctors usually prescribe medications such as antibiotics, NSAIDs, and antidepressants.
  • The bacterial formdevelops as a result of the penetration of bacterial pathogenic microorganisms into the prostate. Comprehensive treatment of such inflammation involves the use of antibiotic agents (fluoroquinolones, macrolides or penicillins), NSAIDs, sedatives and α-blockers, and so on. Diet therapy is necessary with the rejection of fatty and smoked, spicy and pickled, salty and semi-finished products, coffee and soda, alcohol and canned food.
  • For acute prostatitistherapy should be performed immediately. Effective treatment of prostatitis at home with an acute nature of the pathology is prescribed by a doctor. It involves taking medications and balls from a mixture of honey and pumpkin seeds. When the acute condition is removed, massage procedures can be performed.
  • stagnant prostatitiscan be successfully treated at home. It is recommended, along with the prescribed medications, to take pumpkin seeds and black elderberry juice, a decoction of parsley seeds.

Treatment of prostatitis at home is quite possible, but preventive consultation with a urologist is still necessary to prevent an exacerbation of the pathology.

How to treat the prostate at home

how to treat prostatitis at home

A variety of remedies are used to quickly cure prostatitis at home. Complex therapy involves the use of drugs, as well as traditional medicine, including herbs and apitherapy, juices and lotions, baths. In addition to folk remedies, do not forget about therapeutic gymnastics, which, with the correct technique, helps to quickly eliminate inflammation of the prostate gland.

The form of the pathology directly affects the approach to the treatment of prostatitis in men at home. If the prostatitis is not bacterial, it proceeds in a chronic form and inflammations of bacterial origin can also have an acute course. Only after a urological consultation, together with a doctor, can you choose the most suitable treatment at home. Many experts recognize that there are quite effective folk remedies and home treatments for prostatitis, but it is better to use them as an additional help. They help fight prostatitis and speed up the patient's recovery.


Antibiotics are prescribed for patients with infectious bacterial prostatitis. These drugs are quite different, so you can choose a prostatitis cure for each patient. In addition, drugs are prescribed to eliminate swelling and spasms, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, as well as drugs that accelerate healing.

Prostatitis medications usually include not only drugs for internal use, but also topical agents such as suppositories and microclysters. Artificially synthesized or herbal suppositories can have antibacterial or anti-inflammatory activity. It is very convenient to use rectal suppositories for prostatitis. They are injected directly into the anus, bypassing the digestive system, so they cannot adversely affect the structures of the stomach and liver. Then the patient will be able to avoid the toxic effect.

medicines for the treatment of prostatitis at home

Prostatitis is treated equally effectively at home with microcyclists. You can use special pharmaceutical solutions or make an enema mixture yourself. Some drugs are also used in capsules or tablets. In addition, the treatment of prostatitis at home involves the use of hormonal and immunomodulatory drugs, muscle relaxants and α-blockers. Each drug has its own contraindications, so they must be taken strictly as prescribed by the urologist.

Medicinal infusions

Medicinal plant extracts help cure prostatitis at home. There are many useful recipes:

  1. Foliage and hazelnut bark.Raw materials must be prepared and left under the lid for one hour. Better to use the bark and foliage of young trees. We a large spoonful of chopped raw materials, just a glass of boiling water. The infusion is filtered and taken four times a day for ¼ of a glass. There is an opinion that after a week of taking this remedy, inflammation of the prostate gland can be treated at home.
  2. Aspen bark.To prepare this medicine, you need to harvest the bark from young poplar trees in early spring and dry it in the oven. Then one hundred grams of chopped bark is poured into 200 ml of vodka and stored for 2 weeks in a dark cabinet, shaking every day. Then the agent is filtered and taken twenty drops per 100 ml of water three times a day. The duration of admission can take several months.
  3. Ivan-tea.Pour a generous spoonful of chopped aromatic herbs with a glass of boiled water and insist under a tightly closed lid for forty minutes. The infusion is filtered and drunk three times a day, a large spoonful.
  4. medicinal herbs for the treatment of prostatitis
  5. Aloe and honey.It is necessary to grind a kilogram of aloe leaves older than 3-4 years and mix the mass with half a kilogram of honey, mix thoroughly. Then half a liter of dry red wine is added to the mixture and kept for 5 days in a dark cabinet. Take from an inflamed prostate at home for a month, a large spoonful several times a day.
  6. Taking ginseng tinctureis ​​another way to get rid of prostatitis at home. The root is poured with 50% alcohol and stored for at least two weeks. Ready tincture is taken daily, 20 drops. The remedy is contraindicated in sleep disorders and hypertension.

It is recommended to include these funds in the course of treatment of inflammatory pathology of the prostate at home as an additional therapeutic effect.

Broths for prostatitis

Therapy of prostatitis with drugs such as decoctions is effective. You can prepare a medicine from hazel branches. You need to take young, thin twigs, pour boiling water over them and boil for half an hour. A properly prepared potion will have a reddish brown tinge. The resulting liquid should be taken orally or used for a sitz bath.

Decoctions of herbs and other plant materials such as chestnuts are also useful. It is necessary to grind the fresh chestnut shells and boil them with boiling water, heat the container with the drink in the bath for half an hour, then cool and take the broth daily instead of tea. You can cure prostatitis and ripe chestnuts. It is necessary to grind the peel, pour three large spoons of the crushed raw materials with a glass of boiling water, then boil over low heat for 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to drink such a remedy in a large spoonful before meals.

Many are successfully treated with herbal remedies. For example, a decoction of a mixture of bearberry, birch leaves and yarrow. A large spoonful of the mixture is poured with boiling water and heated in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, then filtered and drunk 2 large spoons before meals. How to cure prostatitis if drugs cannot cope with the disease? It is necessary to help the body with decoctions of burdock root, horsetail or hawthorn, chamomile flowers.

Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds for the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds are considered to be one of the best ways to relieve inflammation in prostate tissues. This product is incredibly rich in zinc, which makes it so effective in anti-prostate therapy. Every day, men must eat at least 30 seeds before eating. This quantity of pumpkin seeds contains the daily dose of the element zinc, excellent for fighting prostate diseases.

It's okay to make a pumpkin dessert. To do this, peel half a kilogram of seeds and grind them with a blender until they turn into porridge. Then add 200 g of honey to the seed gruel. From the resulting mixture, you need to roll balls the size of a walnut and put them in the refrigerator. Every morning you need to eat two of these homemade sweets, but you don't have to swallow them with rhinestones, experts advise to melt them slowly. Such treatment perfectly helps to prevent prostate diseases, it is recommended to take it for the prevention of prostatitis and other glandular pathologies once a year for a month.

Juice therapy

When the prostate becomes inflamed, a specific therapy with juices perfectly alleviates the pathological symptoms. To make juices, you need to use tools such as a juicer and vegetables. When using freshly squeezed and natural juices, patients actively eliminate uric acid deposits, which helps to relieve the inflammatory process, as well as remove pathogenic microorganisms. The most curative and beneficial for the male prostate are:

  • Carrot and pumpkin juice mixed in equal proportions;
  • Elderberry drink, it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach for 10 days, 100 ml each;
  • Asparagus juice, to drink every day, 0, 5 l;
  • Vegetable juices from cucumbers, carrots or beets, which should be drunk every day, 0, 6 l;
  • Horseradish or fresh radish juice not only relieves the symptoms, but also prevents the development of prostate inflammation per day, you need to take 2 tablespoons of any of the juices.

As a result of consuming natural and freshly prepared juices, short-term hyperthermic reactions may occur, but after a couple of days everything will return to normal.


parsley for the treatment of prostatitis

How to relieve an attack of prostatitis? There are many tips on the benefits of parsley for men's health and numerous reviews confirm this fact. Regular consumption of parsley will help a man to maintain normal sexual functions and also prevents the development of prostate inflammation. Such a high therapeutic and prophylactic effect is due to the presence of a large amount of mineral and vitamin components in the composition of the spice plant. Already in one hundred grams of vegetables there are two daily doses of ascorbic acid and retinol.

How to cure prostatitis with parsley at home? You can include it in your diet, adding it to fresh vegetable salads. And some herbalists recommend making juice out of it. For a single dose, it is enough to squeeze a large spoonful of juice from the vegetables; it is necessary to take the drink three times a day before meals for half an hour. Also in anti-prostate treatment, you can use the seeds of the plant, grinding them to a dusty state. You need to take 4 tablespoons of seeds, grind them, pour boiling water (250 ml), boil over low heat for 15 minutes. The finished broth must be cooled, strained, take 5 r / d in a large spoon.

The parsley rhizome can be used as a first aid for exacerbation of prostatitis. You need to take two tablespoons of raw materials and grind, then pour a glass (0, 2 l) of boiling water. The mixture is covered with a lid, boiled for 10 minutes, cooled and filtered. You need to take a broth in 100 ml.

Garlic for prostatitis

Garlic has antioxidant properties, thanks to the presence of allicin and phytoncides, garlic effectively destroys bacterial microorganisms, which makes the treatment of prostatitis with garlic at home quite productive and effective. The presence of sulfur compounds in vegetables provides an antibiotic effect on inflammatory processes. Garlic also activates immune processes at the cellular level, increasing the body's resistance to prostate inflammation. In addition, the vegetable is a natural antiviral agent, so it does not allow infections to enter the male body and at the same time strengthens the immune system.

garlic for the treatment of prostatitis

Vegetable culture helps to improve vascular activity, prevents stagnant malignant phenomena, prevents the development of prostatitis. A garlic course usually takes a month and is based on the destruction of the infectious process. Due to the presence of phytoncides, the product effectively copes with pathogenic microbes. We treat the disease with the infusion, which is prepared from 400 ml of boiling water and 5 cloves of garlic. It is necessary to grind the cloves, fill them with boiled water and stand under the lid for 12 hours. It is necessary to take the infusion in a quarter of a glass before meals.


Propolis is incredibly useful in the treatment of prostatitis. How can you get it?

  • Rectal suppositories are made of bee glue.
  • It is necessary to pour 10 g of propolis with 30 ml of alcohol and insist 10 days, periodically shaking it.
  • When the infusion period is over, it is necessary to evaporate the mixture of propolis and alcohol on the fire until an alcohol-free brown liquid mass remains in the container.
  • Then add 20 g of butter and bring the mixture to a homogeneous mass in the bath.
  • Now all that remains is to form candles (10 pieces), which are wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the refrigerator.

Candle therapy is carried out for 20 days. It is necessary to insert a suppository into the anal passage at night. Then they take a 10-day break and then repeat the course of therapy again. Prostatitis, treated with propolis suppositories, usually disappears rather quickly and, with proper prevention, never returns.

Doctor's recommendations

Any urologist will warn the patient that before using any folk or home remedies, it is imperative to consult with him. This measure is necessary in order to understand what form of prostatitis the patient has developed, which drugs and home remedies are most effective.

Doctors do not deny that many plants are useful for prostatitis, because they have a healing effect on the male genitourinary system. Doctors for prostate inflammation recommend birch and St. John's wort, horsetail and cranberry, licorice, and a string. These plants, which is confirmed by the reviews, have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. And for the restoration of sexual functions, parsley and lemon balm, tansy and chamomile, cornflower and cinquefoil are useful.


In order not to look for home methods for the treatment of prostate inflammation, you need to take care of prevention. It is very useful for jogging, walking more and doing morning exercises. For review, you can watch the video, which exercises are better to do and how.

Hypothermia and colds should be avoided. It is better to sleep on a hard bed, and alcohol and cigarettes must be completely abandoned. If you have already had problems with acute prostatitis, you need to constantly monitor the regularity of bowel movements. Acute inflammation with timely therapy is completely cured, but when the disease begins, it becomes chronic, so the man is periodically worried about exacerbations and relapses. Therefore, it is necessary to treat prostatitis at the first hints of health problems, so the complications will not bother.