Effective treatment of chronic prostatitis

Effective treatment of prostatitis in men will be only if the man pays attention to all recommendations and the treatment is complete. Chronic prostatitis ranks first among the diseases of the reproductive system in men of reproductive age. A common cause of prostatitis are sexually transmitted pathogens. This disease has become "younger" every year and it is no longer surprising to meet a young boy with such a pathology.

Is it possible for men to get rid of chronic prostatitis?

Every man who has prostatitis is tormented by the question of the effectiveness of treatment, since this disease brings not only physical, but also moral discomfort. Most often, men suffering from prostatitis are depressed.

When seeking help from a urologist, the doctor tries to prescribe the correct treatment that suits your body, taking into account all the nuances and the presence of other chronic diseases.

For comprehensive treatment, conservative approaches such as:

should be included
  • Pharmacological treatment.In this case, drugs are prescribed to help get rid of chronic prostatitis.
  • Physiotherapy.It includes a series of exercises that a man should do regularly, even after recovery.
  • Manual therapywhich is considered an integral part of treatment. Contraindicated in bacterial prostatitis.

In order for the treatment of prostatitis to be effective, it is necessary to carry out research:

  1. Visit other specialists and get advice and recommendations. The following are considered mandatory: neuropsychiatrist, endocrinologist and cardiologist.
  2. Conduct a tomography of the brain to find that its functions, performance and structure are normal.
  3. Particular attention is paid to hormone levels, special tests are performed.
  4. An ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system is performed.

It is also worth considering that the disease can be asymptomatic or in remission. If this is observed, it is necessary to immediately seek the help of a specialist who knows how to properly treat prostatitis and which drugs it is best to prescribe.

The terms of treatment can be from a half moon or more, it will all depend on the stage of the disease at that time. All drugs prescribed for treatment tend to lower blood pressure in the genitals, and as a result, drugs that have a vasodilating effect are also prescribed.

What therapy to apply at home in case of chronic prostatitis?

In case of exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations prescribed by a specialist. It is imperative to spend more time in bed, completely eliminate any physical activity, give up alcohol and smoking.

After the exacerbation has ceased, the man has to decide for a long time on the daily routine and work schedule.

effective treatments for chronic prostatitis

To avoid recurrent exacerbations of chronic prostatitis, the following recommendations should be followed regularly:

  1. Men shouldn't experience hypothermia. In no case should you sit on a cool surface. Clothing should be worn loose and light so it doesn't squeeze the genitals anywhere, make sure it matches the season. An excellent way to treat chronic prostatitis is hardening, which should be done daily.
  2. Do not tolerate the urge to urinate. It is recommended to visit the bathroom every 3-4 hours, and this not only during the treatment.
  3. In sedentary work, men should take breaks and walk, warm up every two hours. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is necessary to retract the anus up to sixty times in one approach and do this exercise up to six times a day.
  4. Moderate physical activity in men, which helps treat prostatitis, not just with drugs.

    Prevents exacerbation of the disease and congestion of the pelvic organs. Men of any age should do morning exercises in their daily routine, as well as regular outdoor activities and daily walks.

  5. If you have prostatitis, you should give up cycling, equestrian sports and other traumatic activities.
  6. All men should have a regular sex life, which is also prescribed as a treatment. It works better than any medicine. The main thing is to exclude prolonged and interrupted intercourse.
  7. Avoid the blocks. In such a situation, it is necessary to urgently resort to taking laxative drugs.
  8. Men should completely refuse alcohol and tobacco.
  9. Treatment should include the complete elimination of stressful situations from life.
  10. It is imperative to visit a specialist at least twice a year, undergo a clinical and TRUS examination and take tests.

What drugs help with chronic prostatitis?

Bacteria and sexually transmitted infections are considered to be the main cause of this disease. They are able to infect the urethra and penetrate the tissues of the prostate gland.

For chronic prostatitis, the following drugs and preventive measures are prescribed:

treatment of chronic prostatitis with drugs
  1. Painkillers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken.
  2. Sedatives and antidepressants.
  3. Recovery of urine production thanks to diuretics.
  4. Douching is prescribed.
  5. Physiotherapy treatment.
  6. Targeted drugs - antibiotics.
  7. Surgery, indicated in case of narrowing of the urethra and prostatic abscesses.

The course of treatment of prostatitis with antibiotics can justify all expectations and last no more than two weeks, after which repeated tests are carried out and mainly in men there is a positive trend.

They are used because prostatitis is an infectious disease. Antibiotics only help if the doctor has chosen the right drug.

In addition, very often for this disease, the following forms of drugs can be offered:

  • Candles. They help anesthetize and disinfect.
  • Injections.

    They help to quickly penetrate the drug into the body and, in the shortest possible time, affect the inflammatory process. It stimulates the immune system.

  • Instillation. It is used only with an empty bladder.
  • Microclysters. Herbal infusions and decoctions are used. Be sure to use it with caution, especially if the body is prone to allergic reactions. Before use, be sure to consult a specialist.
  • Tablets that have a broad spectrum of action and are prescribed if the causative agent of the disease has been accurately identified. Such drugs can be divided into three groups: tetracycline, penicillin, fluoroquinols.

Any disease, including chronic prostatitis, can be cured, you just need to choose the right treatment and drugs that will have a positive effect on the prostate gland.