The experience of using ProstEro

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Max to the city of Sofia (Bulgaria).

ProstEro - Good help

Take the medication strictly according to instructions - 2 times a day for half an hour before meals. The taste is tolerable, to swallow, you can. The improvement is apparent almost immediately, I've already got the next day noticed that the pain during a hike in the toilet has decreased. Progress made during the first week was crazy with pain when urinating, pulling pain in the groin. The box I killed 10 days, ordered 3. During treatment a month, but I find myself with 2 months of saws of the capsule to the trust. The pain is no longer there, in the toilet I walk as normal, several times a day, the night in general don't feel the recommend. This capsule has helped me better than all the medicines I was taking before.

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Andrey from the city of Paris (France).

Past the symptoms of prostatitis after taking ProstEro

Started taking capsules ProstEro as recommended, three times daily, 30 minutes before meals. In the first 3 days, no effect has not felt. Probably, it is because my case is especially launched. Pain during urination almost became permanent to my companions. Could for a night of five times of getting up in the toilet, it is quite tiring. Sometimes appeared a burning sensation, but rarely. The first significant improvement came after 10 days of taking the drug. Further has gone crescendo, better and better. Take the medicine as expected, thirty days. Now suffered all of the symptoms, as it is unusual. Normally I go to the toilet very often. And became to enhance the personal life, for that a big thank you.

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Sergey from the city of Minsk (Belarus).

ProstEro - Using, do not improvise and do the instructions

The drops I went on the good - neutral taste, and, more generally, the liquid form of the medication, I have more confidence. To the capsules are welcomed with the greatest caution. At the beginning, I, of course took, but then decided to abandon them - had concerns for the health of the stomach, at least in the statement, and it is written that the additive is harmless. The progress began to move more slowly - though for the first week built up from the reception I got rid of the acute pain during urination, a 2-week, almost nothing has happened, is that the hike to the toilet have become more rare. In general, to receive the capsules had to go back. Again the case is well past. After 20 days of the receipt, I noticed that the night doesn't get up as if 1-2 times, but it is, I think, the norm.

Packs on the month, I didn't have enough. Had to take of the packaging. The medication is taken 45 days, until all symptoms of the disease cannot be removed. In general, everything had to happen for a month, but apparently affected my appreciation for the topic of the week of the refusal of capsules, so that the need to drink in a comprehensive manner, as recommended by the manufacturer, and the initiative here may not lead to anything, only the recovery of a reporter. It took 3 months of life in good health. There are doubts on the account of what the disease has left me, that is why I want to repeat the treatment the next month.

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Peter from the city of Berlin (Germany).

Heal the prostate in just one month.

In recent years prostatitis have simply tortured, and passed into the chronic form. Of his own stupidity first launched, and now I suffer, began to suffer from the sexual life. And me only 40, a little too early at the intimate peace of from. Honestly, I will say that the capsules attracted me to his name, which speaks for itself. The idea and the prostatitis to move on, and the power of the recovery. My experience has shown that the name matches the reality. Natural medicine is not simple, removes the symptoms, but does not correct the cause of the disease, has strong anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effect. The strongest attacks of the pain went away for the time being, after the start of reception appeared less and less, and in a month, have disappeared altogether. In the toilet I'm fine, do not feel any difficulty, recommend. Finally lost the unpleasant sensation of not completely empty the bladder, as if insinuations whatsoever. In a single box of 20 capsules for a month, it took me 4 of the packaging. Each I tried to drink as much water as possible, in order to maximize the overclock the metabolism and improve the absorption of the components. I can say that in a month I recovered. This is the same confirmed by tests.

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Markus to the city of Zurich (Switzerland).

Choked capsules ProstErobut the effect of the sentence

The drug ProstEro full. I've been busy packing, white in color inside of a package with capsules. Bent by the force of their take because the taste was very unpleasant. Me easier to swallow a few rowdy capsules, swallow the bitterness, but the course provides for the use of the drug in its two types, so I resigned. I would not say that just super effect, but a positive dynamic has manifested itself almost immediately. On the first day of the reception of the pain dulled, for me, it is easier, but noticeable positive effect of the summer in the middle of 2 weeks or 10 days. I felt that if the tension on the lumbar, the pain does not give in the groin, and colic between the legs have disappeared, the decrease in burning sensations. Because I went to the amendment, he decided to take the risk and have sex with the wife. To my surprise, the pain was not, and erections although was low (assigned to my excitement), but persevered until the end of the close.

The analysis of me also applauded: the inflammation is released, the dimensions of the prostate have begun to decrease. After the healing has taken the decision to repeat the treatment regularly.

The experience of using ProstEro sent by Urs to the city of Geneva (Switzerland).

ProstEro of prostatitis help!

Already in the 26, I met with his problems in the form of frequent trips to the toilet, which are accompanied by pain in the groin. At the beginning of the fishing on the green tea, which I myself am often spoiled, seized, has not helped. Began to abstain from the excess water, but the problems do not disappear. Only to the doctor, I learned that it has acquired virtually in the course of execution, the form of the prostatitis. Was in a state of shock, but do something that you need.

Ordered the medicine ProstEro in the capsules. Taken 2 times before meals, usually before breakfast and dinner. The effect is felt within 2 weeks, and even then, the number of excursions has not decreased, but the pain is much lower. On the 4-th week of the capsule is completed, so I had to order a bottle. Only at the end of the second month, I felt a complete relief. The drops of bitter on the taste, the price is high enough, the result came a lot later than I promised, however, the prostatitis, I am healed, I can now sleep at ease and relaxed, so, in general, capsules ProstEro satisfied.